How To Be Sexually Empowered Featuring Duchess Bune

Dutchess Bune — Feminine Spirit of Money, Femininity, and Seduction. The Duchess (as I call her often), is very much an Aristocratic spirit in the Daemonic Hierarchy, and appears to me as a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL lady of Arabian Descent with a green top (or dress?), deep kohl lined eyes and seductive rose perfume.

Most people mistake Pornography and having excessive amounts of empty, useless sex — as “sexual empowerment”.

The pendulum has swung so hard for most people (has been swung, not naturally, mind you), that the average person without realising it or not, is hooked on Pornography and smutty material, completely disconnected from Divine Pleasure. The Duchess is huge on empowering ladies to walk with their femininity, however she has a lot to say about men equally. Herself, and King Clauneck — Daemonic King of Money and Value, often remark; that this world has been destroyed (especially the men) through pornography and the break down (systematically, of course!) of the family unit. Sex has now become “fun” instead of pleasurable, because most people are spiritually empty husks having sex and sharing their dead body with practically anyone.

Sexual empowerment is seen as something that has been mistaken for whoredom. In other realms, especially the Daemonic realm, Duchess says that they are big on having sex and it doesn’t have side effects the way it does for Humans. Sleeping around with countless people, and using all types of colourful, strange sex toys — does not make you “liberated”, sadly to most people’s dismay. Sexual empowerment is effortlessly focused on feeling inside your own body and most importantly, feeling safe. Men and Women, alike; have little to no knowledge about what they truly enjoy because they are implanted with programming from a young age about what to enjoy through pornography. Pornography is an industry that does it’s absolute best to degrade and dehumanize women, participates in human, organ, and sex trafficking, heaving in sludge evil demonic energy (low level djinn and low level dirty spirits) as well as copious amounts of alcohol and drug abuse.

Genuine empowerment in the Sexual arena, is the ability to dare and be willing to be seen by your partner; something too terrifying for most people.

It is very easy to take your clothes off and have sex when you are disconnected because the only place that’s feeling anything is your root chakra. The rest? Everything is numbed out and shut off. Most people have sex because they are depressed, lonely, and bored. Less horny as much as it is a time filler. As an adept in Sexual Magick and the Sexual Arts, I choose not to teach sections on it publicly on Spartanite, because Sexual Empowerment is tied to the Divine and most have become so numb and disconnected– it is impossible to share the beauty and reverence of it. This beauty is NOT what religion teaches. Religion teaches abstinence and celibacy, as hallmarks of shame and repression; although it has the right idea in mind. Sexual energy is free flowing like money, and natural.

Dress attractively, however be conscious of the message you send to others (yes, includes men reading this as well).

Ask yourself when you want to have sex — “what are my TRUE motivations?“. Sex without Love, is an empty bottle of wine.  For both genders. The only thing that looks from the outside, is the illusion that wine exists in the bottle. True loving sex is intoxicating, and fills you up. It makes you feel worthy, loved, and whole. Most sex of today is empty, numb, draining, and depression inducing. There are many women who go into the sex worker industries to reclaim their power (so to speak), only to realise that they are simply projecting the shame wound in a 180 degree fashion. By this, I mean; they choose to enter a world where they can use empty sex to further numb the pain that things such as rape, dehumanization, trafficking, abuse, molestation, defilement, and trauma have caused.

Duchess Bune speaks much on Sex being a power game (which it absolutely is). Most people sleep around because they are desperately trying to fill up a hole (pun not intended) inside their heart and soul, that only working on themselves at a core level, will heal. The age old problem, of not feeling worthy and beautiful, affects all women to a degree ; and a man finding you attractive and making a move on you; is very flattering and complimentary. It proves your attractiveness to both a man in your presence, as well as most importantly; to yourself. That level of surface level flattery, can fill up the wounds of abandonment, sadness, and betrayal that you never received growing up. The earth shattering power of sex, and sexual pleasure; is known innately by all humans, yet few have access to it any longer.

You cannot have the sex you truly desire, when you do not show up the way you are meant to show up. Dressing sexy (especially for women), is energetic and less about the clothes you wear. Surely, wear something appealing but the energetic resonance speaks volumes. Duchess Bune has often reminded me that both men and women are attracted to the magnetism that genuine sexual charm gives off, as opposed to what men and women think attracts each other. So many men sleep with women, go through the motions but their heart isn’t truly THERE. Despite what many women may think, men are aroused by natural seductive charm, and SIMPLICITY. Many women have simply forgot to be simple.

By simple, I mean, BEING THEMSELVES.

We live in a miserable fake world where many women have become mean, catty, and bitchy. Men see this as an easy lay and yearn for a woman where they can expand themselves to. If a woman emotionally stimulates a man and his desire to lead and be masculine, the sex will be the type of sex that is wholesome, loving, and INTENSE.

Our Sexual Magnetism Bracelet and Sexual Magnetism Rituals, are ideal for releasing the more authentic to rise to the surface, so someone likes you for YOU. When that happens, like a battery voltage, sexual energy simply flows and people around you feel it.

Sexual empowerment is calm, graceful, masterful, purposeful, and raw; when it needs to be.

” True Sex is a gateway to another world. Sex is life changing. Sex is POWER” — Duchess Bune

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