What Is Success Consciousness Featuring Clauneck

In most Metaphysical circles, Prosperity and/or Wealth Consciousness, is seen as something that is very commonly used. Because anything that you have consciousness on, is what you end up manifesting. Good or Bad.

I had someone ask me just a few hours ago “Will I ever find happiness?”. I replied “I don’t know. Do you want to be happy? Sounds like you enjoy your sob-stories and victim lifestyle a bit too much, to discover happiness.”. It made me think of Success Consciousness and how the MODELS of it, seem very few and far in between in poverty consciousness households, due to one thing and one thing only.


In my book, WINNING — Channeled lovingly by Clauneck himself, one of the first things I got was that when someone is based in Survival, they cannot prosper. When all you can think of your next meal, and where you’ll pay your bills from, trust me — Success is the LAST thing you think about. I know this with experience. With that said, let us explore WHAT Success Consciousness, actually is.

Your THOUGHTS have to be fixed on Success. 

Speaking with a client earlier on, I mentioned to her that for every Solution, some sorry ass loser ALWAYS seems to have a problem.

Got a new fancy dress? — What if the seams tear apart?

Won the lottery ? What if someone steals the money?

So on and so forth — to the point, I will get bored tuning into Negative TV, because my mind doesn’t live there. Success CONSCIOUSNESS, is about EXPANSION, GRATITUDE, AND OPPORTUNITIES. There is nothing that bugs people more than money, because with money comes control over your life, comes freedom, comes expansion, and comes (my favourite!) — DETACHMENT.

When you’re way too obsessed with a sale, a job, a whatever (how most women behave with men — Stage 5 clinger + needy), it just runs. Success Consciousness teaches One to observe the PORTALS, from which opportunities flow in, something that I have honed and maximised through the Arabian Money Magickal Box. Although I name it “money box” — what I really should be naming it is OPPORTUNITY BOX. Success Consciousness, is about seeing opportunity and value, where it exists and jumping on it. Most people, as Clauneck always says — sort of, kind of, ish want Success. That is not how the money realms work.

You make a firm decision on “Yes, I am going to be wealthy because X reason” and you stick with it. If it is important to you, you ALWAYS find a way. Even in the dead of the night, you will find the money, find the time, find the resources and push forward. If not, like most people — you will find excuses and then pop up with snide, bitchy, and whiny comments 15 years down the line when you realise that all you have done, is chase your own tail.

People often struggle with not being Successful, because the only person they take advice from, is THEMSELVES.

Their inflated ego, won’t allow them to move any further to reach out for true assistance, because they see it as a disservice to that bloated, inflated “I know it all ego”. Most CHRONICALLY  broke people always mysteriously have money for their phone, for their electronics, for eating out, for their conveniences (hair, makeup, nails) and that’s why Success Consciousness, is OUT OF REACH FOR THEM. They would sell a kidney for the useless addictions they have, and as Voltaire aptly stated “Fools revere their chains”. Wiser words, have not been spoken.

Let me make this clear. I have been broke, before. I KNOW what broke, feels, looks, and speaks like. I know what it tastes like. I am not talking having money to cover essentials. I am talking lying in bed at night thinking “It’s time I found a shelter, because I have no where to live because I have no money.” I refused to accept it into my reality even when I felt there was NO HOPE in the world, after what I have had to endure. If you’re TRULY DETERMINED to break the chains, you will take the rare opportunity when it comes by you, with all your LIFE and jump on it. Honestly, it may be the only saving grace you have.

Clauneck has always reminded me on the power of FOCUS, as Success Consciousness and Wealth Fortunas, always asks of us undulated concentration, on the task at hand.

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