A New World : Drinking From The Poison Chalice For Empowerment

“When the tides turn, you have to remember — poison, is a good thing, my child. Learn to love it’s venom as an antidote to your life and not as a threat” — Arachnidia Lilith (also known as Ama or AKKAWBISHIA Lilith).


Without little surprise, in the last few weeks, I certainly don’t have to go into detail about the entire world shutting up shop and becoming something that people only would imagine in their little far away fantasy land.


Until reality knocks on their door, and they answered, seeing the seductive gaze that once seen, can never be forgotten. What can I say, life comes at you fast and hard when you walk around in a daydream.


Except this seduction was not here for consent, it was here to enslave.


Man is always so perfectly enslaved, when he knows so little of his own weaknesses, chinks in the armour, and the way he can easily be enslaved whilst relishing whatever few freedoms he is given to shut him up.


The Poison chalice does not mean that you are hurting yourself. It means that you are able to rip through the fabric of TIME itself, to curate something that any sane minded person, would tell you is IMPOSSIBLE.


The poison you drink in the chalice, is where your illusions are poisoned. The poison you consume, is the TRUTH. 


Insanity is Wisdom, and Death; is Life. 


You are going to have many liberties and freedoms stolen away from you in this period of manufactured mass hysteria, fear, and panic — because when someone moves from a place of fear, they will consent to ANYTHING without doing their homework on it. So what does your new world actually involve, we should ask?


Many religions and movements, encourage you to repress your shadow.




They suppress the primordial power of living bold and free within you. They trap you behind dogma, nonsensical rules, and red tape bureaucracy that limits and constricts the SPIRIT from it’s real EXPRESSION. The Wisdom of the Qlipha has always taught us that where there is mass suppression of movement and thought, there is blind obedience and allegiance. When you drink the poison, it inflames all the lies that reside within you and casts them out. It ignites all your self-sabotaging beliefs that you struggle with in the pit of the 2 a.m darkness when man is nothing but by himself, to confront the worst of his own insanity. And this is why Insanity, is Wisdom. Because you have to become COMFORTABLE with accepting your own psychosis and use it to further yourself.


The darkness is SUCH a hidden LIGHT, hence it is brighter than what we as people deem “normal light” and thus considered as darkness. This is a mouthful statement and some things aren’t meant to be explained, they are meant to be accepted and actualised as IS.


So what happens next?


People who were on a timeline of comfort and hiding, are going to have the poison poured down their throat. Now, poison often does kill which is why I have a habit of looking at old apothecary bottles that were used to house and store poison. Their midnight blue, so beautiful, so rich, so intense. So deadly. Intoxicating and spell-binding, might I add. I often wonder how long it takes for the poison to rip the unsuspecting body apart and in grandeur fashion(s). In the metaphysical sense, consuming the poison will mean these people now have to WAKE UP AND FACE that they do not KNOW who they are, their money, their future, and henceforth–their sanity, is in jeopardy. They were UNWILLING to learn before shit hit the fan, and now it has — what happens? Most will simply be swept away into a system that already has locked their entire soul down from escape, meaning that they will not be able to re-route their journey and drive into the abyss and the cliff upon from which they can never be “normal” again.


But what is normal, you may ask?


Madness is normality. Learning to create stability out of utter carnage and chaos, will be people’s new normal. Empowerment, is a POWERFUL concept based on the threads of POWER and MIGHT. The modern empowerment, is a buzzword; often used by people desperate to indulge in a modicum whereby the weak eat the weaker. If someone cannot take care of their life and cannot handle a crisis situation without acting like an idiot, it is safe to say empowered isn’t the word we should be using for them.


Real empowerment drank from the chalice that contains the elixir of LIFE, is bitter, scary, frightening, and disgusting. It is horrific and it isn’t recommended for the weak and faint-hearted, a consciousness within which most of the human population, resides.


When nothing learns to amuse, shock, frighten, or bother you in this world — empowerment will be yours. And you will be FREE in a way that no amount of fabricated freedom, can ever provide you.


The real question is;


The truth you consume will always protect, love, and, defend you. But are you willing to face it by facing yourself?


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