So, this is a request post that TONNES of people have been hitting me up for. For being patient, muchas gracias 🙂


Disclaimer : My blogs do not start with “5 Ways to Wealth” or other boring and redundant concepts that people use to grab interest to sell people or whatever.  Spartanite is an AQUARIAN platform for the TRUTH and for HUMANITY and is fully modelled after it’s creatrix — which is myself. It is my great fortune that I have created a life for myself by creating LIVES FOR OTHERS. Thank you for allowing me to transform your life in whichever way you deem and seem fit.


At this present time, I have been assessing what the hell they want to do with us, as humans, and the planet and spending time meditating, working out, working, and of course — YOGA! I have been thinking tremendously of how to serve you guys best and what will be required from me, to assist and get people into a POWERFUL state of mind during these dangerous times that we foresee ahead. As I mentioned many blogs back, we are in the LAST decade of having somewhat functional sane humanity, and after 2030, EVERYTHING is up for grabs. I mean, everything. People are going to wake up one day and not even remember what it is to be human anymore. In my opinion, we have few real humans left anymore, apparently that number is going to dwindle down even more.


On that note…




Okay firstly, I am talking to ALL the Empaths, Intuitives, and Clairsentients. Which means I am addressing NORMAL humans here.


Normal functioning humans have STRONG intuition and are by nature, sensitive. If you laugh at someone being emotionally sensitive and feeling with their heart, you’re a psychopath and/or narcissistic, and not needed or wanted here. LEAVE. Before you are simply forced to.


What you are currently witnessing is a COMPLETE rearrangement of the world as you know it, and plugging into a virtual “reality” to break whatever last threads of humanity, remain. This is a cover up for Fifth Generation, as I mentioned a few posts back, something that is simply going to push and bully it’s way into people’s lives through the auric grid and Torus fields. You are going to see a SPIKE in cancer rates and quick deaths because the human body in it’s current weakened state, is simply not going to be able to cope with the 60Hz upon which this thing is vibrating at. Add that with economic pressure, and them glorifying suicide— Now, the goal is to use this energy to ANCHOR non-human intelligence to invite them into the planet, hence putting the entire human race at threat. I am not here to discuss if this is true or not, if you, by this point haven’t done your own research, nothing I say can help you. STAY ASLEEP. I write for those who want to understand the THREAT to our race and everything we can do to mitigate this horrendous damage that begins with the WATER SUPPLY.


They have already done a fine job of destruction of people through technology (think of Black Mirror on Netflix etc). I don’t know what the fuck it’s about for the most part and nor do I care but what deeply and utterly disturbs me that to summon certain spirits, you NEED a black mirror or one that is spray painted black. Given ALL screens are portals and black mirrors in essence, when they are not being used, the question begs to be asked — “what exactly has access to YOU in your OWN HOME?”


(answers on a postcard…)


All dis-ease has a frequency. I have spoken about this till the cows come home on my YouTube Channel. When you are ABOVE that frequency, it simply cannot correspond with you. Right now, every human being’s mind, is being scrambled. I channeled Duchess Bune 3 nights back and it took me a full 5 minutes to fall into channel. Falling into channel means, summoning the spirit, and then allowing them to speak through you and you can chat, have a conversation, ask questions etc. It is healthy, safe, and fine– anyone can do it, as long as your pineal gland and psychic connectivity is open. Sort of a bit like your phone connecting to the local WiFi with the right password. Stop letting what you know about the Other World through the media scare you. Spirituality is your birthright, keep amplifying it and using it.


Normally, I can do it in 30 seconds FLAT. It took me repeated chants and my logical mind still kept wandering off and the connection was hazy. I had to simply force my eyes closed and just allow myself to speak the words she was saying and record to write them down. She had a tonne to say about what is happening currently and how this entire thing has been planned to steal the remaining liberties that people have, and people are simply and easily manipulated as I discuss on this blog many times. The strain was created in 3 underground labs across the globe in 3 remote locations, one in the US, one of the coast of East Africa, and one in the Indian Ocean and has been developed over the last 24 months. I am not allowed to go into any more details about this because this is a public platform and some of the content she states will make normal people throw up (who don’t know what goes on behind closed doors), should I make it available to the general public.  So I’ll just save it.










Part of it, is also deliberate economic damage. Watch the movie contagion released in 2011, and make your own conclusions of this.


Considering most people are very sick and ill, at an energy level — it comes as no surprise that nothing spreads faster than fear ever will. Your fear is a delicious treat for them. It is called LOOSH, lower chakra energies that you give off when the body is paralysed in fear. Right now, the more fear that will fill this world, the EASIER it is for them to carry out the Fifth Generation job. So what I want you to do, is keep an IRON RING around your mentality. Allow yourself to feel concern or stress but do not allow it to translate into fear.


Bune states all functioning humans have a very delicious frequency if their aura is healthy or clean for the “beings”. This is why I want to step up very aggressive ritualistic measures as your actual life insurance policy for PROTECTION of this auric field. Although Aura Cleanses help a tonne in this area, the Wisdom of the Qlipha (which I will cover soon) and working with Arachnidia Lilith, the ORIGINAL Spider Goddess, taught me that once they can hook into your energy field, you’re toast. It was my misconception that it is only djinns that can possess humans, turns out it’s a whole lot more that is incoming. Sealing the energy body means that you’re less likely to be attacked and further more, even the effects of SCALAR will be reduced on you. There is a very old Youtube Vid I made, of “time is not linear, it is planar”. I still stand by this. Planar Engineering can revamp someone’s life for good or bad, depending on the intentions of the operator. This type of Occult Engineering will NEVER be spoken about publically because it is part of the code of ILM AL GHAIB (Arabic for KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNSEEN/HIDDEN). Unseen meaning the Spirit World.


So you can expect all types of weird shit going down in your body. Colds, headaches, aching muscles, joints lagging up, tiredness, fatigued mind and many other things. When Fifth Gen was first being trialed in my area 2 years ago, I knew many accidents would happen and I would get pounding headaches. They were trying to hide it back then, now they have got all the sheep on board by forcing people to think that they want “faster broadband”. I remember knowing cars would crash. One night, a car ran into the house opposite me on the street, someone died on the spot. I knew 5G had started it’s lunacy. This planet is going to become a grid soon, and we are in the ELIMINATION ROUND AT PRESENT.


My Spirits who serve ME, call it the elimination round for a reason.


I trust and hope you will understand exactly what I mean.


If there was ever a time for you to step up your spiritual immunity, do it NOW and do it FAST. You’re not going to have much time left in the months and years ahead.


Soon the petty squabbles of one human not liking another due to their race, religion, whatever — is all going to be DEAD in the face of what we’re really up against. No one cares if you don’t like someone’s faith, their religion, their background, their race, NO ONE. Keep that bullshit to yourself. By this point, it is imperative to work as HUMANS and as a COLLECTIVE. I often feel nervous based on what I know and I know how fast it is going to come for people. The best thing I can do is share what I am allowed to share and mobilize the few people who have independent thinking anymore, before the explosive hits 00.00 and we see everything in flames and pieces.


I am being called to offer as MUCH immunity possible to those who desire immunity and aren’t arrogant enough to think that this doesn’t exist. Some people come and read my blogs for entertainment because occult work is seen as “amusing” or “funny”. There is nothing entertaining about working with the unseen and this doesn’t apply for you. You can keep visiting my blog and amusing yourself and your family into the worst kill grid humanity will have ever seen. Don’t let me stop you from your own stupidity. People are going to drop like flies. I want to educate and save as many as I can who are WILLING TO LISTEN.


Arrogance is a terrible thing in a person and they will simply have to pay their own individual prices for it. This is something I don’t care for. Spartanite Immunity comes in the form of education, empowerment, emboldenment and strong magickal work to keep strengthening your IRON RING. It doesn’t behoove or excite me to write these posts for anyone to read. It makes me sad and angry what the hell of a hole, this world has been turned into with the CONSENT of “humans” who have lost every fucking damn inch of their sense and mind due to psychotropic conditioning and frequencies that have turned you into a zombie. If you truly KNEW what had been DONE TO YOU as a person, you would feel rage beyond comprehension. But rage is a far cry for the neutered and the walking dead.


You have to feel something to feel rage in the first place. Most people are simply incapable of feeling any authentic emotion anymore.


One of the major topics I will be covering is FINANCIAL IMMUNITY and navigating those cold, dark waters that threaten to wash over all of us.


The hunt has began and you will only survive if you’re ANTIFRAGILE.


You just have to be disinterested to lose.