Asking for help, real help (that is), is a catch 22 situation.


Considering I scribe my blogs for people who possess PERSONAL means of power, power that this useless world tries to shame you out of, asking for help becomes a real nightmare. The common person refuses to ask for help, because in the regular world; when you ask for help, you are considered weak, dumb, stupid, and, shamed.


Furthermore, when you seek out assistance, it seems to be a smorgasbord of slick salesy “GOOROOS” telling you how and where to live, because God Forbid anymore works out that their scam (ahem, business), is just that. Talking. The internet is filled with such nonsense.


I have come across many people in my travels and life. They have needed real help. Real guidance. Real advice. A real person to talk to. But we live in a world of mind-controlled robots (and will be even worse in the years to come), so pedestrian advice works for the average person. They use the plaster/band-aid ontop of the wound and Bobs your uncle — we’re done…




We live in a world where there seems to be some quick fix solution for everything. Plenty of people have nothing but greed in their heart, and so their actual businesses reflect the state of their heart. Just that. Greed and Avarice. They wish to fund a specific life, so the business becomes the transitory vehicle through which the money flows. In this state, money simply becomes abusive in nature. It is a tool to impose, control, and, dominate with.


When you have REAL problems, you require REAL help. 

Real help is not only costly, it is next to impossible to find.


There are situations I have had in my life that required me to put ALL my pride ASIDE, to receive the help.  I didn’t care what I felt, how ashamed and confused I was, how vulnerable and crazy I felt — I opened my mouth and poured out everything because my life is worth more than my pride. Due to that, I have what I do today. I was willing to tell people I missed them even when they left me on read, blocked me, rejected me. Willing to tell people “Hey, I can’t do it all at one go, do you have payment plans?”. Willing to say “I am too broken to even show up for our call today, can I reschedule?”. Willing to accept that some days were just bad days, but it wasn’t a bad life. I was willing to be something most people cannot dream of, and that is being REAL AND HONEST with not only others, but with MYSELF.

 People’s ego is one hell of a drug. They would rather be RIGHT in ALL of their wrongs and I have learned over the years not to interrupt the desire to feel right.

People will bring a knife to your table when you challenge all their nonsense they hold closest to themselves. The truth isn’t sweet and lovely to hear. I have often found myself agreeing to disagree because I literally couldn’t be bothered to explain why someone is wrong as trying to tell someone, anyone (including myself!) that, requires an advanced set of open-mindedness and cognition. People these days are ready to fight you on anything, so why bother? I had a client who asked me how I “find clients” and to which I replied “LOL. I don’t. People feel alignment with the message Spartanite shares and approach me if they feel I can help them. I don’t go out finding anything, it finds me — and I mean that for everything. ”

It is akin of going to a neurosurgeon and telling them how and where to operate. The ego likes to make you feel important and special and due to these invisible blocks to protect that “righteousness” that you have so deliberately created where you feel that you have to cling onto your fake identity. I advise people NOT to come to me if they are looking to hear their own thoughts but in Nadia’s voice, it’s a waste of time. I don’t deal with ASKHOLES and never give guidance unless people have come and paid me for it directly.

 There is healthy pride where you’re in a good place over your life achievements and your character, and there is being egotistical. No matter how damn great YOU think you are, — you don’t know everything, no man is an island and people need each other for different reasons. You can sit your arrogance right back down and let it take SEVERAL seats. Yes, your experience may lend you a different set of requirements but the desire is always the same. Getting out of your OWN way, so that you’re able to receive help, is imperative. You can do what you’ve always done and sit in the bullshit problem you have, or you can stretch your mind and allow yourself to walk a path you have never trodden on before and see your life unfold.

 So why does this happen?

 People are RISK AVERSE. Only the boring love playing it safe, because they already know they have nothing to live for. Nothing that makes them feel alive, on edge, and, present. Being risk averse is the MOST dangerous disease on the planet. Risk taking is FUN and calculated risk, is what a JOY filled life is made of!

 Yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable and challenge you.

That, exactly will be the point. How else do you grow?

Oh yes, that’s why most don’t. They’d rather be right in all their wrongs than admit they don’t KNOW something, humble their Greenland sized pride and sit/stand corrected.

 Closed mindedness, immaturity, and, cognitive dissonance is the real epidemic.