How To Handle Intense Plutonian Energy (& Cravings For Divine Darkness)

Plutonian energy is one of those energies people try so hard to hide.


I remember writing the Part UNO a long time back (click here to read), and received an incredibly stellar response from many of us who crave and enjoy the (forbidden) darkness that the soul provides. Most people are not deep and do not crave intense soul blasting darkness, which is just as well. Polite society does not function well with what is hidden in the shadow. People who possess depth, salience, and, intensity — tend to hide from people as there is little to affirm, never mind discuss.


The Spirit, indeed, cannot be satiated of it’s craved hunger through taping sandwiches to the body. 


And yet, there are few guides, manuals, and, instructions scribed as to how to go about dealing with this intense darkness within yourself, and yet most importantly — how to be able to handle it in daily interactions. As stated before, when you possess depth; most things are utterly boring. I find myself bored of this world on a daily basis simply because such few things mentally take an interest and the plethora of predictability, lunacy, insanity, and, plain stupidity that has ransacked this world, plague as it is — is past the thinking individuals, comprehension. I have many of my clients who on the surface to the common person, look boring, a bit weird, crazy, and, detached. Brilliance of the mind and of the soul, cannot be described into plain words — only felt.


When you possess Plutonian energy, for the most part — you will have Scorpio somewhere in your placements. I possess 3 Scorpionic placements in the house of OTHERS, meaning whomever encounters me feels my depth, presence, and, power. Some people I know who possess Divine Darkness, do not have Scorpio anywhere in their chart however have a regal DNA (yes, it is such a thing — not all mortals are made equal), and yet they know themselves by their blood.


The biggest thing about Plutonian energy is the intensity of depth, dexterity, and, power. Many are impressed by the mundane worlds, of food, drink, and, fine wines — of glitz, glamour, and, all the nonsense that comes along with it. When you crave depth, you are PRIMORDIAL IN NATURE. To temper this down, is a grave injustice to YOURSELF, because if you desire to eat the whole table infront of you and society is training you to nibble like hors d’oeuvres — houston, we have a problem. Shallow people are always upset when you are going to hold them accountable for their bad behaviour, so they avoid the genuine.


Handling intense Plutonian energy means that you become comfortable in expressing your soul darkness, and, only to those who understand you. Understand that most people will simply cross the street at your desire for the intense. Yes, it will feel sad and annoying both — however those who walk with depth and power, are also finding you and will make life long friends and companions with you. You have to understand the level and clearance your mind and soul possess, and find people in ACCORDANCE OF THAT. If you want to swim into the Mariana Trench of the Pacific and your new friend wants to trial the paddling pool of life, it is not a match. Shallow does not mean anything is wrong with the person. There is a combination of degrees in this world, ranging from light to dark.


The false light is simply easier to cope with. 


You’re existing by that point and can neatly fit into society.


When you possess personal power, the ability to magnetise, electrocute, and, sway the energy currents to ones own self, without trying. The reason people are using all this fancy dress up garb and makeup (I do not speak of cosmetics here, simply the illusion of having your life “together”), to gain attention is because there is no natural swing gravitation of CHARISMA in their blood. There is nothing hypnotic about the shallow because it is still waters run deep, not the crystal clear ones you can easily see through. I personally do not function in narrow, conservative, small minded places and neither does any real Plutonian. For the men, it is slightly simpler — although in today’s Western “cancel culture”, any man who is masculine with a spine is attacked and for women, like myself to be Plutonian, incurs all types of negative press because we are not a candy princess.


The funniest part out of Plutonian energy?


People find it strange as hell that you can laugh so much. 


Although Plutonian energy is super powerful and intense, a redeeming quality I have seen with those that fully actualise and possess it, is a cracking sense of humour. One of the things I always advise people who possess depth, is to hone their humour as much as possible. Humour is exceptionally high frequency energy and people are naturally drawn to it. Intensity doesn’t mean you have to discuss heavy topics all the time. It means you are COMFORTABLE in discussing them and being fluid with the mood as and where it takes you.


Balance your humour with your depth of darkness and you soon come to find another world…


…a world where you can truly just be YOURSELF.