Love is a superpower

There is no bigger tailsman, rite, ritual, energy cleanse — whatever, etc — aside LOVE.


Love ALONE is a superpower.


Love is heavenly beauty 🙂


You cannot manufacture real love. It has to be in someone’s heart first, before it expands outwards. This isn’t just romantic love I speak of, although of course that always comes in. The emanation of LOVE, is felt into the ether when someone interacts with you and is the ABSOLUTE foundation. Love is often expressed as THREE things.


  1. Support
  2. Understanding
  3. Kindness through Compassion


Given that most people have no concept of these anymore because in order to extend your triad as mentioned above, often means people take advantage — Love has to have very strong boundaries of where and how it goes. Love is the only salve that really heals, because it allows you soothe all wounds and it is the appreciation of YOU.




It is a lifestyle of PEACE.


Many a time, people have asked me “what’s the secret to Spartanite?” and I always say “nothing fancy, I just go round giving tidbits of REAL LOVE when I interact with people lol…”. Real love is FELT. It is not marketed as buzzwords, it is not preached, it is not dressed up as the latest sale, it is the beauty of luxority, and PRESENCE.


And so, many people wonder how to “make friends”, “meet the one”, feel that sense of peace, influence crowds (but that’s more Charisma!), the answer is always LOVE.


Love is a rarity in today’s world. We live in a selfish, mean world where people are consistently on the take, especially for material goods because they fully and sadly believe that money, and things, possessions, car, clothes, pools, jewels, and, trinkets, will make them happy. They live empty, hollow lives and have no sense of giving — from a sense of THE ALMIGHTY, DIVINITY, AND, HEAVENLY BEAUTY. I don’t judge these people, I feel sad for them and have often prayed that they are shown the light of feeling like someone really loves them and they belong somewhere, finally 🙂


Love is compassionate.


Love is kind. 


Love understands, and loves you for YOU, inspite and despite of all you have seen, experienced, endured, all the wounds, scars, shame, the “I am never good enough no matter what I do”. Love is patient, allows you to take your time, make your mistakes, and, build yourself again. Love is frightening and painful because we have deep stories of toxic shame of WHY we don’t deserve it, and God Forbid someone tried to love us past our money, beauty, social standing or anything — we flee for the hills LOL


But today, I ask you to be patient with yourself.


Compassionate with yourself.


Give yourself a break.


For you to think that light cannot shine through a window, just because it has a few cracks, is nonsensical. 


You are lovable even when you think you’re not. 


Because real love doesn’t want your accessories, amenities, clout, or, what you can give.


It just wants YOU 🙂