Balancing Your Life As A Highly Sensitive/Psychic Empath Woman

Many women who are psychically/spiritually sensitive, do not know how to balance themselves. You may be one of those women (or perhaps a man..) reading this! 🙂

As a psychic Empath (a spiritually sensitive person who feels people’s moods, feelings, emotions, thoughts –but not only of people, of places, situations and circumstances), you have to be exceptionally careful WHO gets your time and energy, due to how they leave you feeling). Long before, I learned the art of heavy Spiritual shielding, my energy body was like a sponge, i’d pick up the SLIGHTEST HINT of mood change in a person, and get super anxious and thought it was MY job to fix it. Boy, those times taught me a lot.

As a Spiritual woman, the first thing you must be wisened to, is protecting your energy fields. Sage your house, your car, your room, burn incense, wear the newest of clothes, ensure there is no clutter and eliminate negative people, period. There is no excuse for the last one. Balancing your sensitive energy, is very important. So many times, you will have Cluster B toxic, dysfunctional people who will push into your life (Narcissists, Socios and Psychopaths), whose job, is to make YOU feel guilty about their behaviour. You will FEEL this in your energy body and you must remove this person ASAP.


Many times over, people have tested me on my boundaries. The first thing I often advise other HSP/Empath/Clairsentient women, is to really gauge, if this person is simply acting out from an unconscious level, or they are doing it to see what they can get away with. In order to remain within your balance, your throat chakra has to be very empowered and you must be comfortable with the MASCULINE skill, of elimination. I find most of us women, are fabulous at making excuses for shitty behaviour because we are socialized, simply to be nice to others.

As part of Business, having very clear, concrete and strong boundaries, are going to help you do the best of your work, and protect you from any indiscretions or issues that lie ahead. As part of your romantic life, when you have healthy boundaries, men RESPECT you for that (especially sexually and emotionally), because you will not jump hoops to make a man happy when you can clearly see, he does not treat you like a Goddess. When you state a boundary from the jump, you do not have to do the awkward backtrack, or prematurely detangle someone from your life because it has now gone too far.

Please remember that the more Spiritually Sensitive you are, the stronger your auric shields need to be, to deter predatory men and women—who will by magnetizing Law Of Polarity, wish to take advantage of your good nature and kind heart. They are used to people bending to their will and to psychically bullyng them through manipulation and word salad, to get their way. I remember once going to the zoo with my friend and seeing the penguins, I cried so much. Thankfully, I have such strong shields so I KNEW I was crying because the penguins were so miserable and I didn’t know what to do and how to help them. I was crying for their pain, as I have cried for many other things that have moved my already super sensitive heart. Being a Clairsentient Empath, is a tough job, on the best of days.

As an Empath woman, Love can completely destroy you, if you’re not careful.

I would really advise you never to give your heart away quickly to a man because if it is unrequited or taken away without notice, it can take years to mend yourself again. Screen the people in your life, and do not simply take things at face value. Feeling so very deeply, is both a blessing and a curse. You can love so deeply and expansive, that it will end up attracting all types of people to you–especially those with emotional wounds, to be fixed, healed and loved again.

Take imperative time for yourself, to switch off electronically, not listen to anyone’s life stories (people will naturally tell you everything minus asking, this is the skill of the Empath radiating energy!) and sit in a nice warm bath with epsom salts, with a glass of wine (if you drink..). Ensure you receive enough sleep and your partner’s energy (if you are in a relationship), is clean–as energy fields merge when you sleep in the same bed.

Also please make sure you have REGULAR chakra cleansing, people’s depression, suicidal thoughts and otherwise low moods, can severely leave you feeling nauseous, with headaches and really low yourself.

Love your big heart and do not tolerate anyone who wants to misuse it for their own benefit <3

I would love to hear your comments in the section below 🙂