Using The English Language For Self Mastery

Happy Scorpio Full Moon 🙂

As we are nearly at the end of the Scorpio Sun season, and with Jupiter Scorpio still in FULL swing, the moon has also decided to fall into Scorpius. And of course with that blessing, comes today’s round.

Using the English Language, for Self Mastery…

The English Language, is an Occult Language. It is a hidden language. Which means the reason you need to hire a lawyer to draft a contract, go through legal documents as well as have a firm grasp of grammar, lexicon as well as SPELL-ING, is because all of the power is hidden. You cast SPELLS with your words. I am going to keep it REAL simple over here. In the Bible, it has often been started that life and death, resides in the tongue. This is true. As words have VIBRATIONS (please name your kiddos correctly!), what we speak on, manifests. If I have ever struggled personally with anything in life, I ensure I lock my mind on the intended targeted outcome and then start to speak life into it. I speak about it ALL THE TIME and pour so much energy into it, I SEE RESULTS.

In one of my audios — WEALTH SPELLING, I talk about this in reference to money. Most people speak money out of their life easily, based on the references they use for it. The English Language, reminds me of a mix tape, of MANY languages and of course — hidden encoded magical squares, numbers and vibrations, often means the difference between Success and Failure.

Studying Etymology personally for me, changed my life. As I take each Spartanite through her personal journey of the Underworld, I evoked Goddess Persephone and Lord Hades, and ask them to guide me clearly on how to liberate the Spartanite tribe into being more conscious of WHO and WHAT they are getting themselves into. As I started to study things and people on an Etymological level, even names and geographical level.

As I have studied Language and lexicon a lot more, I have transformed my own ways of relating to others, because it can instantaneously shift the vibrational energy around me. So as you move forward with Self Mastery, you have to be VERY MINDFUL of the type of thoughts you hold inside your mind. Right now, in America, phone companies are launching 5G, which means that there is MORE Energy Weaponry through your phones and wifi (which ALSO means that it distorts our perception of self and the Law of Inversion)

Get a hold of a copy of Blacks Law Dictionary, and start to study the Hegelian Diatribe (divide and conquer) as well as being mentally alert and aware of what is happening in the world currently. I want to give you an example here. Say for instance the word “Male” — you know that FEmale is an extension of Male, because of the 2 letters, M stands for the number 13 and 13 covers FEMININE energy. All male babies start out as FEMALE in the womb, before they convert into male babies 🙂 In many ancient Chinese and Sumerian texts, there are chants to BALANCE the left and right sides of the brain (masc/fem), which work a charm when done. The English Language is DEEP like the Pacific, and there is a lot I can cover, and I most certainly will as the moons go by!

When I was younger, my mother often used to correct me saying “watch what you say,Nadia”. She had the right idea in mind, but didn’t quite know how to express it. Evolving as a voidwalker, that leads Bold Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs, I want to encourage you to dive into uncovering all the treasure that lies within you, and I invite you to use Spartanite Workings as a springboard platform, to launch your balanced and blissful new life

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