How To : True Acceptance of Self In The Dark Feminine

As we move forward, to the end of the year — I have seen many women have massive changes in their lives. Including myself. Things that I thought I had rigid boundaries on, are actually quite yielding and flexible, as I came to discover and work with my own Dark Feminine as well as teaching it.

As a woman who has survived numerous emotional blows, one after the other– to myself before the age of 25, I can honestly say from experience that Self-Discovery, isn’t for faint hearted women. It isn’t for the woman who wants to avoid her issues, tip-toe around men and generally come from a place of emotional weakness. I wish to make clear that emotional weakness, isn’t about feeling emotion. No. That is strength.

Emotional weakness, is knowing you have issues and NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THEM.

Discovering the essence of your own Feminine energy often means that working with archetypal Dark Feminine Goddesses, such as Lilith, Persehphone and Hecate —does us justice. Many a woman is terrified of showing strength, because Strength is deemed as a masculine trait, feminine is weak. Women are tired of this power imbalance and welcomed Feminism, as a much needed relief. Except Feminism, is a form of cancer, that has now become impossible to remove from many women’s minds.

In order to walk the path of the Dark Feminine, you have to programme yourself to let go of the dangerous Rothschild/Soros construct of Feminism.

Feminism has damaged and destroyed the softness and charm of a woman, making her very vulnerable to attack through disempowerment. When a woman, who is flexible like bamboo, meaning she can easily use for a bamboo massage as well as a beatdown, very few things in life can stop her. The Dark Feminine is a hidden tangible element that SUCH FEW women ever want to speak about. Many feminine empowerment based women (or so they think), are simply based on pandering to a man and making HIM feel good, instead of starting with the DIVINE SELF to make THEMSELVES FEEL THE BEST.

The Dark Feminine is everything a woman fears. Rage, Anger, Lust, Debauchery based Sex, Violence, Showing Of The True Self, The Occult, and all those repressed thoughts that “girls all things sugar and spice and all things nice”, must never feel or show. This is why through my own ascension into the Dark Feminine, Goddess Lilith helped me heal a broken heart, a broken psyche and a broken soul, through allowing me to cry Sulphuric tears of Blood. She allowed me to heal from abandonment and abuse, being scared, terrified and alone—but mainly, to show me that True Empowered Feminine Role models, EXIST. If it wasn’t for Goddess Lilith and Lady Rashoon, I may have still been where I was–many years back. I had a very robust exterior, but I longed to be put together on the inside. There are many women, perhaps including yourself–that feel that way too.

My life dedication to emboldening and empowering women, comes from doing those very things for myself. I didn’t simply “let go” of mistreatment, abandonment, betrayal and sadness. I had to work through each layer, each layer more difficult than the last, more traumatizing and more Sulphuric in nature. In healing our Divine Feminine, there are initiatory paths of Fire that we MUST walk, in order to be of service to the collective consciousness of women who need us. Working with Goddess Empowerment, truly allowed me to be a strong woman, a woman forged of hellfire and steel, to be soft, yielding and feminine–all in the same bundle. Many women in a Career age, wrap themselves up, in the Identity of their career.

You are not your business or your career.

You must discover who YOU are — Divinely Empowered and Powered by The Dark Feminine Spirit, girl and woman, angelic demonness, all wrapped up in one. You are worthy, desirable and beautiful.

But only if YOU accept that Immortal Truth, first.

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