How Does BIG MONEY Transform Your Life?

I spent major time reflecting the other day, about my whole life. The past, present and where I wish to go and I thought about YOU. Is or isn’t that Ironic? I am always brought back to the Spartanite Roundtable in which women who have committed themselves to do that life work, end up showing up. It is within the journey that we begin to ask ourselves of the charisma of BIG MONEY, what it shall turn us into, what we ourselves, must turn into–in order to receive it. A while back, I read a very sage like post on an Internet Marketing forum, and this Romanian guy had made a wonderful insight into the processes of money acquisition. What was really so very interesting is that so many people think money changes them (well of course it fucking does..) and yet, never stop to think if THEY, themselves must change to get money.

This becomes a novel concept because most people cannot imagine wanting to change anything about their stubborn selves.

Money isn’t for children. The money game, isn’t childsplay. Anyone I have known personally to generate BIG money, is savvy, smart and incredibly responsible. The one thing that separates them from anyone else, is the fact that they are able to see value where the person who struggles with money cannot. IN FACT, I will go as far as saying that if you struggle to acquire money, it is really because you struggle to spot value. Now, I don’t mean if you’re struggling to eat type of situation, that is totally something different. I am talking, the cashflow looks smooth but you’re like “I want more but I feel STUCK“. If you have fantasized about larger amounts of money, but wonder what is stopping you achieving it, it is really often just a combination of your thought processes, mindset and auric fields combined. It may sound simple for me to narrow it down into 3 categories, however the truth is, each needs to be worked upon systematically.

BIG MONEY transforms you, by making YOU more of YOU. People think they know themselves exceptionally well. You know yourself LEAST when you aren’t financially stable. Why? Because money shines the very VISIBLE torch on you, your life and thought processes. No longer, can you hide behind “I can’t do this, I have no money to do it”. Once your cashflow is stable and growing, you have no excuses left. A lot of people do not want to acquire large sums of wealth (aside the whole money is bad limiting negative belief), because they know money IS power, money HAS power and money has power OVER THEM (and they cannot admit it). They ALSO know that once they come into possession of money, see money and excuses are like oil and water—they don’t mix.

Sexy Money Flow allows you to do more good in the world (providing you are a good intentioned person to begin with). Money also allows you to carry out a lot of bad. Remember, money often staves off consequences that an average person has to carry—that is often the unfair side to life, which I must add into the disclaimer. However, you’re here to make money with heart.

I really wish for you think about what would you DO, BE and SHOW UP AS, provided the money was not the issue (and it really never is). What do you need to take care of, in your character FOR that money to seek you out?

This is why in my upcoming programme, DIVINE FEMININE ABUNDANCE —– I teach you how to create the container to attract and hold big money!

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