The Hidden Reason Women Don’t Make BIG Money

Women are notoriously known for NOT making BIG money and when we do, it always seems to be the Corporate Bitch who has done it. Where does that leave most women, and more importantly–what MESSAGE does it send out for us? Firstly, am I saying every woman that works in Corporate, is a bitch? Not at all. However sadly, the environment is toxic for feminine energy, as Corporations THRIVE on Masculine energy, of dominating, competing and winning by belittling and humiliating others. That’s far too much to take for most women, but oh wow–let any woman say that in that place, and she will soon find herself out of a job, out of pocket because she’s “pathetic, weak and cannot handle the heat”. There is no “heat to be handled” aside walking away from a bullying culture.

In that, the message that women sadly receive is that we need to turn into men to make money. We need to be rude and disrespectful to other women, we need to work harder and harder and with not much pay. We receive the message that money is ONLY for men, only men know what they are doing with their financials (newsflash : most really do not) and we need to only take financial advice from a masculine slant. This is a sure fire way to lose your money, your common sense and your dignity! The way us women, handle money, is exceptionally world’s apart to how men handle theirs. Women often do not make BIG money for the following of reasons :

1.Money is masculine. Women that struggle with masculine energy, always struggle with money. Its a two fold system.

2. Women don’t feel safe generating large amounts of money because society encourages them to stay small, loserish and broke to appease to the useless of the male species.This is an esteem issue.

3. Women haven’t taken the time to study financial energy in a Feminine form and replicate what other women do, which is fight for money in a masculine way.

4. Women are afraid of the true power of money. Money doesnt change you. You change to acquire it.

Many women with prosperity problems have trouble charging for what they do.

They are good at giving things away and doing things as a favor, but when it comes time to make a living at what they love to do, they freeze up in fear, become awkward and hesitate. They often don’t even bring up the subject of what they are charging, even though inwardly they have a definite expectation of what they would like the other person to give them. These are the ones who are disappointed when they don’t get what they wanted, time after time, even though they never put that forth clearly at the beginning.

When we look at the root cause, it is always low self worth. Most women detest and hate themselves and this is reflected in the money they find “impossible” to generate.

No one and nothing can determine your worth for you. You determine it. And people will judge you, based on what they have to pay to access you. Spartanite gives you more. If you are looking for that extra oomph and a solid way to build your financial self worth, DIVINE FEMININE ABUNDANCE will be ideal for you!


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