5 Ways To Become Fluent In The Love Language Of Money

Many of the old wise scriptures, they have correctly ascertained that the matter of life and death, resides in the tongue. Each time, I am aroused to be upset or angry, I often fall completely silent because I do not want to be at a place where I curse myself. Yes. One can easily curse themselves because you, by now are aware, that all spoken words have vibrations. I tried this on myself the other day. I kept saying “I feel nothing”, and 4 days later, I felt stabbing pains in my chest area (heart chakra) because what I had done was STOP the flow of emotion. Belvia (my guide), helped me unblock it by readjusting my heart chakra when I was asleep but I wanted to test drive this theory to have proof on it. When I personally stopped speaking lack into my life, people blessed me with money that I had to work quickly how to handle. Blessings are everywhere.

In my upcoming Spartanite Signature Program — DIVINE FEMININE ABUNDANCE, I touch on all the indepth ways that women are often and UNKNOWINGLY speaking wealth out of their life. Most of us (including myself), have done it so often, and used such harsh negative connotation words that we don’t realise why we are not manifesting the life we desire. We are often our own biggest enemy. Shameful, right? 🙁

So with that said, these are 5 quick orgasmic ways to get the lowdown of attracting money on speed dial in your life!

1) Burn notes/bills. This is the most controversial and yet used in all types of echelons. Money has a vibration and oddly, enough, each vibration has a scent. You can take a $1 bill, burn it once a month and this attracts money as well as removing attachment to needing the money.

2) Speak life on what you DO have, not what you don’t. I have watched people with money in their account, say “I do not have any”, then mysterious expenses show up and guess what…they really honestly do not have anything.

3) You do not need money. Money needs you and needs YOU as it’s home. Vibrate on a frequency of money, by removing clutter from your house and learn how to produce things people will pay you for, instead of consuming them.

4) Ensure that you understand the Etymology of money. There is an old post I wrote on this (found here), that can help you understand WHAT you are even speaking into existence. Don’t let bad money vibrations be the reason you are caught out.

5) Examine how you feel, think and speak about money. This is more of an indepth exercise, however once you are able to find things that do not SOUND right, remove them. For instance. I DETEST the phrase “disposable income”. Money is not disposable, and what do we dispose? Things that aren’t good enough. Use Discretionary income. There. Much better. Your discretion on how to use it!

I am excited to keep you posted on the launch of DIVINE FEMININE ABUNDANCE, coming very soon 🙂

Would love to hear your thoughts on any money phrases you have used in the comments section!