The Occult Etymology Of Money

When most Spiritual & Psychic women, have the drive to acquire, achieve and attain wealth–most of us forget that there is a whole hidden language behind it. Often named as The Green Language–or The Language Of The Birds, what you will often find is that “those in the know”, speak of money VERY differently to the average person. By now, through Spartanite Wisdom teachings, Dear Spartanite, you will have learned that words are vibrations and as many wise holy books and Scriptures have correctly stated, centuries back, you can either make or break your life with your tongue.

The first thing about Occult Etymology, is studying the Occult Sciences in depth. I am not saying you have to devote years of your life to it (although you may well will!), however, a good understanding of Psychic, Planetary and Psionic knowledge, is going to help you get ahead in terms of the Astral plane very fast. Remember, anything you are using today (including this phone or computer), you are reading this on, is a figment of someone’s wild imagination. I want to say that as well as let you know that HIGHER ranking Spirits at Government level (ExtraTerrestials) are the reason for your “advanced technology”. Spirits and other non-human life forms have used this level of technology for eons before your “government released”, this all to you.

Anyways, I digress. Money has a very simple sense of either speaking life or death into something. Give me an hour with someone, and I will often tell you their whole financial outlook, story and often bank balance. I don’t do just (just because) I am psychic, but rather because studying money at deeper, intimate level, ensures that I can teach it to all the other women who WANT to get ahead with their money game.

I have spoken on the VAST difference between Currency and Money, MANY times. I even have a very famous CURRENSEA audio, based on this whole issue. You see, if you don’t even know that there is a difference and how the Cabal have tricked you into using your HUMAN SEXUAL ENERGY to work mindless hours and be paid in a currency that in the grand scheme of things, isn’t even really worth shit, they have GOT YOU RIGHT WHERE THEY WANT AND NEED YOU.

A SALARY is the SAL-T (SALT) of ARY (ARIES). Aries, the Roman God of War and the first Zodiac Sign, symbolizes the fire, strength, lust and passion of LIFE. This is why people are RARING to go on their new job, and slowly (and often ) lose the will to live, they are actually paying homage to Aries. Most people will go all their life without knowing anything Occult related, because the VERY Occult the Cabal CONTROL YOU BY, is the Occult they have told you is “bad”. If it was so bad, why is it used globally?

Money has many meanings, my favourite one is this (as well as the image at the top) :

MONEY is MOON-HONEY, or MONO-EYE , ever notice on the 1 dollar bill, they have the creepy all seeing eye? Exactly, how do you think the Cabal keep a hold and a track of people. Through money. I want to put a poverty programming disclaimer here ASAP.


Because with the way I am writing this, I know MANY people’s poverty programming is going to go into programmed mode and think “money is evil anyway”. So when this programming comes up, be CONSCIOUS and read the above statement…

In the US, all currency is coloured Green, the colour of the heart chakra–so people work and work and work and work and work for it, thinking it will falsely bring them happiness, whereas ALL NATURE IS GREEN (HINT HINT) and that is true peace, joy and happiness. Understanding the money game, allows you to be FREE of the constraints of a lack mindset and allows you to live life without inhibition, worry, fear and sadness. I designed WEALTH SPELLING for this very reason. People speak of money ALL day long, and never stop to think what they are vibrating at a deep Occult level out there.

The conscious exercise on this, is to know your tongue can either make you very wealthy or very poverty stricken, all depends your knowledge to better self!

I would love to hear your comments below ­čÖé