10 Money Laws To Follow For Financial Prosperity

Money, has it’s own rules, laws and habits, that most people unconsciously violate. People then wonder why they fail at the money game, but its simply because the Cabal is doing everything in it’s power to keep you dumb and easy to control through the poisons in your food, water and air. With that and other spiritual blockages, being the MAIN cause of why people in the modern world are “struggling” with life so much, you may be wondering why money requires self education to build.

I am going to take the opportunity in this post to make a very clear disclaimer, that everything you have been taught about money through the Neo-feudal system, has been designed to enslave you. Spartanite Living aims to deprogramme this, and then install healthy money frequency and filters. Money requires self education, because modern day education is INDOCTRINATION. This alone may trigger your cognitive dissonance, so just bear with me here (even if you are pissed off at what you read).

Having to unlearn what was programmed in you, is HELL. Now you wake up and think “oh man, everything I was taught about money, is a lie”. Well, pretty much. You can either stay mad at this, or you can think “okay, well atleast I know now, it’s time to download the new programming!”. It all depends on how you choose to react. In saying that, there are 10 major MONEY LAWS that should NEVER EVER BE VIOLATED that are listed below. Follow these and you have a good chance of diverting the RIVER named CASH and having it FLOW, towards you. CASH.FLOW. (This is a whole different topic, as money by natural has water based elements due to Maritime Admiralty Law–Please Google this and educate yourself…)

1) Money ignores Pedigree entitlement. AKA I have a degree, X qualification, I automatically qualify to get money.

2) Money hates entitlement. It doesn’t care if you are a “good person”. A LOT of good people I know and have known, are dirt poor for this reason. Money has nothing to do with moral superiority.

3) Money loves clarity. It doesn’t go to places that aren’t clear about what to do with it, once it gets there.

4) Money demands Congruence. Are you CONSISTENT in what you do?

5) Money approves of wise generosity. Giving for the sake of stroking your ego, will have money running away from you.

6) Money loves an organized environment. It detests clutter.

7) Money expects you to exhibit a strong sense of urgency. Money detests laziness.

8) Money doesn’t work hard to force itself upon you. It knows if you don’t like it, and simply never appears consistently.

9) Money needs a system and a process to come through. Haphazard strategies quickly leave you broke.

10) Money goes out of it’s way to punish stupidity. When people do dumb things with money, it often just leaves them.

With that said, practice these 10 laws and you will see you look at money in a whole different light!

I am excited to hear your comments in the comment box below! ­čÖé