Building Prosperity With Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance

“Laziness and entitlement, are diseases; worse than any condition found in hospitals” — King Clauneck 


This post is inspired by an exceptionally mannerless and rude comment made by someone on one of our blog posts and it impressed me. It impressed me because the baseless arrogance that most people carry towards others and themselves, is unbelievable. Not to mention money. I will write it from my own vantage point and from the perspective of possessing a Prosperity based mind.


The Truth, is neither polite. And nor is it convenient. This is why it has the support of such few, but the RESPECT AND ADMIRATION OF ALL. 


It is understandable that as a human being, we all have our breaking points. We all have days we are so fed up of hearing the same nonsense over and over again. I once spoke with Duchess Bune, and she stressed that the key to all life achievement, is persistence. Minus persistence, the modern human is what you find. Bune doesn’t have many becoming and encouraging, things to say about how people of today live, and has made it her point, to point it out to me, every single time I leave the house. I see her points. This individual was angry, enraged, and upset, that apparently the advice and financial guidance of King Clauneck, sounded like the Bible. and that invoking Clauneck wasn’t going to bring him money RIGHT NOW.


As though Clauneck is twiddling his thumbs, waiting to do bank transfers to people out of his Astral Bank. (yes, don’t laugh — we get emails everyday that ask us to make people “millionaires” by doing fuck all… — magick only works when YOU do — stop asking us to cure Lazy.)


Now, it is embarrassing to remind people, but here I am (again), doing so…


The Bible is an OCCULT book and possesses OCCULT knowledge. I am not Christian, neither by birth or by choice. But I made a point to study the texts inside out, because if there is one thing I cannot stand, is Ignorance.


Some of the knowledge has been altered of course, but not everything is fake. There is a LOT of wisdom, if you read properly. Clauneck speaks about Love in the same manner a religious text would. It is compassionate, kind, and patient. Which it is.


Which brings me to my point :


Due to the canny inventions of social media and other “creature comforts”, modern humans are lazy. Plain and simple. Laziness is a disease that can be seen a mile away in a person. 


There are FEW people who possess courage, strength, determination, drive, and have the WILL to get to where it is. Oh God — how can we ever ask someone to be a respectable member of society? Of course we cannot.


We live in nations filled with moaners, whiners, slackers, shirkers, complainers, victims, and, people who have no aim in life except spend all their time on platforms such as Instagram for nonsensical purposes. Prosperity, is the DIRECT RESULT of APPLIED HARD WORK + PATIENCE + PERSISTENCE + PERSEVERANCE. Since it comes as no surprise that most lazy people truly hate hard work and embrace their laziness instead of getting up and doing something with their life, instead of moaning and blaming whomever they want to project their lack of ambition and drive on. I have had many victims suggest Clauneck should do bank transfers for them, Clauneck should give them money (he’s not your dad, he doesn’t give a shit), should help them win the lottery (#fail), should this and that.


Clauneck will not assist a failure mentality and isn’t interested in human shortcuts. He sees them everyday. He doesn’t give a fuck about your Instagram promotion, he doesn’t care if you don’t know how to market well (in fact he will TELL YOU what you’re doing wrong and rip you sideways for it), he isn’t interested in your excuses, he isn’t your babysitter on demand, and don’t come to an ancient LHP entity with your ego driven nonsense and a horribly rude attitude without respect and understanding, thinking that suddenly money will be yours.


Prosperity, is a TONNE of work. It is a MENTALITY. It is a dedication, and a commitment. 


People don’t like hearing the truth, because as I said before — it’s not polite and it’s not convenient. Lots of people come read this blog thinking “wow, this woman lacks manners to speak”. They think this because they don’t have the balls to FACE REALITY and their entire fabric on what their life is constructed upon, is ONE BIG FAT LIE.


Manners for them, is being a pathological liar and being a coward.


Many misguided people have the wrong idea. They turn to the Spirit World thinking that the entities are just going to get you what you want. Being in possession of money, is a responsibility most people simply do not want. They want money by doing nothing, by being lazy, by providing no value, but just stand there like an idiot, cry about how unfair your government is, and demand more hand outs.


People are FRIGHTENED OF HARD WORK. In fact, come to think of it, most normal things scare the daylights of the majority.


When I created Spartanite, I promised myself I would always give people hand UP’s. Not hand OUT’s. A hand up is someone who already wants the help and is willing to do what it takes. People who have aim in life. I feel pleased I have helped tonnes of people create strong, winning Prosperity based mindsets. The answer to Prosperity, is VERY MUCH AFFORDABLE. But that is only if you are determined.


If you’re happy to sit in your shit, blame others, stew in it, please miss Spartanite and all the LHP entities with your entitlement based attitude. We are here to help those who WANT the help, and are willing to stand up for themselves. Our work is not for the masses, it is not commercially based, it is not a numbers game, and it is not a fad.


The commitment to PROSPERITY, wealth consciousness, and true success, is something that not everyone is geared towards. We accept this as reality. We are here to inspire and motivate a message that tells you that you CAN stand up on your own 2 feet, success can be yours.


But not the iPhone push button lazy “take off all your clothes, take nude selfies and have 50 cosmetic surgery + buy fast cars to feel “relevant”” type of garbage. 


It comes when YOU choose to do the work. Remember, magick cannot and will not work, if YOU do not. Wealth, Money, Prosperity — is simply an attitude and a mentality.


We are here to embrace the reality of it.


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