Conversations With Clauneck : Building Yourself From Nothing Into Financial Expansion

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years.


Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life. I have him to thank for holding a place for me, when I was at my weakest, most vulnerable, and could have easily taken my own life, due to my life circumstances. Clauneck has always been hard on me, and through his persistence and encouragement, I am able to serve myself and serve others today. Thank you Clauneck 🙂


Below is a transcript from many years ago and what Clauneck spoke to me about. It is a mentality that had I NOT used, I would have permanently been trapped where I was, for life. I would have become another statistic.


Being a woman is hard enough as it is.


Being a young woman, without a tonne of support at the time, financially, morally, emotionally, and physically, even more so.


6:58pm (roughly around 5 years ago)


I am cashing up at the end of the day. Writing down all the sales I have taken, I write down how much I need to pay myself and tell the lady I work for, how much I have taken and send a screenshot to her for the rest. All day, I have been busy shaping eyebrows into perfection, one hair at a time. I have 5 women waiting outside already.The women who come here have wealthy husbands or boyfriends. Or are independently successful in their businesses. They live in Marylebone, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington, and Mayfair (wealthy area of Inner Central London).


Sometimes, I tint their brows and lashes as well and we engage in polite, pleasant conversation. I learn of many fine jewellers, goldsmiths, where the locals hang out. It is a famous road in London, and those who are possession of money, frequent it. It is one of the wealthiest districts of London. I have seen many celebrities whilst walking to work, many famous businessmen, and a world famous art gallery I walk past everyday, to the train station.


My eyes and my back ache, threading eyebrows and a face, is not physically easy. I am tinting a client’s eyebrows. He is a famous face on TV and his networth is well over 50M. I engage in conversation and ask him about being an investor and what makes him invest in businesses. He remarks he doesn’t invest in businesses, he invests in people. I carefully study this man. I want to ask him more about business and explain the concept of Spartanite, Belvia, my Spirit guide advises against it.


“He won’t get Spartanite. He’s too logical and has no concept of The Spirit World. Don’t waste your time. But ask him businessy type questions, and see what wisdom you can take from it. Make it quick. You only have under 10 mins. Most people don’t ever get these chances. If they stupidly do, they are so terrified and intimidated by real money. You’re not. You have a man who financially has everything sat in front of you — USE IT, Nadia.”


I am exhausted and just as I am cashing up with all the generous tips I received, I see my phone beep.


“Hey Nadia, are you still on your way! I am so excited for you to give me a facial and a manicure!”


“Hey Sacha, yes I am. Be with you in 15…”


Picking up my handbag, waving to everyone there, I carry out a huge bag alongside me. A regular client bought me a beautiful set of homeware and gave me a gift card worth £300 today. I haven’t even had time to open it to see it properly. I see a card and open it as I am walking…it reads : –


“Bonjour Mademoiselle Nadia, Even my husband notices how well you do eyebrows, ma cherie! Merci Beaucoup Jolie!”


(Hello Miss Nadia, Even my husband notices how well you do eyebrows, my dear. Thank you very much, beautiful!”


I smile faintly. I am hungry as HELL, and not only that, BORED. Doing eyebrows is so easy, doesn’t challenge me, but I am too exhausted and worn out to do anything else at present. I mean it’s a miracle I can even frankly work a job.


I have done a whole days work, just grateful that someone was able to be taken in by my experience and the ability to possess worldly conversation of all matters, after what I have survived. I probably come into work looking like a car crash, but I am past the point of caring. She’s been nice to me, and even bought me coffee and some small pastries out of kindness. She’s seen how much physical pain I am in.  She’s seen how I go to the Ladies bathroom and just sit there and cry. I cry and sob everyday. I just want to go home and shower, and lie in bed for months on end. But I need more money and I have little help I see in this world for me at any level. I have a certain goal to get to, and frankly, this nonsense she’s paying, is an insult. I have too many responsibilities. Walking to the store on the way to see Sacha, I aggressively tear into bites of food and throw down two iron capsules to keep me going.


Sacha is pleasant and pays well. I just ignore the quippy comments she makes about her boyfriend. Psychically I know that she wants to break up with him, but she’s far too scared. She invites me into her apartment that frankly speaking, looks like a hotel. I set up and she says she will be back. I feel the tiredness creep back in and ask for a tall glass of cold water. Taking a few sips, I excuse myself to the powder room for atleast a solid 10 minutes. I tell her I need some time to decompress from the work, before I begin. She brings me a fresh platter of fruit. This is really helping 🙂


In my head, I tune back into the channel and ask Clauneck for help. I am here stuck for another 2 hours and it’s an hour home on the train. It is going to be so late by the time I get home. I would need to take off all my makeup and shower, and get ready to be at work for 10 again in the morning. Between that, and the emotional mess I am, I struggle to hold on.


Me : “Clauneck. I am dying. Please help me. I say yes to Sacha because I need that money. She doesn’t know that. But what happens if my body cannot cope?”


CK : “The Iron Ring Mentality. ALL this is teaching you how to keep fighting in a place you feel you literally cannot fight. Even in the times you think you’re going to die, you won’t. This process is a necessary one for Spartanite. I know you think of how you will ever find a place of financial reward again. But trust the process. You cannot cheat the process. I don’t care what you’re feeling, you’re not going to tune into Negative FM. On the way out, you’re going to get yourself a hot chocolate drink and some food again. Use the gift card, the store on this road is open till late. Keep the gift card for food.”


Me : “Okay. But how is this actually helping? I feel like I am stuck in a vortex of going literally NO WHERE.”


CK : “You’re going somewhere kid, that’s why you’re going through all this. This is the ring of fire you will teach others in due time. You will see in a few short years. People will need this mentality in order to power through and survive. Your drive for financial success, has been a top blessing for you. Because you’re so driven at a monetary level, you will break out of this chokehold. Money won’t solve your problems, even though it would help you right now. You have to create the Iron ring inside you, so NOTHING is ever too much for you”


Me : “Clauneck, my body and mind, are just unable to cope. I just don’t know how to function in a job but I need the money so badly, Look at what I have gone through. Please give me next steps?”


CK :”Find more private clients like Sacha or use your other skills to begin making money. You are talented in many areas but you fail to see your own brilliance. You are going to really have to find a way to channel your abilities properly. Stop being mentally lazy and showing up to the shitty job just because nothing else is working. This is going to be your HARDEST jump you ever make. You are at a time where both your mind and body have survived a horrendous battering and yes, you need rest. But you ALSO KNOW, NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. Normal people have tonnes of help. You do not. You will have to fight through this with our help to show others that a smashed life, can be rebuilt into power.”


Me : “Any hints?”


CK : “Write down a list of the things people compliment you on. Then find corresponding opportunities. Ask private clients. Get out on this road more, and feel inspired by the financial energies. And please don’t whine and complain. You’re doing your best to break out of the chokehold, not keep yourself stuck in it. Most people cannot break out of lack, because they complain about it all the time. Get organised and aggressively use Google to find things for yourself. Things will show up. I am not going to spoonfeed you, Nadia. I am just telling you the process. YOU have to go out there and make it happen”


Me :I will do my best on this. Do you have anything else to say to me? I hear Sacha asking if I am ready?”


CK :”Giving up, is the mantra for failures in life. You’re not a failure. If you’re tired when you get home, go home, freshen up, and go to bed, On the train into work tomorrow, write a list of 10 things to make you money. Stop allowing mental exhaustion to creep in. When your mind dissociates because it has been so shattered through trauma, quickly draw the flashes of inspiration that come to you. Use even 10 minutes of clarity. Keep going. Rest, wake up, plan, do the work, go back to bed. KEEP GOING. You can easily take yourself from this void of nothingness that you have sadly ended up in, through no fault of your own — to being a WINNER through your own labour, hard work, and determination. Remain determined. The little idea you have of Spartanite and using the book to create your whole brand, will come true. But this idea will ONLY WORK, if YOU DO. Now, be with Sasha. I bid you farewell, we shall speak again. Remember, no giving up. Ever.”


Clauneck’s Iron Ring mentality, kept me going. It kept me going when I did works where I had 4 am starts and never got home till 10pm. It helped me when I had to negotiate things at a financial level. It helped me to find the strength and courage that was totally wiped out of me, to begin a new life. No matter who you are reading this, if you’re truly willing and you have the fight inside — you CAN do it.


You can stand up, and do the work and DO have the POWER to get it done.


Only YOU are the mastery and creator of your own destiny. 


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