The Occult Take On How 3rd Wave Feminism Has Destroyed Women and Femininity

To understand the moral fabric of Western society (if there even a fabric to begin with), the roots of Feminism has to be addressed.


In the developing worlds where women are predominantly still treated like cattle and something that we should be ashamed to be., the REAL core of Feminism, DOES WORK.


Personally, anytime I see a Feminist in the West, I run. And run, FAST. Because it has lost it’s meaning. It’s a euphemism of man-hatred and anger, and speaking ill about men – that I do not agree with and want to take part in. AT ALL. 


It’s the words “twin flame” and “empowerment”. Both are real however they are now cute little buzz words.


I know my twin flame in person, so I know he exists lol. I also know empowerment, the REAL internal strength building to be strong. Every time I go to business events and hear women wanting to “empower other women”, a part of me dies inside. Usually because the woman saying it, doesn’t even understand the CONCEPT of what EMPOWERMENT, REALLY ACTUALLY MEANS. It’s something she’s heard, so here she is, throwing it out. Both are REAL concepts, that have been destroyed through ignorance, and stupidity.


The original Feminism is what Goddess Empowerment is. Goddesses such as Ma Kali and Lilith, would champion a woman’s presence and identity to be heard among a sea of male domination and patriarchal oppression. I very much support this! This is a good thing. The problem is what it has become.


There isn’t a single modern Feminist I have ever met, who is actually happy inside her own skin, is happy with men, and is doing the healing work inside. There is nothing but anger. I am not saying this anger is not justified. Every single woman has been wronged by some asshole, somewhere. This doesn’t mean all the men on the entire planet are rotten. It means that patriarchal culture, also robs MEN, of seeing a woman as a human being, thus benefiting from feminine consciousness. 3rd Wave Feminism, is the nonsense we see in today’s world. All of them foaming at the mouth, angry, hating anything remotely feminine, and justified in their hatred of men.


This is EXACTLY IDENTICAL to poverty consciousness/lack — when if someone invites you to think of all the abundance in the world, all you can do is snarl and say “what about those starving?”. A Feminist may like what Spartanite provides, but she will hate that I speak up for the Truth, and truth is that women are NOT as innocent as they would like to seem like they are. I have seen MANY honourable and good masculine men, doing their bit. Feminism is a response to the PATRIARCHY and not to MEN, in essence. The patriarchy is what teaches men to hurt women. It is a mentality and a paradigm that a man needs to be mentally sick and ill, to subscribe to.


You HAVE to separate the 2, if you’re a woman — to heal your own heart and filter through low quality men.


Low quality in a man, is a man filled with hatred for the Feminine, and hence wants to hurt and abuse us because of his own cowardice and insecurity. 


I really KNEW I had healed at both a feminine consciousness and wealth consciousness levels, when my DEFAULT view was positivist and not negativity. I saw a life plentiful of opportunities, and good, decent men trying to do the right thing. The Quantum Ocean is funny — vibration can change your whole life and it is the lifeblood and premise of what I teach. 3rd Wave Feminism, is psychosis in a woman, gone crazy. It is nothing but bitterness and anger. When you have been wronged, you have to feel both of these emotions and then slowly healing will COME. Don’t try and skip this. I am not imploring someone recovering from trauma/abuse/violence — to suddenly pretend that everything is great. It took me a LONG time to process my own pain and hurt, and through really feeling rage, bitterness, and torture, did I ACTUALLY heal. 3rd Wave Feminism, will NOT allow any woman to heal. It will further keep driving in the pain and twisting the knife.


See 3rd Wave for what it is. A lying scam that is an INSULT to the right of a woman to exist happily as a woman in her own skin. It is insulting the power of the Goddess. The power of the Empress. The power of the Seductress. The power of a woman, and her womb. Now granted, not all ladies may have a womb left (medical issues etc). But there is still wisdom inside you, to help you heal and change into a balanced version of yourself. This balance may NOT be easy to begin with, when you’re in fight mode — however over time, healing becomes simple.


Goddess Empowerment is TRUE empowerment of the FEMININE. The Feminine that no matter what we as women do, have been told “you’re just not good enough”. Reject 3rd Wave Feminism, Reject Patriarchal Culture, reject anything that causes you to vibrate at a frequency of pain and hatred. One of my best selling books, GODDESS EMPOWERMENT covers how a woman can embrace her own power through being FEMININE. 


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