Duchess Bune & Healing Your Beauty Blocks After Narcissistic Abuse

“Abuse damages your sense of identity, your sense of worth, your sense of beauty.– Lady Duchess Bune


Duchess Bune, the 26th renowned Spirit of the Goetia, often has a lot to say when it comes to Femininity and “Beauty Blocks”. She’s an exceptionally well-rounded and clever Spirit and is INSTRUMENTAL in me finding my own Femininity and healing my sense of damaged beauty that djinn possession and most of all, narcissistic abuse; had left me with.


A narcissist is not a human being. It is an evil spirit that requires an exorcism and BANISHING from a healthy person’s life, ruthlessly, mercilessly, and, effectively. It is an evil spirit that will kill you like a sick cancer than infects your cells, if you do not find the power to take back control, while you still have the chance.


Abuse (all types, physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, financial, mental) shrinks you down. Man or woman. For the men, it takes away a man’s sense of Masculinity and Vigor; leaving a man constantly feeling emasculated and clamouring for real power. For a woman, it robs you of your sense of feeling pretty, beautiful, or worthy of anything good.


For time immemorial, beauty has been the priceless currency of a woman and a narcissistic “man” (they aren’t men — they are evil spirits trapped in a man’s body –), knows that well. Most male narcissists hate us women and yet want to BE us, because they are feminine in nature. That is part of what rob’s a woman’s spirit so badly, they usurp your feminine shine and use it for themselves. Male narcissists want to control every damn aspect of a woman’s life. From her very appearance, to how many times she’s allowed to breathe in and out per minute, I know what is like to be related to and born into an estranged set of relations, of these horribly controlling creatures (both men and women — related to a whole barrel of them) who destroyed my life, let alone majority of interactions from a romantic vantage point in my earlier years, all narcissistic and psychopathic in nature.


Narcissists will ALWAYS target your appearance and how you look because they cannot STAND to have anything or anyone look or be better than them. Never underestimate the level a Cluster B will go to destroy you, my own life; is living proof of that. They will call you cruel and mean things, say horrible things to you about yourself when you feel low, so that you’re always “in-doubt” of who and what you are.


Beauty is often temporarily stolen from a woman after abuse. For majority of women, until they get REAL help, healing, and, support — that theft is permanent. When you possess radiance, they will snatch it all, hoard it for themselves, and snap if they think anyone ELSE has access to you. All is then left of you, is a broken soul — a dead listless empty shell. They feel entitled to your shine, they shame you for your sexuality and your GLOW. Narcissistic women (the she-devils, as I affectionally address them as), make miserable and catty comments about EVERYTHING in your life because they hate you. The hatred, is nothing else; but jealousy. You are all they wished to be, and ever become. So what happens after this? You end up ignoring your presence, your beauty, your youth, your grace. They end up falling to the wayside. And you end up hiding. You stop looking after yourself, and yet you look in the MIRROR of life and you desire to be that woman you once were. Happy, full of life, and away from this psychopathic fucking cancer that rotted the very foundations of your being and emptied you. That woman exists, fortunately 🙂




Your beauty is blocked. We must reclaim her, and, we must stand up for her.


I prayed for my beauty to go away and leave me, especially after I gave up being a fashion model. To leave me. I was hurt and abused for it, and it made me uncontrollably vulnerable. I was picked for my youth, my face, and, my shine. Abusers enjoy destroying what is beautiful — it makes them feel like God.


I was used as a trophy, a mantle-piece for photo-ops, because I was naive and had no comprehension of how narcissists USE your beauty and HOARD IT because they are uglier than sin, itself. I didn’t know how to defend my face and it was a curse, until I learned powerful protection.


Thankfully, today my face, is a protected and special specie and I help many women recover their BEAUTY BLOCKS to stand up and RE-CLAIM their SHINE that they deserve and they are entitled to. For men, I help them stand up to their red-blooded masculinity by healing their esteem and SELF-IMAGE, especially if they have had a controlling mother, controlling female narcissists in their life — and free them into their PRIMAL MASCULINE, so they too, can enjoy their dominance and strength that has been taken from them 🙂


HEALING your beauty blocks, opens the door to REAL LOVE and ESTEEM. To a world of your dreams, to valuing your feminine RADIANCE. Duchess Bune, is massive on women looking after themselves and removing ALL the blocks that stops a woman being HERSELF, her own EMPRESS GRACE.




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