You have it all. But do you have inner peace? Some people have it all, and yet they have nothing. You’re sleeping at 3 am and waking up at 6am? You’re drinking all the green juice however you’re still miserable? Read all the books yet common sense to protect yourself eludes you? Doing business with a bunch of con-men posing as the “driven” men you’re rolling with — a den of wolves, a lair of thieves? The little trophy on your arm, does she know whose thoughts run in your mind when she’s quietly asleep next to you dreaming of all the shiny trinkets she can grab from you by tricking your need for validation and real Love? A golddigger is not a loving wife. She is a thief. Thieves can be pretty and play the part, you know…


Ego is a terrible drug. Do they have it’s chemical compositions on the market, yet?


Whose psychopathic version of success did you buy into?


Why do you still cry in the shower periodically, because it’s the only place you don’t have to perform for soulless narcissists you made a choice to be around, and consider yourself a failure?…


And despite all your evidence of all you parade and flaunt for desperate approval of the never feeling good enough, why do you still feel like you’re drowning behind the scenes?


Oh, that’s because you are. 


The depth gets worse. The inky black water is cold and sterile— The anchor is getting tighter around your ankles, you can’t breathe and I confirmed your worst nightmare.


You’re trapped from all 4 corners, and need to get out.


You need real help because you’re invisible to yourself.


I am glad you know it now…




Inner lacks are very visibly apparent to people with Cluster B personality disorders and they ruthlessly and mercilessly exploit you for them — (Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Histronics etc). In fact, the number 1 reason people end up bullied, taken advantage of, lied, scammed, and, cheated — is simply due to the very nature of not taking care of your inner lacks. Inner lacks are GLARING red flags often instilled into childhood and early adolescence through abusive and physically/emotionally violent caregivers (parents and extended family). Predators are consistently sifting for these.


Upon the turbulence of growth, one comes to find that the lack of the real bank of the virtues of WORTH AND HOLDING ONE’S OWN SELF, IN ESTEEM, ARE SIMPLY NON-EXISTANT.


Inner lacks are the very foundations of keeping yourself safe in a world ran by predators, for predators, designed and ruled by them. Some of us get a head start with what real evil looks like in our families of birth, consider it a catch 22, a “fuck you, cupcake”, if you may. You get to see the real world in a macrocosm and a microcosm of what this world really is and simultaneously shatter, as an individual. Many people wonder where their problems in life come from, and I am willing to bet my last Dollar and Dinar, that it is the very family they are born into, that destroys their ability to be a functioning human being, let alone adult.


Doing the emotional work, is key. It is mercenary for you to meet someone who knows you better than you, for starters–and to top it off, a person who will sadistically twist that knife to get what they desire from you. Your alleged stoicism, isn’t fooling anyone who knows what to look for and where. Inner lacks, are the foundations of LOVE, PEACE, UNITY, COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, AND, POWER.


There is a lady, she has been in the public eye for a while here in the UK — and her social media profile(s) are testament to these lacks I speak of. Her profile is a desperate cry for real validation that comes through being SEEN when you are LOVED fully by those who are related to. Her story is of a violent household, her father brutally beat her for coming home late from school, where it ended up by her sister telling her that their mother had sent a hitman to kill her because she brought her family “shame”.


Her crime? She wished to be free, sing, dance, and, be happy. She’s a good person and yet lacks real guidance in life. Most people lack real guidance. I was one of those people. Anyone who should have guided me and it was their responsibility to do so, failed me. I found guidance through the Spirits I work with. She ended up married to a con-artist, a snake who saw the pain, naivety, and, desire to be loved fully. Jobless, homeless, — so what? She “loved” him and married him. This is co-dependence and trauma bonding at it’s FINEST.


The smirk in his eyes, is unmistakable and after he tried to clean her cold for all she had, she finally divorced him. I am pleased she found the strength to kick him out. I wished I could sit and have coffee with her and just help her build a strong loving structure of self-value, as she already has understandings of Spirituality and it’s Tetrahedrons.


Only you know your situation well, however I am willing to BET most people on the planet, have never been loved properly. Their parent’s concept of love was ABUSE. Neglect, abandonment, shame, confusion, invalidation, sexual/emotional/financial/physical violence — a full out psychological war. This is considered normal and the norm (per se) for most. Those in power, your ruling families, have designed it as such. It behooves them to know that keeping you trapped in the dungeon of emotional pain, leave them free to torment and terrorize our pretty planet, Mummy Earth; as they see fit.


PS :(Shoutout to Mummy Earth, you are just so beautiful, your nature, indescribable stunning, and thank you for hosting me as your daughter of this planet of your Land and Sea.)


This world resigns you to chase empty material wealth, remove any sense of morality you may have, in pursuit of looking like you have reached an echelon of society much coveted by the ignorant, the brainwashed, the mindless. I have met many wealthy individuals in my time as I have roamed the globe a fair deal. I have possessed the pleasure of conversing and dining with them, interested to see the paradigm they see life, through. Material wealth covers the domains of material wealth — a righteous and good pursuit! Building wealth, receiving money is a good and healthy way to enrich your life. And yet there are few I have met who possess access to the material, who possess balance with the Spiritual. The peace and happiness of SELF-CARE. Spiritual can be the litany of what we do to heal ourselves, the Occult, the understanding of the hidden and the unseen.


So ask yourself “What am I doing to care for myself?”


What do I do, to prioritise myself, so that I never feel unwanted, invalidated, and, unloved — furthermore, relying on material possessions to carry me through? Money is not meant to fill the hole in your heart, you’re meant to do it via SELF-WORK.


What do I do, to take care of my body? To listen to MYSELF for once? To silence my whirring rushing mind?


To sit with the Truth?


To give a name to those INNER LACKS


Sorrow, grief, sadness, rage, anger, sadness, loss, emptiness.


To heal myself…


To become re-vamped in self-image, a glory of freedom, passion, and, limitless decadance of the Soul?


To finally walk out of the gilded cage you trained yourself to stay in?


They silenced you. And now, you’ve learned to silence yourself.


It’s time to break free.


It’s time to rise into your power….