The Responsibility of The HAVING of Money + Humanitarian Efforts

Money is a massive responsibility of life and I have always often been known to say that when you hit a certain stage and level, it is your JOB to send the elevator back down for people who require it most.


(Of course, you can only do that if you have a conscience…)


Many people are not humanitarian and altruistic in nature. Their goal is to only make a large amount of money, so they can afford nice things, fine wares, and, finally flex and shit on people whom they feel they want to be better than.  It is a sad circle of life.


As an Aquarian woman, when I was little as a girl, I always wanted to help people. My outlook was humanitarian in nature. I wanted to work for NGO’s, help kids in war torn countries, build wells for clean water, schools, community centres — and God Willing, I still will! 🙂 I wanted to show people (and I do it best in Spartanite) that there is hope for you and humanity still exists.


I’d share my stories, my food and drink, my love, my hugs, my understanding of life and I often wondered why in the world people were so damn MEAN. Mean as a snake, to a point I used to ask “Exactly what will this person lose if they help someone else?”.


One of my friends had a joke when I was younger that if I chose to marry a wealthy, handsome, loving, man, he would have come home to the mansion to find a whole heap of kids in the front room, litters of cats, dogs, and, other small animals being fed– after they all followed me home. He’d have assumed I took his money to go on crazy designer handbag + clothing shopping sprees, only to find out I took it and fed the entire neighbourhood, humans and animals alike. I laughed at her accuracy, because that is exactly what would have happened LOL.


Well many years on, fully in my embodiment and richness of Life, I came to realise most people are plain mean and selfish; because they are unhappy and they are miserable on the inside, despite and inspite of all they may have. No where do we see this more, than we do with money. Money has never turned a person mean and selfish; that seed already lives WITHIN them. Generosity is displayed in a person’s character no matter what you have or don’t have. No where am I able to help people more, than where I can in a sense of what money can buy. Shelter, Knowledge, Clothing, Transport, Food, Warmth, and, access to dignified living.


A solid foundation of a person is COMPASSION. When people lack compassion, that is where abuse becomes present. Abuse and Compassion cannot be present in the same axiom.


The first thing when I see someone with money, is “How did this person help others from what he/she made?”. There is no amount of riches of the bank account that ever, ever; compare to the kindness and riches of the spirit and the heart. When you are in possession of money, when it comes from the Particle Spin of Divine Love, you ALWAYS look happy. Transforming people’s lives, is my literal destiny and I am just the most excited to do it for people daily.


I have had many people ask me how I beam and radiate happiness in photos and my answer is always the same…


When you’re in service to God and humanity, you’re always, always happy. Even if you’re having a bad hair day lol 😀


As your coffers begin filling up, and, are full – you have a job to be a role model as a good and healthy custodian with money. It doesn’t matter what you have seen people “with money”, do. Let them create courses, lie to people about things, and then take down the site and run. That’s THEIR problem. Let them turn a blind eye to things. You are YOU and you have your own way that you wish to make a difference to provide value in someone’s life. Value is relative. Nothing is too cheap or too expensive; everything has a value, depending on where we are moving towards in life.


If you truly WANT the saying “money doesn’t make you happy” to switch to “money brings me immense amount of JOY, RADIANCE, and, HAPPINESS” — create an avenue of receipt of money in something that you TRULY adore and in that very exchange, the money will be like a starry night sky for you. Filled with wonder, awe, hope, peace, and, gratitude. Humanitarian efforts means thinking and looking past YOURSELF, a commitment of selfish indulgence; whereby you are required to possess a stable amount of abundance for Self, before you think to expand.


The biggest humanitarian effort and relief, you can provide; is firstly to yourself. To be a good, and kind person to yourself. To feed and clothe yourself well and with pride. To love and look after yourself nicely. Because all you do for yourself, is what people will see you can do for others. You are ONE person, and ONE PERSON can do an endless amounts of greatness for this planet.


The real question is, what will you choose to be remembered for?


What will your legacy for Self, and Others, be?


You can be the person you have always dreamed of becoming.