The Connection of Dark Feminine Energy and Sexy Money Flow

Oooh. Sexy Money Flow. Yummy 😉

As Spartanite deeply addresses healthy money flow, better sex and Goddess empowerment, lots of women often hold back their voice because apparently voicing your truth, is “masculine”. This alone, could not be further from the truth.

Feminine GODDESS Empowerment, is strong, sexy, FEMININE and filled with orgasmic creative joy, that runs through us. I talk a lot about the Dark Feminine as the deep, dark, seductive energy of having a Lilith in Scorpio placement, runs within me. I am always comfortable with the sex element of anything, and empowering and encouraging you to find that within yourself, is truly an honour. So many women, do not realise that in order to be in flow with MONEY, you must be comfortable with your deep, dark, seductive energy. You must find what makes YOU whole, dear Spartanite. You must find the courage to stand up for what and who you are and the whole premise of Spartanite, is not to copy someone’s style and ways of living, it is to create your own.

You will often find that women who are exceptionally comfortable in their sexuality, actually wield a lot of Financial power. You may be wondering “Well, why is this?”. This is because as I have stated in many of my previous posts, money and sex originate from the same root but ALSO about something that often goes overlooked in empowerment circles.

Money and Sex are ENERGY IN MOTION.

The more creative energy you have to pour into yourself, a funny thing ends up happening. You start to turn yourself on. And you notice this, as your libido becomes higher as you “fall” into feminine energy. Feminine energy by nature, is mysterious, cool and a bit distant. It is the MAN who must work for a woman’s attention, not the other way around–and this is why there is so much discord in the world today. Women are behaving very masculine, and doing what a man naturally does by chasing him. With money having strong masculine traits, you will often find that women (when we become desperate), do some very weird looking things in order to attract money.

The first thing we start to do, is sell our self worth.


With that said, start to cultivate a more feminine, empowered approach to life by being graceful. Think about what you are doing before you react and have the courage to sit with your emotions. This alone is going to make you more attractive to money, because you are at a point where you don’t desperately need it all the time. I am very aware how challenging it can be, to break out of a limiting, lack effect–however relaxing your body into feminine mode, allows you to RECEIVE money, which is something women in the modern day struggle with, because they are so used to doing the masculine mad dash, and feeling, empty, lost and broken on the inside.

Sexy Money Flow, is GODDESS Money.

Are you ready to receive Divine Feminine Abundance?

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