Cultivating HEALTHY Self Worth as a Goddess

I full well, remember, that over the years and building SPARTANITE, into something substantial, not only for myself however but for the women that shall find their own voice through my platform, this has been major sticking point.

When we say “but he/she mistreated us!”, let me tell you–you in some shape, or form, have been responsible for it.


When we as women have anything less that GODDESS SELF WORTH, all types of people will mistreat us, and no where more will we see this chronicle raise it’s ugly head, than with money and men (hey, I cover Financial and Sexual empowerment for a reason!). When we do not know how to opt out of a situation, that is toxic, negative and bad for our health, we keep feeding it with our own life prana/force/chi energy. There are a lot of people who think they can just show up in your life, erode your boundaries and you’re supposed to sit there and smile. These people know themselves, and you have to know them better, otherwise, you will find that they wear you out like nothing, and you sit there and complain.

Women with a WINNER mindset, do not take any garbage from anyone. They are the first to call people out on their shit and if you bring any drama to their door, they will simply distance themselves from you. There are people personally in my life who have randomly sent me a message or an e-mail and got no response, because in our emotional bank, they made too many withdrawals and not enough deposits. No one has time for that once in a year text/call, to “see how you are”, when you cannot be bothered to maintain anything healthy to begin with.

Teaching women TRUE GODDESS SELF WORTH teaches all of us, never to accept shitty excuses, poor boundary overwalking and people who have nothing good to give you in their life. People are either adding to your life and taking away from it. Have the foresight, and intuition to always ask yourself “What does this person want from me?”, because everyone wants something. It just depends if it is a healthy interaction or NOT.


You teach people what you will put up with, and not put up with–in the same sentence. You teach people what shitty, stupid behaviour you are willing to accept and what you will refute and refuse. You, alone, will create a worthy, stable, beautiful and incredible version of yourself. Never allow any of your past experiences to dim your shine.

State the things you are not comfortable with, and make it very strong when people feel they can overstep those boundaries. Remember, you cannot attract and command a life filled with Financial and Sexual happiness, if you are always afraid to express your opinion.

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