10 Things Spartanite Living Taught Me

So, as the Founder of this wonderful movement, people often ask me what common wisdom I can impart onto other clarity seekers in life. Below are the 10 things, or rather what you would call Spartanite Life Hacks, that I would encourage all women to use to move forward.

1) Being an adult, is possibly the hardest thing ever. Especially, if you have a trauma background stemming from abuse. I encourage you to seek help via Spiritual rebalancing and counselling, to give you clarity on all your patterns and especially not to transmute them to your kids.

2) Money is oxygen. Stop running away from your broken relationship with money and run towards fixing it. It’s going to hurt. That’s how all great healing starts.

3) Develop your SELF WORTH. You teach people how to treat you at all times, and just remember, people are always watching.

4) You can overcome any type of pain, if you put your mind to it. Most people fail to do so, because their mind has given up, long before their body does.

5) What has worth, is worth paying for. When you buy cheap, you buy twice. Plus people judge you based on what you charge anyway (if you are in Business)

6) No matter what your budget, always have your nails and eyebrows done– and red lipstick to hand. These are some of the first things people notice about you as well as good conditioned hair, and shoes. Make sure to keep your teeth as white as possible.

7) The best way to deal with toxic people, is ignore them. You take the air out of their balloon and you ensure peace of mind.

8) Be respectful of people, until someone gives you a reason not to be. Then, take matters into your own hands and destroy the enemy, completely.

9) Stop waiting for change, if you aren’t willing to change. Change comes from within.

10) Treat sex as precious and sacred, because it IS. Stop laying down with the first nice looking man you find, lest you end up with STI’s and negative spiritual entities that possess you as a result of it. People exchange energy during sex. Make sure your partner is energetically AND physically, clean.

I would love to hear what life wisdom you have to share with us, in the comment box below