Healing Yourself To A Healthy Relationship With Self

Firstly, I am going to start this post by saying, that if you’re truly looking for a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF, you MUST be willing to CHANGE the mess that keeps you trapped and stuck. Most people struggle in every single area of their life, because of warped societal conditioning that tells you expressing emotions is a weakness.

Weakness is — (and let me make this very clear) not dealing with your emotions, PROPERLY. Weakness is hiding away from your emotions because they feel “icky, eww and I don’t want to face it”.

Healthy relationships in a world filled with mental illness, mental sickness and screwed up ways of thinking, are the most challenging to achieve. We do not know what lies on the otherside. I personally remember after the evil spirits left me, my world fell apart. I thought I was mentally insane and was going to be sectioned years back. I quickly grabbed hold of the number of my local doctor’s surgery, scheduled an appointment with a counsellor and ran with it. I had no qualms about being judged for being a basket case or crazy–in fact, I thought to myself “jeez, I wonder what is the worst that can happen?”.

To my surprise (and relief) — I found that the next year, went smoothly. I learned VALUABLE techniques of relating to myself, for the very first time in my life—I learned how my parent’s unresolved trauma bugged me and drowned me in toxic dysfunction. Each week, as I lay in my bed filled with tears and realisation, I knew I was that ONE step closer to mastering my own emotions that had eluded me for YEARS.

In fact, this is the basis of my new programme SPARTANITE LOVE GODDESS. Having undergone Spiritual counselling, psychotherapy, EMDR, Chakra cleansing and aura/soul restorations — I easily saw how women were attracting nothing but the wrong men, and how they could fix their OWN patterns to change this. When you’re not consciously aware of your patterns, you are habitually destined to repeat them all the time, until it drives you crazy enough to change. Teaching women to have healthy relationships with the Self and with men, ultimately stems from knowing the patterns that you have unconsciously learned and keep perpetuating, keeping you stuck in the same stuck consciousness.

Having a healthy relationship with yourself, if you’re truly brave enough to let go of the shit that holds you back. Most people are so used to that sludge and shitty way of thinking and life—that they cannot imagine a life WITHOUT it. The sludge has become their identity. They are used to being poor, hapless, helpless, victimlike and apologizing for their entire existence. They are used to, (so very used to), being INVISIBLE.


This normally comes to fruition after abuse. I have felt this personally on very many deeper levels and used all types of energy work, to eliminate myself feeling that way. I refused to let life events hold me back in my love life, my finances, my health etc. when you TRULY value the relationships you have around yourself, you will do everything in your power to heal what you struggle with (we all struggle with something), because it’s MAGNITUDE IMPACTS OTHERS.

Imagine you have kids in the future, or already have them—and didn’t deal with your issues because you like to pretend they don’t exist and hide away. Who suffers? Both you AND YOUR KIDS. Your trauma becomes THEIR BURDEN. Please stop thinking selfishly and know that your relationship with SELF, affects all lives connected with you ­čÖé

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