What Excuses or Results Are You Giving Yourself?

In life, you will either have an excuse why you didn’t get something done–or the result of why it was done. Below are 5 real life accounts that I have spoken on, over the years—and how Person X (the victim excuse maker) and Person Y (the results change maker) would idealistically respond. I make this post because it is important for us to catch ourselves out on our own thinking. Persons X and Y are also real life responses I wrote down on how people responded.

1. “I set up Spartanite (insert your own company name here) from scratch. It was hard work and there were many challenges along the way”

X : “See. This is why I don’t do Business. How boring. All you do is work. What time would you spend with your family or friends and what if you go broke and then people laugh at you. Not for me.”

Y “That’s admirable. Are you able to share how you did it? How did you overcome your challenges?”

2. “Making money is simple. All you need to do is find something that truly lights you up in the world, remove your money blocks and align yourself to receive it”

X : “What a crock of shit. Money is so hard to come by in today’s age. Jobs are in short supply and you need to compete for the best position out there. Psh. Passions don’t pay you—otherwise i’d have made a million going to art school. Best thing you can hope for is the welfare system, pensions and maybe a nice lottery win. Can’t hurt to dream, ey? By the way, if money is SUCH an easy thing *waves hands like an idiot* why don’t you live in a nice big mansion?”

Y “I agree. Money is simply the value that you share with others and money blocks can really hold you back. Is there any way to solve this issue—I have found myself struggling for a while and I am ready to have a good money stream come towards me?. Do you teach this stuff?”

3.There are many good men who want commitment, are loyal and worth marrying.

X : “Yeah fucking right. Any man I have met is a useless emotional wreck. They all seem to just want sex and run away from commitment. I slept with 2 guys and they both dumped me. I wish I could find a good man, but they don’t even exist.”

Y “I agree. My relationships have sometimes been challenging with men, but I am working on myself. I know it must have been something I am doing that attracted these men. I am always open to discovering new ways of understanding a man and what makes him tick.”

4. Life is supposed to be fun, worth living and enjoyable.

X : “Sure. When I was 5. All my horrible experiences taught me I can’t trust anyone, and plus it’s everyone else’s fault. I try my best. I want a better life but meh—what’s the point? Anyways, we’ll speak in a bit, there’s a show on TV I need to catch up on. Chat later!”

Y : “If you create your own destiny, yes! Why would anyone want to live a miserable life?”

5. The wealthy are great! You can learn so much from spending time with a wealthy person because of their mindset

X : “I hate rich people–fucking lying, scamming cheating bastards. Think they are better than everyone else, because they have a million dollar house and some rich butler cooking them breakfast. They never work and just party all the time. They don’t know the struggle and how hard it is to only live on little money, whilst Mario the Dog, gets gourmet meals. Plus, I’m not greedy anyways—what would I do with all that money? I’d give it to charity anyway. Being rich isn’t important and money isn’t either.”

Y “Yes so I have heard. Wealthy people just see money differently–wow they always have money. I wonder what their secret is and they don’t seem stingy like the average person. Any idea how I can befriend a few? I’d love to be rich myself!”