How To Keep Laser Focus and Achieve All Your Goals

Your goals define you as a person.


Ask most people, and they do not have set defined goals that contribute to their overall life Success and what they can achieve. I do not mean this strictly from a business standpoint, although I shall cover a lot of that as well. A lot of people who want to have a life of their own choosing, especially Entrepreneurially, are going to face an IMPOSSIBLE road ahead. Entrepreneurship is the daily fight of being excited and terrified, all in the same sentence, for your Life and your Business. Every single business owner knows this from experience. It is a HUGE jump from Employment to Entrepreneurship because Society teaches you to follow, and not Lead. Leadership is persuasion, and influence, predominantly. Of course, other factors come into play; however for the most part, when you master these 2 techniques, all falls into line.


Laser Focus, is imperative for a Successful life. You need to know about your goals and to eliminate what isn’t working. If your business isn’t performing, evaluate, pivot, and either grow or let it go. Don’t be complacent about it. Don’t be complacent about pulling the trigger and firing up action. There are days and times to rest, reflect, and enjoy and there are times to enter the cage, ready for war. Such is the nature of life. So what is laser focus and how do we go about achieving it? Laser focus, is interesting in its own self.


It is both Planar and Linear.


A prime example is Time. Time is PLANAR and not Linear. Most people think that the concept(s) of today, tomorrow, yesterday (etc), exist. None of those exist and time is fluid. Hence through Planar engineering, you can bend it. I can have met you 2 months back, and we sit for coffee today and it feels like 2 hours ago. Time is a fluid concept. It is funny. The same thing goes for your goals. No matter WHO you are reading this, The Divine HAS IT worked out for you. Stop bugging and stressing out that you need to achieve this or that in YOUR set amount of man-made time. As long as you are constantly working on yourself everyday, results are going to come. Be consistent, keep going, keep showing up, and be persistent. Never give up on YOUR dream(s). They were given to you for a REASON. You are unique and special in your OWN way and you have your OWN special sauce to contribute to this world. Don’t let the walking dead shame or talk you out of your biggest desires and goals.


Here are 3 solid ways to achieve your goals 🙂


1.Know what it is you ACTUALLY want. Lordy. The amount of times people say they want this or that because they saw someone ELSE have it, is beyond belief. It’s as pointless as me saying I want a boat because I’d look fancy in a hat and dress on it. It isn’t MY dream, hence I don’t advance towards it. Dear Spartanite/Spartanite Man, know your CORE DESIRE. Ruminate. Search. Meditate. Ask your guides. And for Heaven’s sake, stop picking up your phone to distract you when you’re getting the answers. Your core desire will scare you because you know how much you need to jump into a bigger version of yourself. That’s ideal. Let it inspire, and not frighten you!


2. Do not leave ANY ROOM for excuses or fear. Fear is a concept that should not be entertained. People who give room for fear to birth in their heart, often find themselves on the other side of the wall where the food is, and they are still hungry. Excuses need to be shut down super fast, by taking action on them. The more TIME you have to think about what you fear, the more the fear grows. As soon as you feel the seed of excuses and fear, shut it down. Fear is different to danger. Danger registers in the body as PANIC. This is BODY intelligence and do not ignore it, for it will cost you, your life. When you want something in life, go after it. This is YOUR life and stop letting people who have given up on their dreams, talk you out of yours. You will go with the flow, when you create your OWN flow.


3. Be persistent. Many people do not achieve the core desire, because they are not persistent about it. Persistence and Determination, wins all fights and wars, simply because it is impossible to beat a person who doesn’t give up. IN LIFE, LOVE, AND BUSINESS. It is okay to feel sad, low, depressed, feeling like you’ll never make it. Don’t allow these emotions to stop you advancing. Wallow in them for as long as you need. Give yourself space, time, Love, and compassion. Get up and move again. You are NEVER too damaged in any area to align with your dream life. Years ago, I thought I was beyond repair and today, I PROVE to people through Spartanite and my own LIFE, that no one, no matter how far fucked up and gone your life or case may be, is irreparable. Where there is a will, there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS — A WAY.


Combine these 3 ways, and you will always possess laser focus. Train your mind through meditation and allowing your spirit guides (we all have them) to speak with you. RECEIVE the information, and act on it. Keep going and never stop. The life you want, IS POSSIBLE. The Love, you want is possible. The Business you want, is possible.




You owe it to yourself to give yourself the life you DESERVE. You only get one shot on this Earth.


Don’t waste it. 


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Only The Strong Survive.