Aggrandizing Success With A Growth Based Mentality By Eliminating Limitation

When you set out to do grand things in life, small minded people will always do their best to come with their 2 cents of jaded criticism and find something wrong with you.

Ironically enough, you will never find someone doing something MORE than you, trying to hold you back. 

A while back, one of my friends decided to Google me and sent me a screenshot of a bitchfest in my name on a “gossip blog”, that was posted earlier in the year. The word gossip, was enough comedy for the day. Any person who has the time to sit and comment on gossip columns and boards, has already lost at life. I felt remarkably proud of Spartanite that people were commenting about it on a suspicious level, after I have helped thousands of people in over 30 countries globally, achieve happiness, wealth, sexual empowerment and occult education on a platform that I could have once, only dreamed of.

Aggrandizing success, isn’t for the faint hearted. It isn’t for people who are terrified of what others think of them. I will never forget a woman asking me once about her love interest “Does he think of me?” to which my reply was “What he thinks of you, is none of your business. What he DOES to move towards you, is.”. Most people have a reductionist, LIMITED mentality and hence they can never win at life. There is always SOME excuse getting in the way, that stops them moving to where they THINK they desire to be. In order to move forward with Success, one needs to herald a mentality of SUCCESS, BY ANY MEANS, SUCCESS. This does not mean that you resort to nefarious activities. It means possessing a flexible strategy for Life, so that at any given time, you always have something to occupy you to add to what you wish to do.

People who have a good understanding of material wealth, often end up amassing a good deal of it.

You can strip it away from them, and they will still begin from scratch. They operate on a sense of merit and no where is this more evident, than in Business. People ONLY pay you in Business, when what you are selling is MORE valuable than what is in their wallet. Too many people want to sell things that are not in “demand” and wonder why the money isn’t flowing in. Years back, I decided to sell things (that you can now see in our Store) that are in DEMAND. The lines of work I move through, are slightly avantgarde–and in my own lane, the ability to bring results and wipe out ALL magickal/spiritual blocks, makes me a pioneer in my own field. I am a woman. I am of a culture where the work I do is STRICTLY frowned upon (can’t let a “woman” get too much power for herself, now can you lol?) and I am a fairly young individual. Most people let others who are going NO WHERE IN LIFE, hold them back. You have to be HONEST to assess yourself and assess others, something Clauneck — Spirit of Value, Wealth, and Merchant Finance always taught me. Clauneck used to ruthlessly tear apart everywhere he thought other humans would see weaknesses and attack me, and told me to fix them. It hurt hearing my own weaknesses, however I was determined to transform. Some days were harder, than others.

Most people have to look at money and have moral breakdowns about it. This is what causes people the most pain in Society. Money is a tool. One can utilise it for benevolent or evil purposes, the choice is yours. The Law of Magnetism, always works. Those who value their worth and their time, are generally and generously compensated for it because they have desired to build the inner money bank first (you can increase on this using Etymology and through our audio classes, found here).

You do not attract what you want. You attract what you ARE. Read that a million times, until it clicks at a sub-atomic level. In order to attract something, one must vibrate at that frequency.

Money can always be made, no matter where you go. In small or large amounts, money is everywhere. Success doesn’t have to be what everyone ELSE who has money has. Success is a personal choice. I personally don’t wear all out fancy designer clothes and carry £5,000 handbags, because I don’t NEED to and those things do not attract me. I don’t suddenly feel aligned with them because I can get them. Learn whom you are on the inside when you aggrandize Success and ask yourself what money means for YOU as a person. Stop letting limited people, limit you.

If you have listened to everyone limited and stay limited, you have no one but YOURSELF, to blame. Get around people who think independently and don’t stay in the sheepdog fence that has been ascribed to them.

Oh and — I don’t know who needs to read this (but someone does — so here I am writing it.). Stop having meaningless sex with people whose auras are dirty and drain your potential to have a wonderful life. The polarity of sexual exchange means someone will either recharge your battery (your physical body) or drain you. Most people are sick, tired, lethargic, and exhausted without their knowledge, because they are having sex with someone/people who are LOW vibrational. You can raise your vibration FAST without an hour of meditation daily (although meditation is amazing and I recommend it!) and radiate a SHINING aura, using this link.

Sex is ritualistic. It is prayer. It is meditation. It is synergy. And it is a gateway to another world.

Sexual energy IS YOUR HORSEPOWER. Stop giving yours away. Aggrandize your Life Success with an unstoppable presence.

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Only The Strong Survive.