The Iron Ring of Financial Success : Weak Mind or Weak Wallet?

As a patronage of the Iron Ring Mentality, writing in the heat and the darkness simultaneously, is a certain flare of excitement, eroticism, and desire. 


Today lends for an important mentality switch that most on their path to Success, miss out. Upon building the foundations of whatever you choose to, be it Business or Life Strategy in itself, a weak mind will kill your dreams faster than a person in a chokehold. Get used to strangling your excuses as soon as you see them, otherwise you will come to find their thorny weeds growing in the garden where your Acres of Diamonds, should be.


Most people’s dissatisfaction stems from a weak mind, and not a weak wallet.


A weak wallet, can easily be cured with the Iron Ring mentality, a mentality that empowers you to propel yourself forward, despite all the hurts, pains, and low points every single human being has. When you have a genuine desire to achieve and secure something for yourself, NO, is not an option. It is an option for someone with a weak mind, it is not an option for someone who possesses control over their mind. Yes, external axioms exist to coerce and leverage, however all Strength, comes from WITHIN. So if there is something that isn’t going/coming your way, somewhere — your mind is what needs to be worked on. I am not talking about garbage motivational seminars (although they do enough to raise your adrenaline for a good couple of days with zero plan to follow), or immersion of a modality that is surface level. A weak wallet, is the cry of mind, and yet, often ; many do not stop and think that should they cure their weak mentality, that weak wallet disappears equally.


Can a person with a weak mind, possess a strong wallet, you may inquisitively ask?




Many born into generational wealth and accustomed to money around them all the time, become lackadaisical. Such is the seductive nature of money. It is wild, free, and expansive.It buys time, access, and to a large degree, most people. The joke is just, people don’t want to admit they can be bought. In most cases, people have set numbers. Then they try to pretend that their fake morality will keep them from it. This isn’t referring to the human trafficking trade. I, ABHOR and despise that. I am speaking of the “price” most can be bought, depending what THEY think they are worth. I will touch on this in details, in a future blog post.


The premise of TRUE wealth consciousness, speaks to the balance of building your internal money bank up, in such a way that you’re pragmatic about life. A person who possesses a strong mind, can easily out-run and outshine even those who possess far more access to resources through their weight of the digits in their account,simply through laser precision and strategy. I have a lovely client who said one of her money blocks she realised after working with me was thinking “only broke people pay in installments”. Personally, even when I can afford things in full, installments are a wonderful option. For many reasons that perhaps I may not go into a public platform, however there is nothing “unbecoming” of paying with a payment plan. You have a commitment, a contract, and you get your end goal. What is the issue with that? Stop letting people who cannot swing a cat by it’s tail in their kitchen in the right manner, shame you, out of the LIFE you want. Stop letting people control your thoughts, your mind, your approach to life. ALL things are possible with the IRON RING mentality, a mentality that is Successful, by all means necessary acclimated to you.


If you run a business reading this, stop worrying about the weak wallet.  Weak wallets are not even something that you need to discuss. Everyone has money for what they truly want. There is a morsel of wisdom in that line that perhaps may take some, months upon months, of retrospective inquisition –– all humans have money for what they truly want, should they not possess discretionary funds, they will have access to it. The issue isn’t the funds, the issue is the urgency and desire to be in a better place. A lot of people, are happy where they are, hence it is easy to say “I cannot afford it” or whatever other nonsense we lie to ourselves on a daily basis about, instead of just approaching ourselves with honesty and humility by stating “It isn’t a priority for me at present.” When we open the faculty of the psychic warehouse, locked deep in the vaults of the mind, this warehouse, provides you clarity on strengthening your mind.


This is not done through external motivation. It is done through working on MENTAL faculties. In Life, Love, and in Business — imprint of what you deeply desire, and work towards it. IF YOU’RE NOT ACHIEVING SUCCESS AFTER YOUR FULL DETERMINATION, YOUR PROBLEM IS OF A SPIRITUALLY/OCCULT BASED NATURE and shall need to be worked on, as such. Stop thinking people who do not understand the Unseen, can assist you at a core level. By nature, the Iron Ring Mentality, is MAGICKAL (yes, with the K) in form, as is all of life. One needs to fixate time, and space, in order to achieve your goal, and create unstoppable internal force and motivation to face all that comes your way. Blaze yourself to push forward. Know when the body requires rest, know when the body is primed to destroy. Know THYSELF and no one can have control over you. Not especially your wallet, or others.


Money can buy you many things.


It cannot BUY you the IRON RING. The Iron Ring, is forged from Hellfire and Steel. 


Embrace the Void. Come walk with us.


Dare to BE your OWN YOUR PERSON. 


Let’s drink to the chalice of piercing clarity, and your Success.



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Only The Strong Survive.