How To Change Your Timeline (and Life) through Word Vibrations & DNA Rewiring

Knives that pass underwater, do not leave marks.  


Modern life is sheer and absolute insanity. Western society, is an open air mental asylum and you can see all the inmates running around, like lunatics. Just go to your local busiest train station and observe.


With that said, there is something in every single person’s life, that they want to leave behind and change. It can be leaving behind scarcity consciousness (I am tired of struggling), it can be healing trust issues and a broken heart (I am tired of people leaving, hurting, abusing, and using me), it can be desiring grand health (I am tired of this excessive weight and unhealthy lifestyle), and what have you under the sun. As a person who has transformed her whole life, simply by being mindful of the words that leave my mouth, I also know how people talk themselves into binds, and talk themselves out of them. This is the surface area of things like “positive thinking” and “affirmations”. Firstly, I am all for strong thinking and speaking life into yourself and someone. What I am NOT for, is empty affirmations. And most affirmations, are HOLLOW.


The worst offenders are the ones when it comes to money. Especially when someone is desperately trying to convince themselves they have what they do not have. It looks stupid. That is not the type of “talk yourself into success I am referring to”. Affirmations are ONLY healthy with DNA rewiring. When I used to be broke and worked crazy jobs (the real hustle), and had NOTHING in my life, I did not convince and lie to myself that I was financially successful (although at every turn I felt it deeply swimming within my cells and blood). I was REALISTIC in accepting my circumstances and then set out to use Planar Engineering, to transform it. By no means, am I qualified in ANY engineering lines.  I hated school and I am a University dropout.


However, I have enough acasual and causal knowledge to know that leveraging and manipulation OF the alchemical worlds, makes for fast movement in the chemical, REAL world (that you and I, can see). 


Personal Note : When I was 19, I worked with Goddess Innana, Queen of Sumeria/Mesopotamia (and can also cross into the  Babylonian, Assyrian and Akkadian dynasties) and was made privy to how to inscribe Sumerian Cuneiform, that of which I still use today in my workings. This came through happenstance in my life when I was studying at University and was hungrily drawn to the ancient Middle Eastern empires, upon which most of Iran and Iraq, lies in present age. I didn’t know what lay there for me, I was just so hungry to warp the timeline, to go back in time to understand Forbidden Knowledge that most of the human race, is kept away from. Innana told me that I would face SEVERE psychosis and difficulty in the most of my 20’s (I did), as the Underworld Trial of Fire out of which; I would either, die physically, or create and fortify myself with an Iron Ring of Fire that I would choose to teach in Life, Love, and Business. I wasn’t prepared for the level of insanity she spoke of which I now affectionately refer to as “The Nine Floors Of Hell” — that can be found here. At least, I didn’t die (a plus!) and here I am teaching and sharing, what I learned.  At 19, to be told, that your whole life is going to be torn apart further into unrecognisable pieces, after losing your parent viciously, in the previous year, isn’t for the faint hearted. I am glad I have had the strength to endure, and survive.


Most people are trapped in stuck consciousness. They do not realise that their life looks like a fishbowl to those who have the EYE to see.


They are speaking consistently something into their life, or out of it and hence, when the solution is presented to them, their brain (neural pathways) are SO accustomed to speak the LACK of something, they simply talk themselves out of what would have been the best solution for them. This is the reason when I speak with people, in a few short sentences, I can often see what swims in their mind because of the VIBRATIONS behind their words, are creating their reality all day long. There are many who present themselves with fearless confidence as a thin veneer to stop anyone from seeing the pain they hide behind closed doors. I used to be that person many years back, so this isn’t shade on anyone. I truly hope any person honourable who has had multiple pains, finds the way to heal their heart, truly.


Beginning with DNA rewiring, means dealing with the Seen and the Unseen. The Unseen manifests in the Seen.


When you want to change your life for the better, empty affirmations, aren’t going to cut it. Taking more courses, degrees, and other forms of “education”, isn’t going to suddenly get you to the life you want. You cannot randomly hire some coach or mentor, you cannot go to some business events or some “life mastery and advice” events and think all will fall into place. You will STILL be stuck in that lower consciousness, and hurting even more.


The human body, is an ALCHEMICAL MIRACLE and HONOURING yourself, is the prime basis, of where we begin from. If you do not value the vessel (your physical body) in which LIFE has been blessed to you with, you’re past redemption. That, even I, as Spartanite; won’t be able to help you with. DNA rewiring simply means changing your frequency, and hence changing your timeline. Most people vibrate at very low levels, and because of that, cannot achieve the goals they want. Be it generating more money, finding the RIGHT person, improving your health, and whatever else you can dream of. There are 3 major areas to assess. Your aura. Your chakras. Your energies. The human race is SO damaged, that it takes SO MUCH DNA WORK to restore you to fluency that you’re meant to have naturally. NO AMOUNT of subconscious work, affirmations, hypnosis, NLP, whatever else is on the market, will work LONG TERM, if you do not work with your blood and your DNA to CHANGE your cellular structure. Firstly, you need to know what your END GOAL IS, so you know what it looks like when you come across it in person. Now, imagine, you want to meet the right person and you’re trying to bend time and space to meet this man/woman — you’re going to have to have a VERY CLEAR idea of what person you desire to end up with, and KEEP DOING the DNA work to SPEED UP the process PLUS bend TIME and you do this by ENERGETICALLY being open and receptive to NEW THINGS so that things align FAST with you. Stop doing the same old tired boring bullshit, and expect new results. You may have to break energetic and magickal holds on you that stop you meeting this person, DO IT. Stop taking no for an answer when you want something.


If you find yourself always in disaster, take a good hard look at yourself. What is coming out of your mouth? When you see someone successful, what is coming out of their mouth (because that is what is going in their mind…) and what can YOU learn from this individual to come out ahead and rewrite your story. It is YOUR story and no one else’s. YOU make the final decision and you’re the author/authoress of what you choose your life to look like. ALL concerns in life, are alchemical in nature. As an Occultist, I know this well. I often know when I see health issues in someone, that their entire Spirit, down to their meridians (especially in their Spine and base of the neck) are out of line, not to mention, their blood isn’t clean. That’s for another topic. It isn’t a medical issue. It has MANIFESTED into a medical issue. As above, so below.


Watch all the words you speak. Watch the vibrations you give off. KEEP SPEAKING what you want into existence, and do not stop. Stop saying “I am this or that” when your entire being wants to bitch slap you and say “no the fuck, you’re not”. Make a list of what you desire to see yourself as, and then use DNA rewiring to seamlessly move this process along. The human mind is INCREDIBLE. ALL of us, have many powerful gifts that people either balk or marvel at. All humans are psychic, there are just levels to it. Don’t allow the corrosive collective mind wipe to ROB YOU OF YOUR POWER.












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Only The Strong Survive.