King Clauneck & Solving Problems Using The Empire Winning Mentality

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum,- Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life. He is a very ancient Spirit, and would provide you advice and financial mentorship BEYOND your expectations that is LIFE CHANGING.

I often speak about the Chessboard mentality on Strategy and Winning, however I don’t often cover the Empirical drive that comes behind it.

DISCLAIMER : First is first, Clauneck is cool with you whatever race, religion, or socio-economic background. I often get questions like “Hey I am Muslim, can I work with Clauneck?” or “I go to Church, is it okay to speak with Clauneck?” “I don’t have much money, how do I approach Clauneck?”. Clauneck is really cool and friendly. He has no problem with anyone loving their religion/faith and working with him. I do exactly that and actually came to find I learned more about myself, my faith I was born into, and the world, through keeping an open mind ? — As long as you RESPECT him, he’s fine. (Just like all of us..)

With that said…


Sitting in a warm spa in a fluffy robe after arriving late for my birthday treat to myself earlier in the year, I was trying to look “cool” after rushing in and trying to calm myself down with some fresh orange water adorned with mint leaves. The spa was so beautiful and situated in my favourite hotel here in London. There were some empty sofa chairs infront of me, and I saw my spirit guide Belvia sitting there, drinking some orange water as well and smiling at me and flipping through a magazine. I felt sleepy in this robe and tried to keep myself up when I suddenly looked around and a question came to me.

*Ahlaven Esen Clauneck Kiar*

I chanted Clauneck’s enn a few times in my head, and felt the temperature drop to signify the “phone line had connected”. I knew whatever I asked him, he would respond to me. So I began. I was all excited about spending a few hours in this place. The lady was still finishing setting up the room, as I had come in late, so I could buy atleast 5 mins.

Me : “Hello Clauneck! I am really excited to spend time here. I wanted to ask you something. Why don’t people come here more often? Is it because it is out of their budget? I mean that’s a valid reason, right?”

Clauneck : “Hello Nadia. How is it going for you? Oh that. No, it’s not to do with money. They think they don’t deserve “fancy treatment”, but blame it on the money. They are mainly INTIMIDATED by Luxury and feel small infront of it. They tell themselves, “it’s expensive” but in actual fact, nothing is expensive. People just have cheap minds. It is a self-worth issue. They feel unworthy, poor, ugly, and undeserving of nice things. Strange way of humans to live, but *sigh* — that’s the majority for you. And because they feel so undeserving, nothing nice ever really happens for them. They cheat themselves out of it.”

Me : *thinks on they are mainly intimidated by luxury*

Clauneck : “Let that sink in. All your life, the humans are told that things are expensive. But are they REALLY? Or is it more to do with the fact that the rules of the game have changed and people simply just do not want to change with it?”

Me : “I think I see what you’re saying here. So basically, as my mentality changed, this place looked normal for me? Can you expand. I don’t have much time plus I want to fully understand what you’re saying? How about say for instance if someone wanted to book a service in this place and they were trying to find space for you but they are so busy, and the person KEEPS e-mailing and calling?”

Clauneck : “We can speak later if you wish. However, in short — your mentality did not change as much as it went back to it’s original setting. Prosperity. There are much, much cheaper spas than this, and it is not they don’t serve nice little fruit and tea at the end. You see worth and value in yourself, Nadia. And you act on that worth now. You feel worthy to place this money on yourself and receive the best because you have fully understood what it’s like to ENJOY the best. Instead of cheating yourself out of something, you put yourself forward, and you keep doing it. There’s a reason you have been able to grow quickly. You have really invested your time into enhancing and healing your self-worth that was so damaged. Now, about the person that keeps calling. They don’t understand boundaries, and that person is anxious-attached. It is not the responsibility of the receptionist to email within 5 minutes of receiving the e-mail enquiry, especially if she needs to cross-check something before she responds. Can the beautician begin her facial, if she does not have all her products? The logical answer is no, right. But some people are pushy and impatient because they think things need to happen on THEIR time. If a facial is for one hour, you cannot RUSH IT. If someone does not respect your need to rest, not to mention, come back to them, when you’re ready ; you don’t need to work with them. Plenty more WILL respect you.”

Me : “I got what you’re saying. So it’s a worth issue. This makes a lot of sense. And for people who want to rush you, you’re right. Nothing great can be rushed, and I definitely deal with people when everything is ready and presentable to share with them. If they cannot understand that, they need to deal with it themselves. Why do people complain so much about the price of things?”

Clauneck : “Complaining is a habit, Spartanite. A nasty, and stupid one at that. Nonetheless,a habit. If it can be solved by money, it’s a cheap problem. Throw money at 99% of things, and they WILL BE SOLVED. It’s why I told you to keep your mouth shut when you didn’t have access to money. Money is NEVER EVER the problem. It is always the mentality of lack that is keeping a person stuck. And since I have taught you well, and so has Bune, on how people simply want their stuck consciousness, don’t expect much.”

“Hello, Nadia? Hey! The room is ready for you, you may come in ? “

The lady invited me in, and I thanked Clauneck for his quick insight and he wished me a restful afternoon at the spa.

“Remember you deserve it, and you’re welcome. We’ll chat when you’re home” were his last words before I waved bye to him mentally..

On the way home, I thought long and hard. “If can be solved by money, it’s a cheap problem”. What an empirical state of mind. As I began using that mantra every single day after he said it, I began viewing things differently. Dealing with clients became easier and the quality were much nicer. Or is it had I personally changed? Was I able to serve, give, love, and lead more? One thing is for sure. King Clauneck, truly is the KING OF MONEY, because the mentality he teaches us (who want to learn, that is), is to always look at money as something that can be brought in, manifested, and used in the correct manner.

Thank you Clauneck, and thank you for allowing me to share your insights and wisdom for all those who want to educate themselves to have a stronger, healthier, empowered money story.

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