In case no one seems to have figured it out, Men are under attack on every part of this planet.


No where more, than in the West. Every time I step out of the house, I see men looking increasingly feminine and girly to the point, it becomes physically repulsive and truly disgusting. I can sit on a train and the women look masculine, thuggish, and like brutes — and you’re like “oh hell naw, this whole crossing gender traits is exactly what the Negative side of Aquarius Age (Kali Yuga), is doing. They are foaming at the mouth to get humans to hate each other”


I have empathy for a lot of men. I see how men are struggling and really don’t know what in the world to do anymore. Masculinity is severely under attack and the number of genuine masculine men, is at an all time low. Men are frustrated, angry, and fighting. Fighting against what they are turning them into. I see this struggle everyday. A man just doesn’t know what the fuck to be any longer. Men are told to “be a man” (read : be an asshole who shows no emotion), they suffer.


Now they are told, embrace the emotion and it’s got to the point of nonsense. They are mixing Estrogen in the water, lacing special kind of pixels on your porn sites laced with very very powerful magick, and manufacturing GMO products to make men lazy, slow, DISINTERESTED in women (but of course interested in porn), and to be ridiculed.


I saw a guy sitting infront of me at an event I attended earlier in the week. When he got up and turned around, I was ready to scream.


He had earrings in bigger than mine, and a nose ring. I just didn’t know what to think apart from feeling sheer disgust. I log into Instagram and see a sponsored ad, on men should wear makeup if they want to. NO. Mentally, I am consistently rejecting what they are turning men into. Making men think that being feminine is normal. It is NOT.


It is like when I went shopping the other day and I saw a woman dressed so masculine, I was looking at the man serving her, looking at her thinking WTF. The Zeta Reticuli’s are clever. They want to steal our planet and are doing so slowly minus the majority of the humans noticing. They hate the feminine (the evil ones, not the odd kind one to us humans and will help us) and hence the FIRST thing they want to do, is take out OUR line of defence. A woman relies on a man to protect her from harm. A man is designed to be your shield and your sword when you need him most. Through the destruction of the masculine mind through pornography, feminism, and feminising the men — they make a woman naturally feel sick and disgusted around men. This plague has completely swept around the West. Men in other countries are still doing decently. I can fly abroad and you can feel the normal masculinity that is meant to be there.


So many women get up and have horrible words to say about men out of selfishness, but it is important we highlight the suffering BOTH men and women are facing.


A woman doesn’t enjoy being masculine. It is tiring, taxing, and horrific. In balanced doses, it helps us organise and run businesses. Too much, will kill a woman. It forces her not to feel anymore. I often think how badly men are suffering when their minds are being bombarded with garbage and chaos. Many men feel ashamed because they feel they are not “making enough” to provide. It is a man’s nature to provide. Through very careful social engineering, they have completely destroyed the family unit. Most women feel frightened around men of today, for numerous reasons. Either he is going to attack us with his masculine strength (rape, beating you, murdering you etc), or he is weak and cannot defend. I am not here to be polite or sugar coat stuff. You KNOW if a man can defend you or not. Men KNOW this too, and are under so much pressure all the time. This does not mean, I, as a woman — do not understand that struggle. I understand it very well and on behalf of the men, feel exceptionally bereft and angry WHAT they have turned men into. Men either have 2 choices. Behave like a woman, or a psychopath.


BOTH, are wrong.


Many men, speak in hushed tones to each other. Some know what is happening, others WANT to know what is happening. In their hearts, they are scared. Maybe you’re a man reading this and you know exactly what I am talking about. They have taken away MASCULINE role models and told men that some how, being a healthy man filled with strength and testosterone, is evil.


I encourage ALL men reading this — keep rejecting the agenda to turn you into a woman. Keep rejecting it, and keep finding healthy role models of Masculinity. I know healthy Spartanite Men, and they are doing their best. They are very much men, however they are in touch with their emotions and that makes you a MAN. Feeling all parts of you, makes you a MAN. Being able to live and give, but defend and protect, makes you a MAN.


I wish I could reach every man that is willing to hear me, but I cannot. Some men simply are so far gone, that no matter who says what — the pain is too deep. And that too, from a woman. But women NEED masculinity and we NEED men. Men are needed in this world and we are fed up of seeing how they are slowly wiping away the protection and provision. When we raise awareness, we can help more and more men who are lost. Lost and lie in their bed, perhaps alone, or with their wife/girlfriend at 2 am — not knowing what the next step is. Where to go. Whom to TRULY turn to. Yes your career is good. Your business(es) are good. You can probably fuck like a champion. Well done.


But is that truly BEING A MAN? What is authentic masculinity?




The protector, lover, warrior, father, son, brother, husband, cousin, uncle, nephew, king and Emperor. The man who rises to the occasion, with strength, courage, and gallantry. A man who refuses to let society push and boss him around, and finds his OWN way in life.


And we REFUSE to let THAT MAN inside YOU, die. You will NOT be stolen away from us.


Women, please pass this on. There is no way you can help yourself minus helping the men as well. The War is against Spirit, not against what you THINK it is.


The War, is against everything you’re told “doesn’t exist” but does. And is ruining you every single day.




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