The mind is a programmable computer. 


This is why Sigil magick, is so effective and used in all spheres of marketing, consulting, advertising, and overall commercial business divisions. If a person possesses understanding of this, it is easy to come back from some of life’s worst situations, simply because you will not allow lower emotions to overwhelm you. You will just work with your emotions and keep moving forward.


There is no bigger shield, or sword, than the mind. And most people’s minds, do not have the encoded firewall installed, in order to thwart attack. The mind is suggestible and hence, it is wise for you to build the Self-Discipline and a Code of Honour To Self, in order to always have respect for yourself. Have you ever met someone who has buyer’s or dumper’s remorse? In life, one cannot afford this. This is about as fatal as the last blow someone strikes a dying man. Part of the Steel Slat Core of Empowerment that our Iron Ring mentality teaches, involves installing this firewall. 


A firewall, as traditionally known, is something to keep something/someone at bay. When you possess a firewall, each step you take, has to be calculated. If it is not, and your base urges run wild as we see in society, what we come to have — is simply someone who cannot control themselves. There is a binary to this. Too much control, ends up becoming what we see in many men. The Rigid masculine. A man so stern that others simply cannot relate to him. Have a serious gaiety, but laugh loud, often, and even to yourself. They tell you that there is no firewall of the mind and the energy body, and yet, there is.


This reminds me of the saying by King Anaxandridas II, or King Anas (as I like calling him!) — Father of renowned King of Sparta, Leonidas, when he was asked why his men were marching so boldly in the face of danger. King A, has always fascinated me and made me smile, because of his mentality of a Warrior and Emperor. His response was “I train my men to value life, but unlike others, they are not afraid of death.”. He made for a formidable, and respectable man.


So what IS this “Impossible” firewall, I speak of?


It is the IRON RING mentality. It is the mentality of the person who simply is disinterested to lose, and unavailable to do so.


Many times in life, a person’s phenomenal plans, do not build. This is not to do with themselves, but a well-timed half-smirk from a non-achiever, stood in front of them, and laughter from those who have not an ounce of courage to walk into the arena. These spectators, do the one thing they are best at. Talking. Those who are failures in life, have absolutely nothing to show for themselves in the grand stakes of what counts most, and that is ACTION.


Winning in life, requires determination, discipline, persistence, and commitment.


Once you have built these tenets and maxims up inside yourself, relaxing and resting is easy. You are doing it from a container of SELF-RESPECT. People who struggle to self-care, take time off to do absolutely nothing aside eat and sleep when they are hardworking and determined, struggle the most. REST is crucial, and the firewall will teach you this. This is an essential component of it. Firewalls, are there for protection. Since the mind is easily influenced, ask yourself how strong your shielding is, when someone comes with a concealed knife and tries to puncture this firewall. It can often be in a scathing comment, a “well-meaning” one, but remember, the premise is, it always makes you feel BAD. I will never forget someone I once knew, had the cheek to comment “oh who edited, YOUR book?”. She could have easily said to me, “Nadia, I think your editor mistakenly missed a sentence, Here;s what needs fixing up!”. Narcissists are known for this. If someone keeps making you obligated, or feel bad — just remove them. They may not be narcissistic, but no one needs patronizing, condescending nonsense in life. We already have enough to deal with, on a daily basis.


Do not accept people’s lack, negativity, and misery into your life. Do not allow the unfortunate, the fortune of being around you.


This impossible firewall, can be made very possible through strategy and the ability to persist — fighting with your hands, when they throw or break your shield that defends you. Do not give up. Do not accept failure, lack, defeat, disease, and nonsense in your life. Do not accept gossip, slander, and the idle-minded. Do not accept excuses from anyone, or yourself; for that matter. When someone slaps you, slap them back twice, and take off their entire arm on that matter.


If an energetic mental firewall is what you’re after, I can help.


Ritualistically crafted with a real iron wire, and twisted with pliers, I tie these energy currents into your psyche and unconscious body, create hooks to hold it and ensure that no matter WHAT comes your way, you’re never thrown off track. It’s the equivalent of a powerful ship that weathers all storms of the sea (and of life). You cannot afford to have a weak boat in a tsunami tidal wave of emotions that threaten to derail you. Feeling emotions, is a wonderful thing. I am a very emotional woman, and I love it! I encourage you to FEEL your emotions, do not shunt or shove them down to pretend you’re in control. This is how disease and neurosis, takes hold.


However, letting them control you – and thus maiming your prestige, social standing, and reputation; quite the other.


A bamboo stick, can be used for a strong massage to heal. It can be used to beat the living daylights out of someone. Bamboos are flexible.


Help yourself, and your friends. Harm your enemies, for they will not hesitate to harm & destroy you. 


That is an age old Spartan maxim, and something that the Spartanite Iron Ring Mentality, extends to man or woman — reading this. You have every single right to live the life YOU WANT, and not the life that those who have accepted failure, press upon you. If you know you’re worthy of whatever you want, you do not need to seek permission. Live by the Iron Ring Mentality, and the Firewall will honour and provide for you by glorifying POWER and PROTECTION.


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