Part 2 : Forbidden Knowledge : Navigating The Adversity Of Life

10:55 am CET


Silence provides you answers that noise often blocks. In silence, lies strategy. In silence, lays your next step.


Life is filled with challenges, qualms, restrictions, and stress about different things. Few people have the emotional resources, mental sanity, and stability; to see them through. Perhaps you break up with someone you thought it would always last with, you are let go from your job, your clients decide not to go ahead with choosing you for business, someone dies, you get unexpected news that shakes your core sideways, you come to find out what was meant to be done in the spirit of Love and Togetherness, is nothing but one big scam.


I can give many more examples. 


Life’s adversity, is part of the human experience. And majority of the human experience, is stuck in STUCK CONSCIOUSNESS.


Same issues, same problems, same nonsensical solutions. Adversity calls for a different strategy. A strategem that requires planning, thinking, solving, doing, and executing. Money for instance, is a prime factor here. Irrespective of your socio-economic prowess, not having a strategy with money; gets you into trouble. With that said, money cannot and will not be able to solve every challenge you may face. It however provides you with ACCESS to people/resources, to assist in the problem solving.


So how do you navigate the Adversity of life? How do you stand firm inside yourself, despite the evidence in the external, pointing otherwise?


The answer is simple.


You will only learn to face and MATCH Adversity, when you realise that you cannot run from yourself, because you are all you have in this world. You will find a way to claw yourself out through organisation, structure, and planning. There is literally no other way. Either you let people feed you bullshit past the point of insanity, or you fight for a way. A unique, new way; that has never been seen before. A way that makes you happy.


As money is interlinked and connected to every area and part of our life, we come to realise and find that adversity hardens and strengthens your capacity to go after what you truly desire in life. You learn your lessons and keep pressing forward, despite all the evidences of NO, on the outside.


Your life will look like the reflections of the internal world. Choose to see an OPPORTUNITY and not a BARRIER. Enhance your experience of what you are seeing. Break the chemical addictive bonds of complaining. For each time your mind slips, sit with yourself and ask yourself “How am I blocking my own self and how can I see the opportunity in this?”


Opportunities are everywhere.


The mentality to SEE THEM, isn’t.


You are the architect of your own life.