Part 3: Forbidden Knowledge : Why are Predators Seductive? (+ Protection For Healthy Humans)

*line moves to the front*


Me : “Salut, Madame, Je voudrais jus d’orange, s’il vous plait.”


Lady Serving me : “Rien d’autre?”


Me : “Ah non, Merci Beaucoup 🙂 Ce sera tout!”


Asking for an orange juice whilst stood in line and looking at my boarding pass and gate number, I started to think about the hypnotic pull of the predators and the effect they have on unsuspecting, non-predatory humans. NORMAL functioning humans, shall I add. This world is predatory and MANY, have absorbed the predatory rules, in order to survive. I have seen this story play out so many times, it’s old news to watch now. Nowhere have I seen this more, than in Business and “Dating” (the whole concept of dating is tired as fuck, but there’s that). I often see them at airports in different garments, looking, scanning, waiting, watching, unsuspecting people. I mainly see them in the aforementioned areas, as I have mentioned.


Predators have a mental ability that is exceptionally hard to challenge, match, or beat. In order to understand them, your mind must be CLEAR and double the speed THEY move at. (Yes, it’s possible and I successfully empower healthy humans with it)


For every one chess move on the Grand Chessboard of Life, you will have made FIVE.


Make no mistake of this. There are many idiots who see a snake in this world and still march right into their headquarters, hoping for something different. Predators have no rules and it is cute and naive of a NORMAL HUMAN to think, they do. WHICH MOST DO. You cannot complain you see a predator and expect them to treat you how you go in treating them. Predators are the most normal looking of human face masks, underneath which seethingly bubbles control, domination, and complete annilhation of your personality. A person who stays around an exceptionally influential business predator, BECOMES HIM.


I have seen this situation over the years with one cancer (that is what I call him), and the men who go through his gauntlet, become him. Obsessed with money at a psychopathic level, manic speech, and determined to crush anything infront of them. I often know WHO is listening to his work by the words that come out of their mouth, the phrases, and the energy. His energy is the Antimatter itself, and as much as worldly success this psychopath possesses with his villas, mansions, multi-millions, private jets and his little family that he abuses violently behind closed doors and parades them for Gooma status, he is doing the bidding of evil.


He thinks he is a turncoat king, not knowing he is being used to infect MILLIONS.


Canny that. How comical.


The adversary is quite proud of his ability to be Nephandi-like, the sickest, and most vile of energy to infect the human race. Evil knows anyone who is in Business, can fall into his trap. I see nothing but laughter. The contagion has already spread to many countries and infected many normal desperate humans, who will do “anything” to make it. Humans who do not have a PIT of STEEL inside themselves. Humans who are easily swayed. Money is already a HUGE block on this planet. And done so, DELIBERATELY.


His advice works. 


It works to put you in alignment with psychopathy.


Men fall into his trap the most, and the worst. He promises a lure of excess money, power,  hyperactive mania (through substances of course), and through those, the access to women. Not real women. Just something that resembles a woman. Something to sleep with. A dead body that still moves. Most women are dead bodies that can talk and move. Few women are the original human female left anymore.


Few women are built from fire and rage.


Women who have DONE their inner work like myself, are always armed and ready with the machete to rip the snake apart when we see it. And we are violent about it. They have already CORRUPTED the male race to attack and destroy the feminine through abusive humiliation, fear, rape, and murder. And so many men in today’s age, are hungry and bursting at the seams to hurt women.  Which they are happily doing. Pornography is doing it’s intended, job. Predatory energy is hypnotic and seductive because it is INTENSE.


The intensity of a predator that locks onto it’s prey, is seen in the wild. Seen between those sitting at big corporate tables (Corporate is dominated, run, and for predators — normal people don’t work in those realms), a quaint restaurant table over which one seduces the other, they have full control over every part of you. Their energy is a huge psychic attack and if you have done your work, and encounter them — take the next 24 hours out to rest as they will have wiped you out. This is normal. That is the level of intensity you’re dealing with. They know ALL your deepest, darkest, secrets, before you even say hello to them, because they have been watching and scanning you and your every move. Someone psychically gifted like myself will know things but I have no interest to use it against people because I am not sick in the head.


They do. And they will. And they can. And they promise you this. 


With all this being said, after your energy is corrupted and depolarised in their presence, what is a safe way to deal with them, in their presence, as and when you need to?


Most people do not see a predator because they are simply naive and blind that what is infront of them, merely or simply just resembles something human. There is nothing human like about them. As predators can overwhelm your frequency, I decided to sit and think of a way to overwhelm them with a healthy human frequency until you’re out of THEIR presence. Which means, they are FORCED to be nice to you against THEIR will.  I do not care about predators. I care about protecting healthy humans and giving them a shot at a normal life. Predators are doing the work of Evil, with grand speed. I am doing the work of Good, at an even faster speed. This is a form of protection few can offer because one must have understanding of their sickness to begin with.


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Your life depends on it.


Only The Strong, Survive.