Fighting The Good Fight With Occult Knowledge : YOU CAN FIGHT, SO DO IT

Being a LADY, doesn’t stop me from fighting a war. Lionesses don’t seek permission if they are still feminine or not. The Empowered Feminine shows more people that the Strategem of Femininity and Strength is found in cultivating the SPARTANITE MENTALITY. The Sovereign Feminine, rules Herself and her own Queendom with grace, poise, and frightening beauty and precision.


Fighting isn’t for the weak.


Fighting isn’t for those who are afraid, supplicant, dependent, scared, timid, and nervous.


Fighting isn’t for those who go into the portal half way and are terrified by what they see, experience, and feel. 


Fighting, doesn’t mean you lack a heart, or morals.


Fighting means you HAVE a heart and you’re willing to stand up for Justice. Lawyers go to the Mar-time Admiralty law “courts” to fight. I go to my Spiritual Occult Court, to gain DIVINE JUSTICE. A Justice that has been long forgotten in this sick world. Fighting means that you have been given a timeline of war, and you’re willing to stand up for yourself and most importantly for others. Most humans are not human any longer, do not expect anything from them.


When you look at a strong person, you become strong. Do not keep company with the weak. Their weakness in their own life, will destroy you. No matter how bruised, battered, and alone you are — summon the courage inside you. YOU HAVE IT. Business is a war. Life is a war. Love is a war. All things are war. One does not go to war minus planning. One must possess Charm, Magnetism, and Strategy for WAR. The weak want peace but they are not willing to destroy what stands in front of them, armed to the teeth, ready to destroy them. Evil is counting on your destruction.


Who cares about your “goodness”, if you’re not willing and ready to tear apart what wants to tear YOU apart?




YOU are NOT crazy because no one understands your intuition and people have laughed at your psychic ability. Or your ability to see, hear, and feel. Or at your good heart. YOU ARE THE ORIGINAL HUMAN AND YOU’RE NORMAL. MEDITATE MORE AND THOU SHALT BE SHOWN MORE.


This blog is PROOF all you think and terrifyingly suspect, is REAL. So I write it for millions who are afraid, and scared. I am not, so I write it for you. You’re not crazy because you suspect someone has hurt you at a spiritual level, you’re not crazy to feel what your INSIDE feels. This whole world is a distraction. Everything is put between YOU and your DIVINE KNOWLEDGE, to keep you from accessing yourself. Stop fucking blocking your own emotions out and complaining you have “medical issues” because your body CRIES every single time you shunt away your emotions. Stop TORTURING YOUR OWN BODY. STOP KILLING YOURSELF.


DARE TO FEEL AND GET REAL. Stop running from yourself like a coward. Feeling pain hurts, I know. FEEL IT. You can only fight for yourself, when you feel it. You can only HEAL and warrant a good man/woman for yourself when you heal. You can only RISE INTO YOUR POWER WHEN YOU HEAL.


For every 10,000 people who read Spartanite Blog — MAN OR WOMAN, only 2 take seriously action. Those TWO, can go onto to change more millions. So I write my work for millions but bear the weight of the TWO who will carry the torch to empower others.


Spartanite is a LIFE SURVIVAL Strategy. It’s me. It’s a book. A business. A movement. A structure of empowerment and Justice. A torch. A lioness. It is all. It is nothing. It is formless, ageless, timeless, across many countries, planets, and portals. It is a DIVINE MISSION birthed through my brain, my heart, and my womb as an eternal stargate for the human race. I cover ALL topics here.



Love, Justice, War, Business, Occult Forbidden Knowledge, Stratagem, Masculinity, Femininity, Family Empowerment, Strength, Courage, Gratitude and the POWER to HEAL, TRANSFORM, and BLAST through whatever holds you back.


I gave Spartanite my whole life, and SHE gave me a LIFE WORTH LIVING.


Help ME help YOU to create the life you truly DESERVE. A life YOU look in the mirror and feel proud of.


You can do it. You can fight the good fight. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.


I love you dearly. I have shed my skin alive and died countless deaths without leaving my body to write you this.