Part 1 : Forbidden Knowledge : Are Your Thoughts Even Your Own?

Still Waters Run Deep.


After Meditating with a beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal one day, I saw an incident that occured in my life when I was 6. I had no idea it was the root cause of an issue that took much rumination to dig to warrant as the cause of how I felt. Pleased I knew the root cause, I drifted off to sleep.


09:17 am


Sitting at the airport a few days later, I decided to go get myself a bite to eat whilst waiting to board the flight I was due to embark on. I decided to quietly watch people and watch their programmed behaviour. Part of this Spartanite Forbidden Knowledge Series, is an amalgamation of Life Experience and opening the Faculty of The Psychic Warehouses of the 6th and 7th Chakras (your 3rd eye and your mind, basically), to address some things that only Spartanite Blog will herald well to. Deducing that there are levels of consciousness, I began asking myself what the “average” programmed person sees the world as. In a few seconds, I had the SUDDEN urge to get up and go buy some  expensive clothes, eat fried food, buy some duty free fragrances and take random pictures of myself and post them on Facebook. I don’t have an account on there to boot. In a nutshell, consumerism. I let the URGE run through me like a lightening bolt. It subsided in 7.8 seconds and I made sure I timed it inside my head. I asked myself “I wonder how many people’s thoughts here, are even their own?”.


My spirit guide Belvia quickly replied “Thoughts? Modern humans? LOL. What a joke. “People” don’t even have the capacity to think, let alone hold an original thought any longer.”


As every person who possesses knowledge of themselves and of the Spirit world knows, time is not linear. It is planar. I have said this many, many times before. And you have to ruthlessly, and viciously scan your thoughtforms and ask “are these thoughts mine?”. Due to a combination of waswas djinn messing up people’s minds and changing their thoughts in seconds (waswas means whispering in Arabic) as well as scalar wave technology, subliminals, and other things I am unable to mention on a public platform, however used through glass screens, people’s brains have been rewired and restructured from the base. This isn’t personal. I do not write this for ONE person. I write this for ALL who read this post. We are ALL affected by this problem. 


You may know me. You may know Spartanite. You may have seen me walking down the street, or you may not know of me or Spartanite, at all. You may have just come across us, online. We may be a new concept for you. A revolutionary one, at that. Thoughts are the most private and personal thing a person has. Even someone who is sold into enslavement of the financial or physical kind as millions are, is still free inside their own head. Or so you may think.


In today’s age, nothing is off limits, not especially your brain. I have seen MANY smart people, much smarter than myself, who have access to more resources, more money, more anything — still fall into worldly traps because they are UNABLE to see the reality of people and more than anything, what those people WANT from them. In a nutshell, smart in a worldly sense, but ridiculously and frighteningly naive and unaware, from a psychic perspective. Many “humans” (if one is able to address them as such), roam this globe to have a desire to want to climb the food chain, a hierarchy they feel others will ADMIRE them for, especially men — because without that, they do not hold a position in Society. The power of an idea, is a frightening thought. The human brain is the most powerful supercomputer highway that has ever existed.


Why do you think they have attacked our RACE, the human race, so badly? 


If you have the faculty to think, think. Think whilst it is still “legal”, think whilst you still possess the right/write — not to be cuffed and dragged through your own front door for it. Time can be bent, restructured, and collapsed. They pull one thread of the masses, the fury erupts. Many are looking for a smart pawn, to use and siphon your energy banks for their own benefit. Money is energy. It is NOT TIME.


FIRE ANYONE in your damn life who keeps shouting “time is money”.








IT IS ONLY CURRENCY THAT SIPHONS YOUR ENERGY.  Fill in the blanks : __________________






See the thoughts that come to you in Nature. Stay close to Nature. Stop lying to yourself that you’re “busy”, that you have “this or that”. We are all busy. Don’t be manufactured busy at your own expense. Ask. Ask again. Ask as many times as you want. Connect. Go back and meditate. And shut up when your intuition speaks to you. Stop reaching for your technology that they have programmed you, to be addicted to.




Are your thoughts even your own? Are they? 


The Knowledge of Self, is what they keep you away from. Change your DNA. Change your Life.


Only The Strong, Survive.