Sitri & Finding True Love In Your Life

“What is life without love? Empty, dark, and, desolate. Love gives us meaning, purpose, and, joy. It fills up all the spaces of sadness, loneliness, and, a void only Love touches. All we can ever hope for, is something true, meaningful, and, honest. Someone who makes us feel special after a long day, someone who cares about us as a person” – ME, Nadia Arain, THE SPARTANITE

This world is an increasingly lonely one.

We have technology to thank for that.

I came across a random YouTube video of this guy who had over 20K subs and 1.1M views about how he’s 29, no career, no girlfriend/wife, no motivation – lonely etc. People poured in his comment section about how they felt the same way – so many lonely and broken men, which made me feel so incredibly sad when I read it. Men keep saying “men need to understand no one cares about us” and that is downright evil.

There is everything positive as a woman asking a man how his day was and if he is well. Sure, most men won’t look like it matters to them but deep down they will be delighted. Most men have truly never felt the genuine love of a good woman – and that pain festers as anger and rage. I have always said “a good woman can calm the pain down inside every man”. Femininity works wonders in this area.

Fortunately, there is a follow up video with him taking all the advice in the comment section of working out, eating right, gaining his confidence back, and, feeling brighter. I was happy to see that he had also found a new woman in his life too! She seems sweet and caring – and genuinely liked him for the man he’s decided to become. He had clearly worked on himself a fair bit and women always find that attractive.

It comes as no surprise whenever I see people have “given up” on dating. Our world, as Belial calls it – is an utter shambles. How on earth is EVERY single person saying “I cannot be bothered with dating etc?” Well, firstly – the Cabal has made it their mission to make men and women hate each other. It’s quite clearly successful because we are seeing the results of it currently. If you have a bitter, damaged, and, traumatised outlook on the opposite gender due to the damage they have done with you – the best thing is to stay offline and go do the healing work inside.

Overtime, many of my clients have asked me to help them find a special someone.

In today’s climate, that is no small feat and not something any sane minded person can do without the help of Spirits. I say this with my clean red blood and bank account signed on this, because people have become walking lunatics.

Sure, you can meet someone but there will always be a complaint about something. That complaint is usually coming from ego, this this that. Eventually, people are meeting from their head and something collides. It goes back to hopping in the pool and people become more jaded and damaged – to the point a healthy person stays away from them. We see this in “dating apps” all the time.

When you are healthy and do the work internally, you come to realise how many people cannot be aligned to you in your life as they refuse to change.

No where does this show up more, than it does in your love life.

Sitri has assisted a lot in this area for myself and for clients.

People usually say that Amon or Asmodeus is the best fit for this, however over time – I have come to realise, Sitri is the ideal pairing. Sitri doesn’t care about someone’s faith, religion, sexual orientation, social standing – he’s Mr Equal Opportunities lol. Sitri knows love is for everyone, no matter what you come from or where you are headed to. He is very caring and understanding – and is more than happy to match you up beyond your expectations.

Beyond your expectations, is exactly what it will be.

Love is about polarity and alignment.

People usually have a very rigid expectation of what THEY think is going to suit them externally, due to peer pressure and societal expectations. I have seen this over a time, someone stays with someone because “they make them look good”. Love is free and natural, and Sitri can often help you find it in an unimaginable place.

Sitri prefers natural love – sure, you can meet someone online, however all my cases on this, is someone meeting someone quite miraculously in person.

Sitri’s only requirement is that you are reasonable about your expectations in a world were delusions run amok as well as having a positive attitude towards Love with an understanding of it’s value. He doesn’t tolerate negativity in any shape or form.

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