How To Summon Goddess Lilith

In the world of the occult, I’ve always found myself drawn to a figure. Her name is Lilith, the Goddess of independence, sensuality, and uncharted depths of power.

Now I want to share the secrets of summoning her with you.

Lilith, is the embodiment of defiance, a symbol of breaking free from convention, and a reflection of untamed desires. A legend in my eyes.

Summoning her will challenge both your understanding of the world and your place within it.

As I tell you the rituals which will help you to summon Lilith, one thing will become clear: this path requires not only knowledge but also a deep respect, caution, and unwavering reverence to her.

Lilith is bisexual, so a woman can approach her as a lover or a sister, she doesn’t mind.

The Unconventional Power of Lilith, a True Source of Inspiration

As a female empowerment and dark feminine energy coach, my journey has led me to explore the depths of human existence, challenging societal norms and encouraging people just like you to embrace their true selves unapologetically.

In this transformative process, I’ve found a muse in the form of Goddess Lilith.

Lilith’s story is steeped in defiance and independence which resonates deeply with the essence of empowerment.

She is the embodiment of a woman who refused to conform to the patriarchal structures of her time, choosing freedom and self-expression over submission. Her determination to chart her own course, even if it meant leaving the comfort of Eden, stands as a powerful symbol of rebellion against societal expectations. And I love that!

For me, Lilith symbolizes the unapologetic embrace of one’s dark feminine energy—an energy that society has often stigmatized and suppressed. She challenges us to explore the aspects of ourselves that may have been relegated to the shadows, encouraging us to acknowledge and integrate these facets into our identities.

In a world that sometimes attempts to constrain the vast spectrum of human expression into narrow, predefined roles, Lilith’s story should remind you that we can break free from those confines. She invites you to honor your desires, passions, and inner strength without compromise. Something I always encourage my clients to do.

What Can You Learn When You Connect With Goddess Lilith

By connecting with Lilith, you learn to access your own wellspring of inner power and confidence.

Lilith’s legacy as a symbol of female empowerment transcends her mythical origins. She has become a beacon of inspiration for people who seek to reclaim their autonomy, authenticity, and inner strength.

As a coach, I draw from her empowering spirit to guide individuals on their journeys of self-discovery, reminding them that they, too, can embrace their unique power and define their paths.

In embracing the energy of Lilith, you acknowledge that darkness can coexist with light, that rebellion can coexist with wisdom, and that embracing the full spectrum of our feminine energy is a transformative act of self-love and empowerment.

So, whether you’re a woman looking to reclaim your independence or someone seeking to embrace the often-neglected facets of your feminine energy, remember that Lilith’s story is a reminder that you can be both fierce and free—just like the Goddess herself.

Lilith also has a younger sister

What most people don’t know is that Lilith also has a younger sister called Naamah.

Naamah is extremely blunt and sick of the stupidity of most people, I have many incredible channels from her on a woman’s confidence, sexuality, and how mothers damage their daughters and lots about feminine jealousy.

She is often identified as a demon or succubus, seducing men and causing them harm. Naamah is a beautiful and seductive woman, skilled in the art of lovemaking.

Unusual fact but Naamah also enjoys cake.

How To Summon Goddess Lilith


Her enn to summon her is : Renich viasa avage lillith lirach.

Flanking 2 red candles, Lilith’s sigil in front of you, a person can steady their mind and keep chanting her enn. I did a ritual with her to layer some bracelets I nearly got banned by Stripe payments for, it was one for sexual magnetism. One client bought it and the man she slept with, became a sex addict with her – the energy is extremely enticing and addictive.

An enn is basically a “phone line” and when they answer, the energy in the room will change.

Lilith is very independent, it sometimes throws me off a bit, she’s very nonchalant and doesn’t care about anything in her way. I have invoked her once (invoking is taking the energy on for yourself – evoking is summoning, basically) and I was very nonchalant towards men and didn’t really care about or for them, so she can be dangerous sometimes in that sense.

Things to remember

Summoning a deity, like Goddess Lilith, is a complex and esoteric practice that involves deep spiritual commitment and should be approached with caution, respect, and reverence.

So please understand that summoning a deity is not about controlling or commanding them but rather making a connection and seeking their guidance or presence.

Below are the steps I follow with myself and many of my clients on how to approach the summoning of Goddess Lilith, but remember that this is a highly individual and spiritual process.

Do Your Research

I know this sounds boring, but you have to start by researching Lilith’s mythology and her significance in various cultures and traditions.


Because you have to understand her attributes, symbolism, and the stories associated with her. This knowledge will help you approach the summoning with respect and understanding.

Forming your own interpretation of Lilith will make it easier for you to connect with her on a more personal and meaningful level. It enables you to explore how her symbolism and mythology resonate with your own beliefs, experiences, and spiritual journey. This personal connection can deepen the significance of your interactions with her.

When you approach the summoning of a deity, especially one with a rich and diverse history like Lilith, you have to do so with humility and respect. Relying solely on others’ interpretations may lead to a superficial understanding and a lack of sincerity in your approach. Doing your own thinking shows your commitment to approaching the deity with genuine respect and an open heart.

Create a Sacred Space

Dedicate a quiet and clean space where you can perform your ritual.

This can be an altar (This can be a table or a surface that holds personal significance to you. Cover it with a clean cloth in a color that resonates with your intentions) use candles, crystals, or other items that hold personal significance. And remember to keep the space free from distractions.

Protection and Preparation

Before summoning Lilith or any deity, you have to protect yourself energetically.

And actually, I advise all of my clients to protect themselves energetically on a daily basis anyway. It’s so important because we will encounter different energies day to day and it’s so easy for their energy to affect ours. So do this when summoning Goddess Lilith.

Here’s how;

Visualization – Visualize a protective shield or bubble of light around you. Imagine this shield as a barrier that allows positive energy to flow in but keeps negative or unwanted energy out.

Grounding – Ground yourself by connecting with the Earth’s energy. You can do this by standing barefoot on the ground, walking in nature, or visualizing roots extending from your body into the Earth. Grounding helps release excess energy and maintain balance.

White Light Protection – Visualize yourself surrounded by a bright, white light. Imagine this light purifying and protecting your energy. You can also call upon spiritual beings or guides to assist in maintaining this protective light.

Use Crystals – Crystals like black tourmaline, amethyst, or obsidian are known for their protective properties. Carry them with you or place them in your sacred space to help ward off negative energies.

Smudging – Burn sage, palo santo, or other cleansing herbs to clear your energy and the energy of your space. As you smudge, set the intention to release any unwanted energy.

Aura Cleansing – Regularly cleanse your aura (your energetic field surrounding your body). You can do this through practices like aura brushing, where you use your hands to sweep away negative energy from your aura.

Mantras and Affirmations – Recite protective mantras or affirmations. Phrases like “I am safe and protected” or “I am surrounded by positive energy” can help reinforce your energetic boundaries.

Visualization with Crystals – Place a protective crystal (e.g., black tourmaline) in your hand and visualize it absorbing any negative energy. Afterwards, cleanse the crystal to release the absorbed energy.

Setting Boundaries – In social situations or when interacting with others, set energetic boundaries. Imagine an energetic boundary around you that allows you to interact with others while protecting your energy.

Intention Setting – Before engaging in spiritual practices, rituals, or meditation, set clear intentions for protection. State your intention to only allow positive and beneficial energies into your space.


To initiate this connection, we craft an invocation—a prayer that resonates with the very essence of Lilith herself. This is your opportunity to express your intentions, to call upon her wisdom, and to align your purpose with the divine presence you seek.

Speak from the Heart

Whether you choose to write your invocation or speak it aloud, pour your heart into every word. Let your sincerity shine through, for Lilith, like the darkest night, sees through all pretenses.

Clarity of Purpose

Be crystal clear about why you are summoning Goddess Lilith. Is ita for empowerment, self-discovery, guidance, or transformation? Your purpose guides the energy you invoke, so articulate it with a LOT of clarity.

A Tone of Respect

Show Goddess Lilith the respect she deserves and remember to maintain a tone of humility.

Remember that this is an opportunity to connect with a deity who defies convention and empowers those who dare to call upon her.

Your words are the bridge that links your intentions to the divine, and your sincerity is the key to unlocking the wisdom and transformative energy of Goddess Lilith. Embrace this moment, and let your invocation be a testament to your devotion and your quest for deeper understanding.

Consider Making Offerings as a Sign of Respect and to Establish a Connection

Lilith likes pomegranate pie with whipped cream she says, she likes cake, fruit, cigars, top shelf liquor and lots of sex.

Spend Time in Meditation or Quiet Contemplation to Make a Connection with Goddess Lilith

Open your heart and mind to her presence and be receptive to any guidance or insights she may offer.

Picture her in your mind’s eye, a figure cloaked in darkness and sensuality, the embodiment of independence and fierce femininity. Visualize her approaching, her aura merging with yours.

Open your heart to her, feel the energy of Lilith weaving around you, her presence growing stronger with each passing breath.

As you sit in this communion with Lilith, pay attention to any thoughts, emotions, or visions that arise. She may communicate with you through symbols, words, or sensations. Allow your intuition to guide you in deciphering her messages. You will just know when you’ve summoned Goddess Lilith.

Keep a journal nearby to write down your experience. What guidance, insights, or feelings surfaced during your meditation?

Closing the Ritual

Properly close the ritual with gratitude and respect. Thank Goddess Lilith for her presence and guidance, and ask her to depart from your sacred space.

Always make sure that you have properly dismantled any protective barriers you may have created.

Reflect and Integrate

So, you’ve just wrapped up your cosmic tête-à-tête with the enigmatic Goddess Lilith. What’s next? Well, it’s time for a cosmic debrief.

Write down any insights, messages, or vibes you picked up during your encounter with Goddess Lilith. Did she drop any cosmic wisdom? Did you sense her energy in a new way? Write it all down – no filter required!

Take a moment to ponder how Lilith’s presence might ripple through your life and spiritual journey. Maybe you feel a newfound sense of empowerment or a surge of creative energy. Write down any changes, big or small, that you’ve noticed.

Remember that summoning deities is a deeply personal and spiritual practice, and everyone’s experience may be unique. It’s essential to approach this with humility, sincerity, and a genuine desire for spiritual growth, guidance, or self-discovery.

It’s always advisable to seek guidance from experienced practitioners or spiritual mentors when engaging in such practices for the first time.

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