Yes You Can Begin Again. Here’s How…

“The transformation of dirt to Gold, begins with the Self. No matter how far you think it’s gone for you – there is help and hope. Only if you step forward to give it to yourself. That’s why you found Spartanite” – ME, Nadia Arain, The Spartanite Herself

Often a time, we come from a challenging bunch of circumstances and with those circumstances, comes hopelessness wrapped in a labyrinth of shame. Shame, in itself — has got to be one of the worst types of emotions a person can experience — and none more than a person who has had to endure impossible circumstances to fight to come out alive.

Many of my clients find me through happenstance, in person, online or “randomly”. When people find it, it is no MISTAKE they found Spartanite. They truly needed it.

Each night, I always go to my window and put a literal call out for someone who feels they can’t do it anymore, to find me. I know that call out because I know a level of desperation few have ever experienced in their life.

My personal story of survival is horrifying and complex, dark as well as gritty. When I was little, I used to hear these type of stories families had, only to grow into an adult woman and realise what I came from, myself. When you have seen real evil and cruelty in what you find yourself related to, you cannot unsee it and you flee for your whole entire life.

It makes you question what you understood about people, and humanity at large. It awakens you to many things that finally slot into their tabs, unravelling peculiar and glaring truths in a creepy sadistic maze from where there would be no escape as a hostage.

Often a time, I sit with someone and I witness the sadness and the pain in their eyes. These are emotions that cannot be covered — a brokenness, a loneliness, an emptiness. People come to me from all walks of life, and the thread of pain is always there.

In Spartanite, I cure people what has broken them in their soul — I consider myself a type of popular medicine woman that deals with the ailments of the heart and spirit for those who have tried it all….

…only to wake up and the hole just got bigger.

When people go to the bar for the that bourbon that is just the right dose to numb the pain — to the pizza that only tastes delicious because it stops you crying for the 5th time today out of loneliness and despair, something has to move.

People drink, smoke, fuck, gamble, eat, see useless therapists — all in a desperate attempt to numb that horrendous internal emotional pain that just won’t stop. That brokenness of never being witnessed as a human being, no connection to God (or even if it’s there — the pain body is so traumatized) and feeling like you’re completely alone no matter where and whom you’re with.

Being witnessed is a scary concept. Even for myself.

For the rare times I have been witnessed, it’s humbled me to know to remain open and understanding because there is nothing worse than thinking you have a 50 deep mask on and someone seeing right through it. As I have done the work to heal myself deeply and clear all that attempted to break and damage me — I am able to provide fast, clear, and, loving solutions to those who feel they are trapped, in invisible pain and have no one to guide or lead them.

Many of us in society lack a real mentor — in a sense of direction.

What used to be provided by a family, parents, a tight-knit community, and, elders — is now relegated to fragments of the internet and a frantic, manic, desperate search of what it means to be balanced, healed, and, happy — in a world ran by psychopaths for psychopaths (tête-à-tête). Most people are truly lost and in that shame of being lost, avoid going through the vulnerable process of allowing themselves to feel because to feel in a loveless narcissistic world — signifies absolute death.

So, my friend, this is your call.

If you’ve always roamed the world seeing and seeking for an emotional home that would provide clarity, direction, and, supreme intelligent wisdom to help you finally feel in control of yourself — Spartanite is your last call at the bar. Elegantly perched at the top shelf in an S shape bottle, the elixir you consume to restart your life — is world class.

With extensive global life experience, the true Machiavellian nature of man in his ruthless pursuit of power and financial success, to gently collecting pretty flowers in the fields — Spartanite is able to assist you to relieve your pain, give you clarity in what hurts you and most importantly, plug the leaks, gaps, and, drafts that stop you finally bleeding.

When you finally stop bleeding, you will begin healing.

I do this by destroying all that is a falsehood in your life. Many are never prepared to hear the truth hence lifting the veil for them, is a fallacy of its own. However for those few brave enough to know that what they are doing is NOT WORKING — and they require drastic measures, I am here for you.

Bold confidence is your birthright. It’s a human birthright taken from you by all that consumes you raw on a daily basis. Your traumas, your debts, your low esteem, your unworthiness, your toxic shame, and, your loneliness — are all valid human experiences that require REAL SOLUTIONS not robotic nonsense that leaves you sad, depleted, and, vacant.

Come, come join me — and be brave enough to take the first step to slowly reclaim your life and live it for yourself.


You deserve to be happy.

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