The Black Mirror Strategy + Healing A Broken Marriage with President Malphas

“If people wanted me to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better when they had the chance, sat in front of me”. — Nadia Arain


Disclaimer : As I have the series, Life After Sludge Demonic Possession, my OWN real life story, of how I escaped nefarious dark black magick + 4 djinn that possessed me (and my story of power, survival, and healing to educate and inspire people), I have decided upon much tempered thought to create a series The Black Mirror Strategy, for the real life cases people come to me with.


I have approval of the clients involved, and their names are altered for privacy reasons, but the cases are very much real. You will be seeing a lot more of these cases on Spartanite Blog, as a way of me to share the horrors that evil people are busy hurting normal, innocent people with. Evil, has no where to hide. I will not let you.


ALL cultures have this problem. This is an example of a case. This isn’t singling out people.




I am sitting down infront of the Black Mirror. It is a mirror that scans ALL forms of time. Nothing hides from this mirror. We don’t let it.


I still hear the wailing cries of my client in my head, when I spoke with her a few days back on the phone. She is broken and devastated after her husband keeps threatening to serve her divorce papers. She’s recently bought a house with him, and he keeps having affairs with other women at work. What was once a happy marriage, has become a graveyard of nightmares. Some days, he doesn’t even come home. He often taunts her, verbally abuses her, and she is so fed up, she’s ready for the divorce. She’s ready to leave the country and has turned to so many people for help. People who have claimed they can help her, but taken her money and ran. She was referred to me by someone I know. A good friend of mine. She just keeps crying during the phone call in sobs. She is often sat alone at home, her friends have abandoned her, her husband is rough with her during sexual exchanges and she is filled with depression.


Summoning President Malphas, I get to work. I chant his enn 3 times and hear a HIGH pitched shrill ring in my inner psychic ears. It’s actually pretty intensely painful and makes me shudder. Malphas heads the Crow division, and there is nothing that escapes his sharp eyes, especially from high watchful towers. I relax my body as meditation has made this simple for me and partially dissociate. My logical mind is completely shut off and the next sight, is completely a blur.


My head hurts as the images come in so fast, I have to voice record them and then go back to transcribe them.


I am now standing in Lahore, Pakistan.


I can see large shop signs and road side signs, written in Urdu. At first, I thought I was reading Farsi, and thought I was in Iran, however when I listen closely, I am listening to Urdu and not Farsi (Persian).  Amidst a bustling market, a few fresh clay pots on one side of a street, women wearing colourful clothes adorned with henna and bangles, I see many men and young boys congregated to one side of the road. I am sat in a rickshaw and it’s moving at quick speed. A woman tells the driver to “hurry up” and she is clutching a fabric bag, red one at that. She has kohl lined eyes, tied back hair, and an aura of a woman who simply will do anything to anyone, to get her way. She has no morals, whatsoever. In her bag, are Pakistani Rupees, a whole wad of them, her phone, and the photo of my client, and her husband. They are both smiling and happy together. The lights turn red, and she tells the driver to “turn right”.


She gets out of the rickshaw, puts some notes in the driver’s hand and says “Khuda Hafiz” (May God Protect you). It is a way of saying bye to people, in a colloquial fashion. Farsi, would be Khodafez. The differences in pronunciation, confirm what I am seeing. She enters a house and is greeted by a woman. She tells her to come in and she waits in the lounge area. An older Pakistani man, comes out of the room and greets her. He asks her what he can do for her.


“I don’t like her in my son’s life. She is a nuisance. Ever since he’s married her, he doesn’t think about us anymore. I have selected a nice girl for him to marry here. But, as you know, he lives in England now. With her. And he’s forgotten about us. What can you do to make them divorce?”


The man stares at her.


Malphas angrily comments she is LYING, her son sends money back home, helps his 2 sisters, adorns her with gold but this sick psychopath is determined to control her son. Many mothers are the cause of broken marriages and this is NOT an isolated case. This is exceptionally common.


She pulls the photo of her son, and her daughter in law out of the red bag.


She is my client’s, mother-in-law. She has something weird tied around her stomach. She knows how evil she is, and knows she needs protection. God Forbid someone tries to go for her.


(Monster-in-law, but whatever…)


“Whatever money you ask, I will pay you 2 times the price.. I want them divorced.”, as she says. It is close to nightfall, I can see the darkness creep up in the sky as I am sat on the sofa, observing this in real time. As I often say, TIME IS NOT LINEAR.


Moving on…


“Consider it done”


She pulls the wad of cash out of her bag, they settle on a sum and she smiles smugly and departs. I see the man writing something down, and next day, has visited his local cemetery. Taking a red scarf, he performs a rite of separation, and buries it in the ground. The photo has been torn, to signify to rip in their marriage. My client is about to feel a tear in her marriage, only reversing this issue, can save. She is about to experience lying, isolation,devastation, cheating, and the death of her marriage within 6 months. She has approached me in month 5. We don’t have much time left.  It is exactly the pain she has phoned me with.


There are sick people who roam this planet, who have NO morals whatsoever and will do anything for mercenary gain. 


Writing on a piece of parchment, I summon another being. We must locate WHERE this thing has been buried and destroy it. This is out of my control as a person, and my Spirits have to work on this for me. Over the space of 15 days, I am tasked to reverse this garbage. It is one of the hardest rituals I have performed. They have used unspeakable substances to do this work to tear the marriage, and here I am, with Malphas — to show me who, what, why, where, and how — in order to give this innocent woman back her life, her husband, her marriage, and her peace of mind. I will not detail the substances, people will throw up after reading them.


It’s 1:30am. Burning the strongest brand of frankincense, gum mastic, and a few other things, I begin my work. I finished a mentoring session earlier in the day with a client, and have had to eat tonnes to ground my body for what lies ahead.


My client is going to see Justice for this situation and she is going to get the great man, she married back. Not what they have turned him into. No woman deserves to suffer in misery and silence, because of someone else’s desire to see her hurt and miserable.


They hacked her reality. We are taking it back. She is going to have a happy, healthy, and healed marriage. Time to repair the cracks.


To Be Continued…


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