The Dark Feminine Pursuit Of Power

As where there is Yin, there is Yang. And where there is Light, there is Dark.

Spartanite work is Dark. It is the light portions of Darkness, as being a voidwalker myself and following both the LHP and the RHP, we combine both to empower you. Which brings me to the exploration of the Dark Feminine Pursuits of POWER.

It is my solar return tomorrow (birthday– yay!) —and I am quietly pleased with all my progress, as a Dark Feminine Woman. So many men out there are teaching on the Dark Masculine traits–in fact, this makes it easier for a man to get ahead–and I find women are still playing in puppies, unicorns and rainbows.

The Dark Feminine, isn’t for weak willed women. It isn’t for women who are afraid to take the bull by the horns and by the fucking tail as well, and bend it into THEIR FAVOUR.

Most people have been told to apologize for their desires, for their wants and for their deep dark cravings of sex, lust, power, and money (of course). Women (and many men!) have been wrapped up in so much shame, most of this is religious mind you– of being a pariah, a madonna and a cleanly saint.

We’re here to knock that bullshit out of the ballpark for you. The Dark Feminine isn’t an easy journey. It is NOT a journey you take alone. It is not a journey that can be done without the help of a mentor, a trusted guide and someone who leads the way. Hecate, Kali Ma, Innana and Lilith WILL BURN YOU ALIVE, if you do not have experience of working with those who have no remorse who hurt a woman, in the worst way possible.

Spreading light is IMPORTANT. Just because Spartanite work is Dark, doesn’t mean I don’t value the light. In the darkness, ONLY, does one get to see the light, all knowing light. Love and Light–doesn’t beget you this. It doesn’t teach you TRUE, UNAPOLOGETIC SILENT POWER. It teaches you to forgive where you must destroy, and accept where you must distain from said source or individual. Power is a terrifying thing for most women, because most women are TOLD TO REMAIN WEAK and at best, their power is manipulative and mind-bending. This is not power, this is foolishness and only fools choose to carry themselves this way.

Dark Feminine Realms, cannot be harnessed when one is in survival mode, for the primary reason that you must have to be EMOTIONALLY STABLE in order to sit with the Fire. As we descend into the underworld, we learn that there are many layers of ourselves as a woman that we must strip away, at a psychosexual, emotional, financial and CELLULAR level—before we reap the rewards of TRUE DARK FREEDOM. One must be strategic in grabbing those horns and snatching that tail, as aforementioned, because with every grand treasure, you are presented with a grand trap.

In the walk of the Dark Feminine, I teach this cultivation of power in one of my upcoming programmes — SPARTANITE SPIRITUAL GODDESS. No longer do you have to try and walk this path alone, I will be standing right beside you, with our flaming torch as we dive deep into the cavern filled with sparkly treasures and treacherous waters.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the section below <3