How To Create A Leadership Aura And Succeed

I had a long conversation with someone today, in regards to Leadership and we went through a lot about Leadership and WHAT it is actually is. Our conversation was fascinating, and I came to realise something incredibly poignant that most people miss about Leadership.

Leadership typically is seen as this boring Corporate buzzword that people in the C-suite use. To me, Leadership is very simple.


Leadership is the ability to influence others. I remember reading John C Maxwell’s books (and I really highly recommend them!). My friend was asking me to buy books on leadership and I told him that a person can read countless books but if their AURA is not powerful, NO ONE WILL LISTEN.

Which lends me to the question most people ask —


The first thing I always say is stop being a silly sheep (no offence to the animals!) who cannot make their mind up. A leader is powerful because they are DECISIVE. Decision making is a still that is a MUST for an Entrepreneur, otherwise we cannot run our businesses. Leadership often comes naturally to a man (or so we would think) — and yet, I find men struggle more with Leadership than us women. So equally, across the board, both genders suffer.

A masculine aura, naturally comes along with Leadership is DIRECTION in a man, and yet for women, it is often felt like she needs to be one of the men to be taken seriously. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A woman can be powerfully feminine and strong, just as Princess Innana taught me, Goddess of Sumeria! I admire the Princess for modelling for me Feminine energy for the most part. With floor length hair and a very regal manner, Innana showed myself and Belvia how to be more feminine (not like Belvia needs it!). I have also had help from other spirits including Lady Taroon and Rashoon! Feminine Leadership is challenging, because most women think it’s being a career bitch. It isn’t. Those women sadly are far removed from their own femininity, and require a lot of healing in their heart. They have rejected their own femininity and it is important to hold a space for them to assist them to heal.

STRONG LEADERSHIP COMES FROM LEADING ONE’S SELF. Do your absolute best to lead yourself and come from a place of PASSION, COMPASSION and HONESTY. There is little that cannot be solved by honest, co-operative communication and a large part of Leadership is open and honest communication without shame, judgement or repercussions. People do not often communicate honestly, because they full well know what the other person’s response will be like.

Success is a very interesting journey and experience. It is lonely for the starting part, but there is no reason that one cannot collaborate to become a better leader with others ­čÖé