When Hope Turns Into A Fight To Win

The inner desire(s) to WIN at life, aren’t something that I could ever bottle up for people and sell for a million bucks. All I know often, is that I KNOW IT when I see it.

In order to succeed at life, the fire that burns inside you, must be so determined, focused and filled with molten hot lava, that it coves all the fire you are walking on–on the outside. Quitters are often heard in their voice, their posture and their whole way of being. Do not mistake this for someone who is simply having a “bad day”, I am speaking about those who have given up on life. Those who have given up on life, may DESIRE something but CHANGE is NOT ONE OF THEM.

I remember many years back, I was completely desperate to transition to a stable income after I watched my whole life crash around me.

Some days, I was legitimately so terrified financially and yet, my guide Belvia told me to press on like a Spartanite and keep moving forward. She did not allow doubt to enter my head, although doubt is a normal emotion. I come from a place of complete desolation and Zero Hope in my life, but I held onto my name–Nadia, which ironically means “Hope”. When I didn’t know the way, I would sit back and think what would be the best strategy to win at life. People who leave life to chance, end up in the same shitty places where they began from.

When Hope Turns into a fight, you will feel blood burning Sulphuric tears run down your face and THOSE TEARS will push you to move.

So many people lack persistency in a situation. One, however must be wise enough to assess IF persistency is indeed the right call to action, sometimes swift, bold and broad swipes to the throat—are preferred. Your inner fight (or lack of), will show people what you are made of, and based on this inner fight, you either achieve a goal or you do not. There are countless people who have told me about what they are going to do, or not do–or whatever, but the truth is your words are a FLIMSY MORSEL that leave your mouth, when your audience de jour realise that nothing of substance, comes out. You can easily assess someone’s desire to Succeed, based on their fight of wanting to get what they want. Some people do this ethically, most do it unethically—that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

As a Spartanite, our Spartanite Land is filled with WINNING STRATEGIES to be Successful at life. Most women will take this and apply it to their lives, some women will take it and steal it as theirs. As part of your Fight, I want you to know that it is the ONLY thing that will save you. No coddling, hand holding, no empathy, sympathy, pity parties, drama, scandal—NOTHING, will save you like the Fight inside will.

Where others choose to die, you choose LIFE.


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