The Realities & Responsibilities Of Genuine Occult Work + What You Need To Know

Anyone who truly practices and takes this path, is tested over and over again.


Power is a funny thing. Most people think they can string a jar, a few herbs, or whatever else — and suddenly they are able to perform something to the best of their ability.


Many people should NEVER be allowed access to Occult power, it is like giving a kitten a loaded gun. The kitten hurts itself, and not to mention everyone else as well. This is exactly why people think our work is “evil”. The simple answer is because so many people use it for evil. People know it’s a sure fire way and they use it. I have seen many bonafide psychopaths use this work for the wrong reasons, —- some of my clients and of course, myself, have ran this gauntlet, have been targets of it and it is no different to an actual war 2 or more countries fight to battle it out to WIN.


Occult work is identical to money. It can be used for VERY good purposes — to heal, to help, to grow, to LOVE, but sadly; most people’s natures — are lesser. 


C’est La Vie.


You have to pick and choose your battles wisely. There are many truly foolish people who walk this globe, some have money, some do not.


Either way, money is simply a magnifier of character. Money isn’t true power. Many people simply think it is. I have seen MANY foolish and arrogant men with whom I have sat with, talk about themselves and their achievements, their money, their businesses, their connections, endlessly; not realising what they have said, and furthermore, to WHOM. Not everyone is responsible with Magickal Power and do NOT be surprised the lengths people will go to destroy another. I walk this work every single day, and between all the work I do — I know the nature of people very well. I can look at someone’s photo and know their entire character and things about them in a blink of an eye. Some enjoy it, some simply run from me as fast as humanly possible. I am no different to anyone else. I am human and there are days that I need to control my own ego when I see someone act out of line (they are being snobbish, arrogant etc) because a wounded ego, is even more dangerous than a lion with an arrow shot into it’s leg. I can easily place someone into a plane of living hell, and this power I only reserve for the truly wicked who deserve it, after ruining the innocent. No normal person will ever enter this plane. Only a psychopath, a pedophile, a murderer, a rapist, a trafficker — you name it, is on the receiving end of this. They are absolutely deserving of being dismantled, and dismantled they will be. I create powerful and strong protections for good and honourable people against predators. It is part of the work I am KNOWN for.


The price of obtaining Occult Power, is frightening. I needed to truly embrace all types of insanity, madness, carnalities, rage, psychosis, and become a solid, stable, balanced woman out of this. Out of this balance, I teach kindness, empathy, compassion, benevolence, and strength to others. I teach normal healthy human beings that it is good and in fact it is the RIGHT thing to stand up against those who hurt you, and want to do so. The more magickal power you are granted, the MORE control you need to have over yourself. This helps you serve yourself and your people better. It helps you make for a better leader, a better lover, a better friend. It helps you do the RIGHT thing. Many foolish men think that sleeping with low class cheap women, travelling this world and showing off their locations, not to mention buying 15 cars, and 3 mansions, makes them powerful. It doesn’t make a man powerful. It makes him drunk on his own stupid ego. And predictable.


Predictability is canny. It makes for the easiest target.


A man’s biggest weakness is his desire for women to find him attractive and furthermore have the sex of his life. In doing so, he becomes WEAK and easy to control, from a planar void perspective. A man who whores his body, is an emotionally and spiritually fragmented man, and a man who teeters the edge of insanity himself. One does not lay with dogs, and then not wake up with fleas.


Any man who is looking to master his own Self, MUST master what he is here for, otherwise this bottomless pit of mindless pleasure, WILL DESTROY HIM.


For a woman, her beauty becomes her vanity. Her defined cheekbones, perfectly plumped lips and whirlpool eyes. A woman easily becomes lust drunk and charmed with her natural desire for vanity and flattery appreciation. A woman can control ANY straight man with a strategic positioning of her body, her cleavage and her sway. All women know this.


Another chink in the armour.


Responsibility of Magickal power, is key. Power is crack cocaine. IT IS SEDUCTIVE AND ADDICTIVE.When you have the ability to bend life YOUR way, and perhaps have access to someone who can do this for you — keep checking your ego. Keep checking that part of you that wants to act like an asshole (we all have it — don’t lie to yourself), because if you end up out of control, your own power will turn you foolish and kill you.


As they say.. “don’t get high off your own supply”.












Are you ready to walk the void and become unstoppable?


Only you know this answer 🙂


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