The Quantum Essence Of Money & Being The Observer of Abundance

Lady standing in front of tree grounding her energy

Most people in society, possess an extremely warped relationship with money.


I have seen even people with money, possess weirdo relationships with it and in essence, their wealth they have built is NOT from the particle of Divine Love. There is a specific way to bring in healthy money, and I go into depth in Clauneck’s Financial Vault Mentoring (click here to discover more) about this. Most people aren’t using this, and hence all the money they bring in, is lodged with anger, grief, pain, sorrow, disease, and resentment.


Ick. Not good. Not the start we want to a healthy money story!


Now, reality is not the same for you, or I. We are all individuals and we are all different. I know this because the way you see something I put infront of you, will NOT be the same I see it. We each have a “Lens” through which we are experiencing life. This Lens, when adjusted properly, allows you to get out of your own way, allowing you to show up properly for those you are required to help, and also — be of service to yourself. I will never forget the time I did business with a vendor who became a little arrogant and decided to threaten me by not providing services to our team due to personal reasons we could have easily worked out. I wished him well in his business, and moved on. We just adjusted our mainframe model, minus him — and pressed forward. There is no need to beg or scrimp, or plead for money. If someone wants to do business with you, they will. If they do not, stop chasing them, and leave them alone. This world is filled with people who have money and are eager to pay you properly for your work 🙂


Now, the Quantum essence of money essentially is that you are creating your own reality.


There was a time I wanted to do some volunteer work in a place I would have considered really good to give back to for charitable means. King Clauneck stopped me immediately and told me I could go bankrupt in less than 90 days, if I did it. I was stunned. The funny thing about Quantum realities is that every place one frequents, imprints a REALITY ONTO YOU. I know this because every time I have stayed at a high class hotel and gone downstairs for breakfast or dinner — I’ve felt I could buy the whole building. Life is really all about feeling and fast resonance. In that energy, I can easily attract a person to do business with who will pay an investment I request, because they subconsciously know I am deserving of it (hard to explain, but bear with me). When I was about 17, I used to love going into a department store to buy perfume. It was a special perfume and I treated myself to a discontinued bottle recently, and paid 3 times the price that I normally did, at 17. Why? It was a pleasure sale for me. I enjoyed gifting myself. I had also worked there in the store, as a temp as well.


Every time I walked in, I said to myself “One day, I’ll come back and buy the whole entire 6 floors”. It felt normal saying it like i’d express I have dark, thick long hair.


Become an observer of abundance.


Personally, my main road is filled with cars (well they can obviously drive a car and afford one lol), houses are valued around at the half a million to 3/4er million pound mark, and we have tonnes of shops on the local street up the road + a busy train station. To boot, I don’t even live in THAT of a fancy area in London. It would be considered a nice well-off area, not Arab Money by ANY means. I always count how rich I feel in my area, how rich I feel sitting in my car, and even in my place, and down to the normal clothes I wear, for I know SOMEONE would consider me at the pinnacle of success at some part of this world. It is called gratitude 🙂


There is honestly not much difference in spending $1 to $10,000 or any currency we see fit. The process is exactly the same, if you’re paying online, you input your card details the same and check out. If you’re paying in cash in person, sure probably more notes at 10 grand, but the process is the same. Money is an energetic concept and it’s a bit abstract. Money DOES grow on trees, if you’re smart enough to understand the analogy behind this all. Don’t worry too much if something keeps repeating in your energy field. It’s sort of like learning a new note on the piano. When I permanently walked away from the beauty industry, I STILL used to get headhunted for positions to lead counters and divisions.  I would get other roles to thread eyebrows to perfection in some of the most prestigious salons/places in London where I would be paid extremely well, in high net worth clientele, not to mention network and have access to all types of things I wanted. I politely thanked the recruiter and turned the job down. They would ask and ask — some knew I had ran a spa/salon as my first business, at 21 — and wanted that flair in their respective roles. I kept declining.


It was also a test to ask me “How committed are you to your new life here at Spartanite? Beauty is something you have known all your life, can you adjust to a higher caliber of REALLY changing someone’s life at Spartanite, or is being a pretty face at a stable salary enough to shut you and your entrepreneurial endeavours up?”


You have to ask yourself in this Quantum Ocean, what are you listening to? Who is stopping you? Who are you around that is so scared of money, that money is scared of THEM (LOL) that it’s blocking YOU? When you go out looking for sales, bargains, etc — you simply push prosperity away. You tell it, “It’s fine, I can do without you, no problem, I’ll manage”. Part of the Ruby Laws of Prosperity that I created as part of THE WEALTH STRATAGEM home study programme, (click here to learn more) was about money doesn’t really work too hard to press itself on you. Money is a beautiful woman. She doesn’t really care. She knows men want her. She has bold sexy confidence, not arrogance. CONFIDENCE. She isn’t bothered about men coming and going, she focuses on herself, without being up her own ass (conceit). People you’re trying to do business with, really don’t give a shit about working overtime to pay YOU.




Stop making people jump through hurdles.


Simply the equation as best as possible, the Quantum Ocean opens up and your decisions allow money to find you.


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