Visiting The Bank of King Clauneck : Managing the Financial With The Spiritual

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life.


Clauneck has been my Spirit business/career counsellor for a while, and sometimes I forget just how strong his impact can be. Clauneck, is THE bank manager of the Spirit World, also top renowned Accountant and Keeper of the Spirit Treasury. Mainly seen clairvoyantly, in a pinstripe navy suit, sometimes a red one.


(Yes the Spirit world has a stock exchange of their own, and their own banking systems — hard as this is to believe — it exists and it is thriving.)


The energy of money is masculine, the energy of currency, is feminine.


Money is a very clean, pure, and wonderful energy. Sadly, the containers that it is used in, not so much. People are fed up and tired of there not “being a way” with money. The actual reality is, everything is a mentality and it is a THOUGHT based process. Wealthy people have very DIFFERENT thoughts to those that may struggle with money. Case in example. In the UK, yesterday was election day. The same political party that was in power, has retained their dominance. Some like it. Some do not. There was a woman who had put up a tweet about “robbing the rich, to make them see what hunger and homelessness looks like”.


She is precisely where she is in life, because she has a victim mentality that feels you need to TAKE from someone else to be wealthy. That is SOCIALISM and it DESTROYS THE ECONOMY. Capitalism is based on MERIT. It means you advance based on hard work, and as my Father would say (so would Clauneck!), DETERMINATION.


There is nothing more powerful on this planet than someone who is determined to achieve something, because they WILL. If you take ALL the money from everyone, and “equally distribute it”, I can hands-down guarantee, people who have money, it simply flows back to them. Now you may ask why this is? The answer is simple. It is because they know how to HANDLE money. Clauneck often says “the wealthy deserve money, because they know how to handle it”. He isn’t being harsh or mean, although he can very much appear this way. The Spirits, are teachers of the TRUTH, truth that lazy, un-motivated, and disorganised people, often hate.


I decided to pay a visit to Clauneck’s bank, seeing as he is keeper of the Spirit Treasury one night. I used the black mirror and meditated into this place. This bank is like a palace LOL — everywhere there is nothing, but gold. But I also felt really happy and RICH inside it, but the richness wasn’t of financial gain. It was true peace inside myself. It was peace that no matter WHAT circumstance you endure in life, there is ALWAYS a way out. Someone in this world, needs what you have. And you have, what someone needs. It was peace of dignity, compassion, empathy, happiness, justice, and beauty.


I saw some other Spirits moving around there, and apparently Clauneck’s HQ, is so damn fancy — he has a bar inside it. I don’t know if I ever mentioned but CK is BIG on whisky and I often hear he’s had drinks with Papa Legba and other entities who visit. Banks in this world are so miserable and cold. I felt loved and welcomed at Clauneck’s big boss bank. Everyone was happy and there were huge gold based vaults. Spirits have their own type of currency, I cannot quite describe it in worldly terms, however no one has a victim mentality! EVERYONE contributes. Everyone is basking in a prosperity mentality hence they are all willing to help each other. Prosperity means there is ENOUGH for everyone. And even in this world, there honestly is. I know so many people have been lied to, that there isn’t enough — but there always is. I encourage this mentality in every single person who reads this.


I remember asking my Father in channel about 2 weeks back the question ; “How do we bring in more money and make more of a success for ourselves? Isn’t this the question people always ask in life? What can you explain you did in this world that made you successful and how you describe it in Spirit as well?”


Him : “Simple. What Clauneck says is 130% correct. I have this way of thinking. Nadia, you simply provide more value to people who see the value in your work, and have the means to pay you. That’s it”.


Clauneck’s Bank, made me feel rich. This is not to say I don’t already feel so, it really AMPLIFIED the feeling of FEELING like I can get anything I want.


And no matter who you are reading this, I share all my personal experiences to teach you and tell you, that you too CAN and will be able to do it. No matter where you are, no matter how hopeless you may feel, or removed from your situation — if you see someone else being successful, it is PROOF, you can be as well. This world is NOT a zero sum game.It is not “well they have it, and I don’t”. That is lack thinking. Prosperity thinking is using your ABILITIES, SKILLS, AND MERITS TO GET AHEAD. The Divine Creator, God, Spirit, Universe — does not encourage laziness. Part of the reason people are so fed up with organised religion, is NOT religion. It is PEOPLE. No where anywhere does it say “sit and be lazy”. The left hand path, naturally encourages this — the ancient realm (Clauneck and company lol), HATE laziness and hate waste. They will always lovingly help you, no matter what race, faith, socio-economic status, if you YOURSELF are willing. They will not spoon feed you, and will fully join hands with those they see, are industrious.


Whether it is designing your life to partner with more clients, increase your spend, look for higher paying better jobs, whatever it is you desire at a financial level, IT IS POSSIBLE. I will certainly never forget when a man consulted with me about 3 months back and was looking to secure 5 figure clients and I asked him “Well, have you ever paid someone that — because if you haven’t, honestly, you will NOT believe it exists. Once you have paid over 10K to someone, YOU are your own client. You see the value in a high ticket sale and you will know why people pay what they do, to access what they have.”. Another lady wanted a job and I asked her “Madam, if you do not believe your ideal 500K EXISTS, what chance do you ever have of landing it? You won’t even TRY.”


Stop letting the answer to Prosperity be a zero sum game. It is not. You’re not hopeless or useless. Find your determination and ways that you can push yourself.


Life is willing to meet you at the boldness you approach it with 🙂


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