The Warrior Spirit Of Winning Made Simple

Warrior Spirit is Tiger Blood.

You either have it or you don’t. Most don’t. They don’t — not because they don’t want to. But rather because they are UNWILLING to face the deep reality that most human beings do NOT have the Capacity to face.

Warriors need to be able to face whatever is thrown at them. And do it from a place of making sense when the chips are down, and there is no help available. I remember someone saying to me when I was younger that I wasn’t “feminine” enough. To that man, feminine meant being a dummy. As it does to most weaklings. You need COURAGE to remain feminine in a world that has turned women into men, sadly. MEN help me every single day in my personal and professional life to handle divisions of the brand. I constantly, was made to feel like a pariah because I found myself doing MORE than most men I knew, dated, went to school with etc. It came to a point I began questioning my own sanity and identity. I am incredibly grateful for the men who help me help other people today and have great reverance and respect for them. Thank you to all my vendors and team who make Spartanite possible.

Years later, I simply realised there aren’t a suffice of true masculine men left in Society left any longer, and especially not those who have ferocious tiger blood. In covert experiments I carried out with powerful masculine men (not emotionally abusive rapist dickheads calling themselves Chads or Alphas or whatever other loser terms only idiots call themselves as on their social media pages), I came to find that I felt more powerful and emboldened by powerfully strong men who had direction, leadership, and appreciation for the Divine Feminine Spirit. Winning at life, is hard enough for a man– let alone a woman. Women have a unique gamut of problems. We are encouraged to be strong, but when we do that — suddenly — “oh she’s like a man”. When we embrace our femininity and speak from deep reservoirs of passion, compassion, and kindness, now we’re a doormat. I remember people telling me to dim my shine down to appease people who didn’t even deserve to be in my life in the very first place. If a man tells you he’s an Alpha, run. He’s an abuser, an egomaniac, and an individual with no respect for the gender of the mother who birthed him. (yes you can quote Spartanite for this). I am yet to find my theory wrong at any point based on extensive experiences.

Warrior Spirit, is both with the lion and the lioness. A lion desires his lioness to be powerful, because only one man secure within his own masculinity allows his wife or girlfriend to shine knowing he is INCLUDED in that shine and not cast aside. Winning is an axiom understood by few individuals, as it chiefly revolves around the domains of power, fluidity, and dexterity — and when you have learned to beg and scrimp all your life — you will run for your life when you see power. Ladies, Gents — power is a necessary axiom in your femininity and masculinity. You can often tell a strong, confident individual because your accomplishments do not threaten them. Friendships, relationships, marriages — all of this runs on the same rule.

Most women are afraid of Power, because what most men have sought to do, is become arrogant dickheads with their physical machismo about it.

I have a friend who said to me “women like bad boy dick heads and you have to approach them confident even if you’re shitting yourself inside” — I replied ” INSECURE NEEDY AND LOW ESTEEM GIRLS like those type of idiots. WOMEN, do not. Women are secure and grounded enough to realise that a man’s warrior spirit doesn’t originate from being an El Mucho Macho asswipe, but a man of the Divine Masculine — a strong, confident, powerful leader who protects, provides, and knows his OWN masculine and feminine sides.“. Now, my friend has known me for years and took it in stride. Most men would have called me arrogant, and gone off in a huff because I attempted to challenge their masculinity instead of being grateful. When a man points out something about myself that can help me add to my Femininity, I am the first to listen to him and implement (provided it’s not a waste of a comment). The warrior spirit is latent in each person and each person in this world MUST strive to improve themselves as the days go on.

If you’re on a path to GREATNESS — surround yourself with a Winning Mentality

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