King Clauneck & Empowering The SOLAR & Solar Plexus Chakras For Financial Success

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life.

Clauneck, is a very high ranking masculine demon (he’s not evil — for the millionth time someone’s mind wants to go there and ask and send us questions about him…) —and I ascribe him the title of KING, because he is the Spirit Bank Manager of the Astral Treasury + Chief Astral Accountant. He has full command and dominion over MONEY — the Spirit and Energy of it, and he is an exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly demon on many other areas like Sexual Magnetism, Charm, Public Speaking, Bold Ferocious Power, and Masculine Love. He has empowered me, loved me like a Father (loved me more than my own biological Father ever could–although he works with my Dad, in Spirit as well helping him empower his own businesses) and is a quaint and exceptional bodyguard when I travel on trains, drive, and catch international flights. I often feel him walking behind me with an eyebrow raised looking at humans in general when I need his energy most. When I channel at public speaking events, his force speaks through me and I can feel incredibly supernatural BOLD to those who are in the audience. That’s him 🙂

This morning, I woke up tired and feeling a bit crazy and Clauneck told me I had accidentally watched a comedy skit on YouTube and the lead actor is embedded in some dirty matrixes. He is very promiscuous, cheats on his girlfriend (or fiance?) and “buys her off” with shiny, blingy things. “Typical of human men of today” as I heard him remark. He didn’t sound impressed in the slightest. I got up, scribbled his sigil (the symbol of the header picture of this post) (it’s rare I do this) and performed a mini-ritual to do a HARD reset on my brain. 20 mins later, I felt functioning again. I made myself some green tea and as I was drinking it, I started seeing a flashing gold ORB about 6 inches above my head and my stomach area started to vibrate and I could see some light funneling downwards and upwards and I felt INSANELY wealthy. I am talking about the FEELING OF WEALTH, not what you have in your bank. It felt RICH (pun intended), LUXURIOUS, AND COATED IN THE BEAUTY OF THE COLOUR OF GOLD.

I have written many times that your Solar PLEXUS chakra (your stomach area), is the SEAT TO MONEY. Even more than your root chakra. The power you radiate from your solar, determines how strong you will be. And the level of sunlight you receive, determines your auric fields, specifically. Most people call the Solar Plexus Chakra, “Solar”, for short (I know I do), HOWEVER the Solar PLEXUS and the Solar Chakras itself, are DIFFERENT. The Solar PLEXUS, is the 3rd, the SOLAR, is the 9th. The Sun and Jupiter (both male planets) control money. I have often said Money is a very strong emboldened masculine force, which is why women struggle with it so much. Empowered women find it quite simple to bring in money because they harness the power to be in command of it. I remember speaking at an event and saying “If you want to BOLDLY command money, come speak to me” — 2 women later, someone got a hair under her ass and said “Well I don’t command things” — LOL. As if Money gives a fuck whether you do or don’t. Things can only flow to you, if you BOLDLY command them not squeak them out like most people do. Money doesn’t respond to WEAK energy — just like you cannot make a phone call with WEAK RECEPTION.

Meditating on the Solar and the Solar Plexus chakras, is a very quick way to become receptive to money. It provides you power, purpose, and focus — be it man or woman, to bring everything into your life. Financial Success, has been made next to NEAR impossible and all the hippy gurus teaching you how to “manifest abundance” aren’t telling you the Cabal has sanctioned on EXTREME black magick + gatekeepers over the printing plates of the bills and notes you use, PLUS the etheric connections that money holds, to make it increasingly harder to obtain, let alone keep. This is why greed is widespread and people are murdering and looting for it — the LACK is palpable and people are feeling it. Manifest abundance, in it’s literal terms is wonderful — but magnetise money, makes sense faster to the logical mind. Asking Clauneck, he always says to me that people try and do all the most extra and weird shit to bring money in, because they are actually fucking afraid of the POWER money has over them. So they demonize it and say it’s not important. The ol’ “money ain’t shit” — is why you attract shitty situations with money. Money has ears and it doesn’t give a flying fuck if you like it or not, as like working with the Ars Goetia — it’s already temperamental enough as it is. I actually cover a lot of this mentality in our audio WEALTH SPELLING. 

Clauneck made me create Jupiter’s Money Pyramid that I spoke about in another blog post and layer it up with Arabian Sigils, his own energy, and Planetary Magick through Jupiter’s power + Solar energy. That little pyramid is so ace, it is like my little GPS on the next move and I can see it shake and vibrate in my 3rd eye as I move ahead with it. Empower your SOLAR energy for money, and stitch up your Solar Plexus Chakra Net, in order to KEEP money. Most people have a tatted and wornout threading around their Solar Plexus chakra, the tighter the net, the more money you can KEEP. 

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