Resourcefulness, Dexterity & Velocity — The Spartanite Key To Success

I woke up this morning, in absolute silence — silence that I haven’t had for a while.

I sat and thought about a Spartanite’s journey to Success, and I came back to my own. I suddenly had a flash of reading the Financial Times and something about the oil trade in Central Asia (countries like Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan etc) and the Baltic states. I didn’t know what it was trying to tell me, but I knew I needed to get on reading more about that part of the world. As I poured the hot water and steeped the green tea I made for myself, a thought on the KEY to Success came to me.

Most people are aimlessly always finding some sort of Key — as if that bullshit key is going to work for everyone. The only key that I can scribe about, is the SPARTANITE KEY – a key time immemorial and honoured by every Spartanite, open or hiding. I remember my own life and how I lost everything (I am referring to all types of stability) and had to build it back one hot coal per inch strapped to my feet and hands, at a time. Looking back, it has been some of my BEST times that adversity made me buckle up and grow because of the vast reservoir of knowledge and wisdom I was forced to learn. Listen and listen carefully — there are THREE major areas you need for Success.

Why should you listen to me? (Because I know someone is going to ask this)

The shortcut is you can read the ABOUT ME section. The long section — I had it all, lost it all and ALL with my OWN help, gained mental, emotional, financial, and physical sanity in the space of a few short years — a story most people never remain alive enough to tell, let alone THRIVE.

With that said — let’s swiftly proceed.


Classic example : Cooking. You need to make a lasagna.

You don’t have a specific vegetable or herb. You whine about it and cry. The shops are shut, what do to? Most people don’t get ANYWHERE in life because all they do is whine about things when the opportunity is infront of them. A Spartanite knows firstly there are 24 hr supermarkets, and there are neighbours (unless you’re living in the sticks or some shit). She is smart enough to know that all conflicts create opportunity and isn’t afraid to sprinkle cinnamon instead of oregano over the cheese, and shut the door to bake for 45  mins. She uses this to her significant advantage in Business, Love, and Life. She doesn’t worry about cancelled dates or rainchecks, as she always has her own hobbies and interests to get on with. Spartanite doesn’t cry over spilt milk. She can be thrown into a jungle and come back to your doorstep, couple teeth missing and all that– but nonetheless she made it back. Learn to make the BEST of your situation and make do with what you have.


Classic Example : Changing Businesses/Careers. You need to make a fast transition to make it out financially. 

You realise that you have extra expenses crash up on your head, without warning. You woke up to part of your ceiling damaged through a mysterious leak that only reared it’s ugly head recently, you know you need a very fast cash injection in your business to keep it going, you need to pay off a shitty creditor that you’d rather strangle with your bare hands. What to do, what to do? *taps table with fingers*

All Spartanites know there are NO barriers in life, only opportunities. Spartanite knows how to dress for the occasion, she can kick it in her jeans and wait tables, charm the men and possess access to tips and insider information very quickly. She always has her OWN thing going on, irrespective of a job or not. She knows to don a beautiful skirt and a coat, head to the city and mingle with those who are seen for she knows association counts for a lot. She possesses very fast dexterity, knows when to change her gears (car or life) and can move forward into a career or back her stuff up and fall on multiple skillsets and talents to get her polished foot through the door. She is nimble, agile, and uses her mind to lead her way. She stockpiles all her arsenal, calls the contractor, pays down the ceiling repair on her credit card. Due to her foresight and financial savvy, the credit company gave her a little credit limit raise last month and she finds herself paying in full, on time– by the time payment day rolls around. She now has a new little business out of no where doing what she does best, because of her precision.


Classic Example : Preparing for Wedding day. Dressmaker ruined the whole dress through sub-standard tailoring and now the zip is torn. 

Spartanite tries on her beautiful dress and calls her soon to be husband. As she is speaking with him on the phone confirming the venue in 48 hours, she sees a tiny snag. Intrigued, she moves towards the dress and upon inspection, she sees the whole damn zipper look messy and threads pouring out of everywhere. She puts her phone on loudspeaker, and places it down. Using both hands, she patiently tries to zip up the dress only to realise it is now stuck — and of course, it comes off. She takes a deep breath — tells her beau about the situation and tells him she will see him for dinner tonight. Hanging up the phone, she sits on her couch, opens her laptop and in 20 mins, has 10 tailors she has earmarked to call. She calls the first three and doesn’t feel impressed. She gets to the 8th tailor, and likes his voice. The resonance feels perfect, he assures her he will have the dress ready for the day and to boot–lives local. She drives to see him, gives the dress in and later on — goes off to dinner with her man. The wedding day arrives and her friend is helping her pour into the dress. The tailor wisely adjusted the dress, so if her body fluctuates on the day due to stress — she will still fit into it perfect.

Spartanite gets married that day, without worrying her dress will fall off her and enjoys her big day. She knew that her ability to deal with crisis situations, allows her to always stay calm and get the actual job done.

Now, when we look at these THREE keys, and combine them– you will come to find your life moves remarkably fast.

Just remember, life is what you make of it and it is simple to serial wheel and deal your way to be a grand Success in whatever area you wish to choose. Use the three ascribed traits and life will be at your call.

What areas can YOU relate to, that need help in the Trinity, and how will adjusting even ONE of them, allow you to get ahead faster?

I look forward to hearing your comments in the section below.